Misunderstood Villains: Scourge by Emberfrost and Clockpaw

Emberfrost and Clockpaw take a look at one of the series’s most well-known villains, Scourge.

Art by WaveTheWolf

Hi, so I’m Emberfrost, and that’s Clockpaw, kinda new to this but we honestly think that most “villains” aren’t villains. A lot of people disagree with us, and I know that, but here is my first article on this “series” I’m gonna be doing– Misunderstood Villains.

Scourge– so many things to say about this cat. He was considered a “villain” in the series “Warriors”, and if you don’t look into it too much, yeah he is a villain, he killed a lot of cats. But he was once an innocent kit too! All “villains” were, and you should understand that Tiny was attacked by Tigerpaw, who was told to do so by Thistleclaw. At this point in his life, certain cats could have prevented him from growing into Scourge. Like Bluefur, let’s start with her! Bluefur just sat there and let Tigerpaw attack Tiny, a kit who could never defend himself, she could have told Thistleclaw and Tigerpaw to just give him a warning and send him on his way.

I agree with Emberfrost, Bluefur could’ve helped Tiny, but I do get why she didn’t. He was an unknown kit, and she did eventually tell Tigerpaw that what he had done was enough and ended up saving Tiny’s life. However, we’re not done yet with our argument. After this, Tiny tried to take off his collar with a dog tooth/claw, some rogues were gonna attack him when they saw the tooth and asked how it got there, in fear of being attacked he said he fought off a dog. I mean, wouldn’t you? Anyway, so these cats had him go scare off the dog, and his shadow did– blah blah we all know that– so these cats took him in as their leader. As you can see, he was never actually evil!

As Clockpaw said, he was never actually evil. Scourge only took the claws and teeth of the victims that his BloodClan members killed, he only ever killed three actual cats! He killed Tigerstar as Firestar asked him to, and after that when BloodClan wanted to live in the forest Firestar was all like “nO!” and the four Clans came together and attacked BloodClan. Scourge may have killed Firestar once but he was defending himself. Would you just let Firestar just attack you? Or would you fight back! I would fight back.

Coming to an end, I don’t know if we did him justice or just stated facts that people already knew, even if that’s all we did we still made you realize how he became the way he is and how he isn’t a “villain” as you kittypets say.

We’ll submit the next article of “Misunderstood Villains” once this one is posted, thank you for reading!

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  • Scourge’s whole BloodClan idea is ridiculous. He was the leader, and his minions killed. He killed. He killed Tigerstar because he didn’t get oh, he was leader. He killed Firestar because he was ruthless and liked blood.
    Honestly I don’t care how sobby his story is, I care what he did. But nice article; you made good points.

    • If you ignore his story and focus on what he did, you’re not going to see why he did what he did.

      He killed Tigerstar because he vowed revenge on him from the moment Tigerpaw attacked him as a kit. BloodClan wasn’t his idea either; He didn’t control the cats who followed him. He rose as their leader because of fear of getting attacked. He killed because he had to stay high in the ranks; If he didn’t, his followers would kill him, they’ve proven to be ruthless. You can’t blame him for being so afraid, either; Fear was planted in him since the moment his siblings bullied him as a kit. And it was his fear of drowning in the river that drove him out of his kittypet home and into the forest, where it all went downhill from there.

      I may think Scourge is a bit overrated, but I think his backstory is cool, makes sense, and shows how fear, bullying, and trauma can change someone’s life 🙂

  • I completely agree. I’ve always considered Scourge the least evil out of him, tigerstar, and Brokenstar. One of my favorite things about warriors is how most of the villains aren’t just pure evil.

    • Scourge is probably the least evil, but he has a lot of blood on his paws

  • Yes their is no thing as evil but just like real life killers traumatic experiences can make people and cats do things, they seem to turn differently to what they have to and have it in their head that this is what they have to do, his goal for revenge destroyed him and made him scourge in the end.

  • Uh, Bluefur did tell Thistleclaw to just give him a warning and send him on his way.

  • First of all, it was his decision to attack Thunderclan. Firestar SPECIFICALLY told Bloodclan that they could go in peace. But no, Scourge had to have that territory and ended up getting killed. Boo hoo. In the end, it was his brash choice to attack Thunderclan that cost him his life. I dont care whether he had a bad kithood. Plenty of cats with bad kithoods have become good cats. Scourge may have only wanted the good of his cats at first, but that power corrupted him and turned him into a stone cold killer. Decent article though. I can see why you defend him.

    • If Scourge just went in peace, that would be seen as weak by his followers. He gained followers that were bloodthirsty and killed, and if he showed any weakness, there was a chance his followers would overthrow him. It may seem like his power corrupted him, but in my opinion it was his fear that corrupted him, not his power. He did all of this because he was scared; In the beginning, he was scared of being thrown in the river. He was scared of Tigerclaw threatening to kill him. It’s not that far of a stretch to assume he was scared of his own followers. Making them believe in him was the only way to make sure they didn’t attack him. He didn’t want the good of his cats, he wanted to feel no fear. And that’s why he decided to try to take the forest.

      And again, if you just focus on what he did, you’re not going to see why he did what he did. But I can see where you’re coming from.

      • Scourge was many things, but he was not afraid. Not once did he falter from a challenge, even when he was a kitten pushed out onto the streets. And by the time he took on the Clans, he was cold. Brutal. A killer. And he showed this when he calmly sliced open Tigerstar’s body and let him bleed out to death. Then, he threatened to do the same to the Clans. Did he seem afraid then? No, he was calm. Tranquil, even. Calm, like when he murdered, stole, and lied his way to power. Calm, like when he sliced open Tigerstar’s belly, and killed him without a second thought. Does that seem like a good cat to you? I think not.

        • he probably was afraid. too afraid to show his fear. all the stuff that happened was pushed by his terror.

    • I mean, can´t you see why though? the forest was a very rich territory in terms of prey, and bloodclan, which was the size of all four clans put together (i say this because it was bloodclan vs clans) and bloodclan was barely surviving on the streets. I get it was wrong, but scourge was pushed through by fear of whether his followers would kill him, and revenge on tigerstar. Wouldn´t you want revenge on someone who brutally injured you as a five year old for exploring?

  • Interesting fact: Bluestar was the only cat Scourge ever considered a friend. Not the BloodClan warriors who respected him with their life, not the old she-cat who gave him chicken that one time, not his own mother. He thought that his only true friend was Bluestar.

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