Monthly Reverse-Roundup in Cats + HAPPY MAIL

HEY BLOGCLAN! I’d say you’re all due for a monthly Round-Up and Happy Mail!

you think it’s time for a round-up?? kat the month ended yesterday what the heck

And it’s not just any month…it’s PRIDE MONTH! This is the time to celebrate who you are, even if you’re not totally sure yet!

is nyan cat still a cultural reference or am I getting old

Pride month is about being proud of who you are, but this can seem kind of weird if you’re not totally sure where you fall yet, or if you ARE sure and haven’t come out to anyone. Please do not worry about any of that! Identity is about the individual, and it will grow and expand and change just as you grow and expand and change as a person.

this picture has too much power

HECK YEAH to when you decide to shift around your pronouns, even from day to day! When you identify with a different orientation this week! When you switch up the name you’d like to be called! When you try out a new clothing style or haircut! You’re on a wonderful quest in pursuit of a spectacularly changing identity, and enjoy the ride!

this cat says gay rights

Sometimes the world of identity and community can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t feel pressured to define yourself or embrace certain aspects if you’re not ready. It’s stressful enough to be a Person in general, so please don’t overwhelm yourself with exploring more if you’re not feeling it!

this picture is from an Amnesty International article…bless

June’s also the month that marks the start of the summer (or winter, if you’re in the southern hemisphere). For folks in school, this might mean you get a break from your classes for a few months! Regardless, during this shifting period, it’s a good time to check-in with yourself mentally. As your responsibilities may be changing, now’s a great time to make a new schedule for yourself and write down some goals for each day, each week, and each month. It’s very okay if you don’t reach your goals–it’s super hard to do so–but it certainly helps to write them down and know how you might achieve them.

Only view the completion of your daily tasks as positive or neutral. Let’s say you wrote down that you wanted to take your adorable dog Sully for a walk today, and that you wanted to eat healthily. If you took your dog Sully out, YAY! Good job! You wanted to do something, and you did it! However, say you may have already spoiled your “eat healthy” goals by eating 4 Oreos in two minutes and drinking a lot of coffee. That doesn’t mean you aren’t a good and productive person! It doesn’t negate your other success! You’re doing your best, even if your best is just staying alive!

this is a completely fictional example…this is NOT the adorable dog Sully and I did NOT eat 4 Oreos today what are you talking about

Repeat after me: “I am strong! I am alive! I am doing my best! I can do anything!”

heck yeah!

On that note…

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful June, a fantastic Pride month to all you wonderful folks, either part of the LGBTQIA+ community or allied, and a BALLER start to your summer! You got this! I believe in you!

not…not an old-fashioned meme, Kat!? And with Impact font???


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