Why I love Bramblestar by Blacknight

Blacknight shares why they like Bramblestar.

Art by Aniritak

Hi everybody, Im not sure if I have done this article before already but anyways this is my fourth/fifth article and I will split this article into two parts, on defend part and one part why he is so amazing

Why I like him, part:
His is the son of The biggest villian the clans have ever seen, when Thunderclan drove out his father nobody trusted him, except of his mother and sister. His sister couldn`t bare that nobody trusted her, so she left the clan to join his evil father. Now Bramblepaw had only his mother left, he had no freinds. And when he had to choose between, if he wanted to be in the clan that didnt trust him, the clan where he had only his mother and the Clan where he would have been welcome, where he had the most of his family. He anyways chose Thinderclan, he technically didn`t even have a reason to go to Thunderclan. Then in the new propecy, he saved all the clans with some other cats. He chose to save his leader, over killing him, when his father and brother threatened him and when he so much wanted to be the leader he saved him and beat his brother in the fight and killed him. He was a good leader. +he saved squirrelflight and Ashfur from being killed by the fox

Defense part:
Some of the Bramb haters hate him becuase he went into the dark forest. But he didnt do it becuase he wanted to be like his father, but becuase he wanted to be a strong warrior, and right when he heard about uniting 4 clans into 2, he stopped. The most of the Bramb haters hate him becuase he broke up with Squirrelflight. Well, OF COURSE HE WILL, she lie to him about what he thought was his own kits, and told him at a gathering in front of all of the clans aware of the consiquences. The second reason why he may have broken up with her is becuase he had thought that she didnt trust him to keep the secret.

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  • I dislike him because of his actions in AVoS. I didn’t like how was thick about the whole matter with Hawkfrost, and he was rather boring. I didn’t like how he didn’t treat Lionblaze and Jayfeather well, when they are also victims. Bramblestar was being a hypocrite in AVoS: I’m not sure about another Tigerstar. Yes, says the leader who hated it because cats discriminated against him because he looked like another Tigerstar.

  • Bramblestar was a horrible, jerk husband, and I get why he was mad about the adoption, but, THEY ARE YOUR KIDS, AND WOULD YOU FEEL BETTER IF YOUR WIFE DIDNT TELL YOU THE TRUTH?!

  • Great article! 🙂
    I personally don’t like Bramblestar because in Squirrelflight’s hope, he was HORRIBLE to her.

  • I can’t say I agree, because bramblestar is an awful mate and not really a exceptional leader or anything so I’m not really sure I like him much at all but you are of course entitled to your opinion and I accept that your and my opinions may differ. Good article though!!!

  • This is really good! I really like brambleclaw, and bramblestar is okay, I just wish bramblestar(not brambleclaw) would have treated squilf better and not dismiss her when she´s giving her opinion and doing her job as deputy.
    And I do get why he was slow to trust squilf after it was revealed the original three were forbidden, it is after all a big secret to keep from your significant other.

  • Great article and great points! Although Bramblestar isn’t the best, and Brambleclaw was way better, I don’t hate him like most people do. Every cat has their flaws.

  • Don’t take this as an attack but i’m going to say proof that you’re wrong in his defence.
    Point one: You said people hate him because of going to the dark forest. That part you’re wrong, most people don’t care about that part, Lionblaze trained in the dark forest but didn’t get hate from that.

    Point two: Bramblestar was to stubborn to see the reason why Squirrelflight did it plus in my opinion he was being extremely cruel to her while Squirrelflight still cared about him. For example when Squirrelflight wen’t to the mountain (which is really dangerous and literally cats have died there) She asked if Bramblestar wants to say anything, Bramblestar just said sure tell them their missed in thunderclan and pretty much Ignores Squirrelflight.

    (point 3 sorta:) It’s been confirmed that Squirrelflight wanted Bramblestar to love the kits as his own not with any barriers between them.

    Actual point 3: Oh yeah who remembers when Bramblestar completely ignores his medicine cat Alderheart in a vision of shadows. Alder: Dad can we find sky clan? Bramble: no. I ten hours later I Bramble: TC I have an idea lets find sky clan.

    Who remembers when Bramblestar freaking accuses Squirrelflight of liking rogues better than him. He’s to stubborn to see past his own nose sometimes. This is why I don’t like Bramblestar.

  • great article! though it didn’t really change my mind after since I watched moonkitti’s video ‘ Bramblestar is Worse ‘. But yeah still a great arcticle!

  • Here I go again with the “Why I hate Bramblestar”.
    One: After Dawn (TNP), he lost almost all of his character development and became a boring, Firestar mini-me. He let Tigerstar and Hawkfrost manipulate him with minimal backlash, and only succeeded in killing Hawkfrost because there just so happened to be a pointy stick nearby. Otherwise Brambleclaw would have been completely obliterated.
    Two: He’s kinda whiny after Squilf betrayed his trust. (She did so for good reason, but that’s a whole other battle) He kept ignoring her and talking to his friends about how much he hated her now.
    Three: He became just another “Great Warrior who hardly ever gets mentioned but they’re still there” until The Forgotten Warrior, where all the drama with Hollyleaf arises again.
    Four: He spends the entirety of Bramblestar’s Storm hiding from his problem for the most part, and when it comes to making decisions, made them all int the What-would-Firestar-do? mindset, which absolutely drives me crazy.
    Five: I’ve only read until the first AVoS, so this will be the last one. He completely ignores his kits for most of the book and seems rather irritated the whole time, finally sending Alderheart on the quest to find Twigbranch and Violetshine.

  • I honestly hate Bramblestar, he was okay as a warrior and deputy but horrible as a leader. He doesn’t make good choices as a leader, or doesn’t make one at all. He is a horrible mate because he even threatens Squirrelflight that he would strip her deputy role if she didn’t agree with him. Bramblestar seems to also always have the same problem, being afraid of what other cats think if him because of his dad. It was fun to read at first, but he deals with the same feeling of being judged over a over again that he’s just boring.
    No hate tho 🙂

    • I agree. I think he kid of became like Lionblaze with an evil dad after The New Prophecy, and let’s not even BEGIN Squirrelflights Hope.

      I really liked BrambleCLAW, though.