Is StarClan gone forever? by Cloverheart

Cloverheart wonders what the fate of StarClan is in The Broken Code.

Art by lokidrawz

Hi! Cloverheart here. This is my first article here. I was reading Darkness Within (not done with the book yet) and was curious.


Many of us know that StarClan has been gone for a while now. As the Impostor blocked out the view and communication within the current living Clans. Now the Imposter has been found, cats are questioning if they should really keep leaving as a clan. A group already left, “going for a wander” they say. Even Graystripe left! (If he dies I’m going to be so sad and mad at the same time). Evidence seems to have trapped StarClan in, well umm, StarClan. As shown in the Prologue:

“But even in the midst of her joy, worry managed to find her. She’d promised to watch over Squirrelflight until her sister could join her. But how could she keep that promise now, when a shadow had fallen over StarClan? As she stared at Firestar, fear pressed harder in her belly.
Her father sniffed again at the pool, where branches twined and snaked into the water. “”There’s still no way to see the Clans.”” he growled.” –

As we can see, a bunch of branches seem to be blocking the view and communication of StarClan, as we can obviously figure out Ashfur placed them there. Of course, they are only branches, right? StarClan can easily untangle them and see the Clans again, right? Well, why haven’t they then? SO many questions, so many unanswered. Will StarClan come back? Well, usually stories and with a happy ending, but will the Clans still live happily, even if StarClan doesn’t come back?

I think we should reunite more evidence. Even though I could only find evidence in the prologue, so let’s explore it a little bit more, shall we?

“Tallstar’s ears twitched. “‘It’s no coincidence that this has happended when the Cland have been breaking the code whenever it suits them. They’re the ones who have caused this mess.”” He jerked his muzzle toward the knotted branches obscuring the pool.
“”The code has been broken before,”” Firestar retorted. “”In worse ways, and nothing like this happended.”” He frowned. “”There’s only one cat responsible for this. We must find a way to fix it. If we don’t, the living Clans might be lost forever.””
Leafpool’s mouth grew dry. Was he right? Could this be the end of the connection between the lake Clans and their ancestors? And, if it was, how long could the living and the dead survive?” – Darkness Within page 4, prologue.

Even StarClan is worried, and we know the Erins, they always leave us in a Cliffhanger and so many questions not yet answered. Will StarClan be with us for the next journey through the series? I guess we will find out when we finish this series…

This has been Cloverheart here, and may StarClan light your path!

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  • Sooo Based on the beggining I am guessing you haven’t read Graystripes Vow… it shows him on his “wander” soo you might want to check it out!!

  • Well I don’t really think the erins will want to destroy starclan forever 😛 (Great article though)

  • I never thought of that I’m still on the first arc but I know a lot about the other arcs and stories from watching moon kitti she shows the branches in the moon pool and the leaders trying to untangle them.

  • I never thought of that I’m still on the first arc but I know a lot about the other arcs and stories from watching moon kitti she shows the branches in the moon pool and the leaders trying to untangle them

  • I´m pretty sure Starclan will come back, because the name for the eight arc has been revealed, and its called A Starless Clan, which makes me think the entire plot of the arc will be sort of a PoT and OotS relationship, where its a continuation. TBC was about defeating

    ashfur and so the next arc will be saving starclan.

  • 🏳️‍🌈 Freepaw/flame; He/Him 🏳️‍🌈 IT’S PRIDE MONTH! HOORAY! 🏳️‍🌈 says:

    Interesting article! 😀

  • I think that StarClan won’t come back because the 8th arc literally called A Starless Clan.

  • I don’t really believe StarClan will be kept away from the Clans forever. This is just not going to happen, and if it does, I’ll be really surprised. Why? Let me explain.
    The thing is StarClan is the place where all of the dead iconic characters and old cast members, such as Firestar, Leafpool and Hollyleaf are. We all know that Erins are very attached to the old cast . I don’t think they’ll just keep those cats away from the living for eternity and never let us see them again, and not to mention that if a living ex-protagonist dies, they are just going to wander the earth, unable to contact their loved ones, unable to finally reach peaceful immortality, just walking and suffering. The writers are simply not going to risk so much. Fans will be angry if their favourite characters end up this way, and though I believe many readers will still buy the novels, at the same time it may have bad impact on book selling, or so may the Erins/publisher think. There are also so many promises made by StarClan cats to watch a certain living cat or reunite with them, or unsolved riddles related to StarClan that are iconic (the Crowfeather one), and StarClan vanishing will as well destroy important parts of the lore. No, I don’t believe something that has so much potential and impact will be just cut off.
    What I think will change is the perception of StarClan. No more the almighty, powerful entity everyone fears. I believe the Clans will just begin a peaceful life in harmony with each other and StarClan, instead of “shivering under the starlit gaze of their ancestors”. StarClan will be their help and advisor, but not a matter of life.

    Summing this up? Maybe StarClan won’t be around for very long. But I don’t think they are going to just disappear. They will still return in the end.

  • I have no idea, there’ll probably be some big battle that ends in StarClan getting the ability to communicate with the living Clans back if I know the Erins right