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The Future of Warriors: Storylines and Plots by Wishfall

Wishfall wonders what path the story of Warriors will take in the future.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

“A half-moon glowed on smooth granite boulders, turning them silver. The silence was broken only by the ripple of water from the swift black river and the whisper of trees in the forest beyond…” (Into the Wild, 14)

Did I just trigger some nostalgia, somewhere buried in your mind? We all remember that time, when we opened out first warrior’s book and began to read the first few pages. It may have been such a long time since we first met with those vivid characters, Fireheart, Graystripe, Sandstorm… So much has changed in the Vast Warriors world. Its hard to imagine a Warriors world now when it was only those four clans, no Skyclan, Tribes, or rogue groups.

As the story of Warriors have changed, so have the readers. We all remember the time when we first learned of ‘Forbidden Love’ and saw how tragically it played out with Bluestar, Silverstream and Yellowfang. But now, that topic has become somewhat of a ‘cliché’ in Warrior Cats. Its as if the authors’ key plot device is to put in forbidden romance whenever there’s a lull in chapters. This turns a lot of us readers off; having to constantly wonder which two cats are going to be sharing suggestive looks at gatherings each time we start a new arch. Its an old trope and readers are tired of and, if we don’t get more substance, may aid in Warrior’s eventual fall from relevance.

Likewise, many readers are tired and annoyed with the constant use of ‘throwaway characters’ or ‘throwaway villains’. For instance, take Ashfur, he was honestly a breath of fresh air to most of the Warriors community. Finally! A villain who wasn’t concerned with ruling over the clans; one who actually had personality and genuine motive! And what did the Erins do with him? Well, they killed him off within a couple of chapters. Then they left his death to be debated, as if Warriors had become some kind of detective show. Don’t take me wrong, this was somewhat of a fun way to get fans engaged in discussions, but it just felt… wrong. We were robbed of the ‘what-ifs’ and future consequences. Next, look at a perfect example of a ‘throwaway character’, Snowkit. If you didn’t remember, he was a kit born to Speckletail

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