Why Mapleshade Isn’t Evil! by Lilykit

Lilykit shares why they think Mapleshade isn’t evil.

Art by Mizu-no-Akira

Mapleshade doesn’t belong in The Place Of No Stars! Sure she killed a lot of cats but it isn’t really her fault.

She loved Appledusk, who left her for Reedshine when others found out about their relationship. Her kits died in the river and was exiled from ThunderClan. Graystripe was never exiled. Leafpool was never exiled. Yellowfang wasn’t exiled. Well, not for having kits.

She killed Ravenwing, Frecklewish and Appledusk because she had a reason to.

Ravenwing: He told the clan that Mapleshade’s kits are half-clan and that helps her get exiled. I agree that he’s the cause of her having to try to go to RiverClan.

Appledusk: She has his kits and then he blames her for their death! THEN he denies Mapleshade’s love and then he has kits with Reedshine!

“You told me you loved me! I went through the agony of bearing your kits! And then you treat me worse than prey. You will regret this, Appledusk. That is my last promise to you.” – Mapleshade to Appledusk Mapleshade’s Vengeance , page 53

Frecklewish: There wasn’t much of a reason she had to kill her but Frecklewish did refuse to help her when she was exiled from ThunderClan.

When Mapleshade died and her spirit was in the Dark Forest, she started to think that’s how she could take revenge on the clans which made her evil.

“Mapleshade– she’s a really old Dark Forest cat, and all of the others seemed afraid of her, even Tigerstar.” Ivypool to Dovewing about Mapleshade Sign of the Moon , Page 84

EVEN TIGERSTAR?! That’s when you know a cat is just pure evil! BUT ThunderClan back then threw her as a “code-breaker” out of the clan, then she was heading to RiverClan but her kits died and Appledusk rejected her and blamed Petalkit, Perchkit and Patchkit’s death on her! Poor Mapleshade! And sure, she was killed by an apprentice but she was trying to kill a very evil Appledusk WHICH SHE DID!

“Can you imagine what it feels like? To be rejected twice? To be a loner, when all you tried to do. . . was love?” – Mapleshade in Crookedstar’s Promise

Ashfur! He (what i know of) he’s in StarClan! He planned to kill three of his Clanmates to make the other suffer but it ended up both Squirrelflight and Leafpool suffering the truth and Lionblaze, Hollyleaf and Jayfeather trying to figure out what to do with their lives know that they know they’re half-clan and kits of a medicine cat. Bramblestar also hated Squirrelflight which is part of her misery and Crowfeeather upset his clan. Ashfur in StarClan. (I’m only on A Vision Of Shadows so please don’t correct me on Ashfur being in StarClan If he’s not.) Mapleshade did about the same and she is in the Dark Forest.

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  • Have to politely disagree :> Mapleshade is a villain, she deserved her place in the place of no stars, even if it wasn’t entirely her fault she still killed innocent cats.

    Again no shade ^w^ Great article btw!

  • To the Mapleshade haters who say there were bridges she could’ve crossed, I just noticed something. The river was flooding in a bad storm, so who’s to say the bridges didn’t flood, too? Just a thought…

    • Well, she definitely went insane after her kits died, but you really can’t pin the blame on her insanity.

  • Great article! If I remember correctly, Frecklewish also watched on while Mapleshade’s kits died, so she definitely had a reason to be killed :>

    • So, you’re saying someone who didn’t do anything except watch on while Mapleshade’s kits drowned (which was Mapleshade’s own fault btw) deserves to die? That’s kinda harsh.

      • Not Fernpaw but here’s my thoughts–

        Frecklewish deserves a punishment of some sort because she watched kits die. She broke the code herself and in one of the worst possible ways. In my opinion, she deserves a title as a villain or at least an antagonist in this story for her actions.

  • I think she ended up in the Dark Forest because when she was alive what she did was seen as a lot worse than if she was in the modern day Clans. But I agree, she didn’t deserve it. I even have an OC based on her named Shellmist. Shellmist had kits fathered by a rogue, and she died before they were even born. Her motive was getting revenge on Flynight by kicking him out of the forest after taking control. She also wanted to avenge the death of her mother, but forgot after she became a warrior.

  • Everyone who Mapleshade killed sucked, but the way mapleshade reacted, by killing them, was worse.

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