Who Is The Unluckiest Warrior Cat? by Nightpaw

Nightpaw wonders who in the series had the most misfortune in the series.

Art by ninetail-fox

Hi everyone, it’s Nightpaw again with another article. This time, I will be writing about the unluckiest Warrior cat.

First, let’s gather information and decide on a few cats who were unlucky. I believe that one of the cats is Mapleshade, who lost her three kits, mate, and home in ThunderClan all because of breaking ONE rule that had been broken before. Another may be Cinderpelt, who couldn’t become a warrior because of the unfortunate trap that hurt her leg. And of course, we must include Briarlight, who broke her backbone and lost the capability to walk or do anything. Lastly, I believe Ashfur is unlucky because he had to live a bitter and lonely life all because the cat he loved didn’t love him back.

Let’s compare the cats in a similar situation, Cinderpelt and Briarlight. Cinderpelt lost the ability to become a medicine cat, but she didn’t lose the ability to walk and still could serve her Clan. Briarlight, on the other hand, lost the ability to walk completely and couldn’t serve her Clan at all as a warrior or medicine cat. She was forced to drag herself when she did and had to suffer with all of the stares and hard, hopeless exercises. As we can see here, Briarlight was in a much worse situation than Cinderpelt, so we can rule out Cinderpelt.

Now let’s compare Mapleshade and Ashfur, who are also in a similar situation. Mapleshade, a ThunderClan cat, fell in love with Appledusk, a RiverClan tom, and bore his three kits. But when she was travelling to RiverClan after being exiled from ThunderClan for breaking the code, the river overflowed and her three kits were washed away. They all drowned. And even worse, when Mapleshade came to RiverClan, both RiverClan and Appledusk refused to accept her and wouldn’t even let her stay for one day. She died in pain and was never content again. Ashfur, on the other hand, loved Squirrelflight, but Squirrelflight chose Brambleclaw over him. I wouldn’t consider him that unlucky, though, because most cats would’ve gotten over their crush and would’ve chosen another cat. But Ashfur chose to become broken and depressed over Squirrelflight’s rejection, which led to his death and more chaos in the Clans. Obviously, though, in this case, Mapleshade is the more unlucky cat.
Now let’s compare the last two unlucky cats, Briarlight and Mapleshade. Briarlight lost the ability to walk and serve her Clan, while Mapleshade was exiled and rejected by everything she loved. This is kind of a hard one to decide on, because they are so different, but in the end, I’d say that Mapleshade is more unlucky. Even though Briarlight could never be a warrior or even walk, she was still loved by all of the cats and later became happy, even though maybe not entirely content. Mapleshade was not loved, and even in the end she was rejected and felt nothing but bitterness, never happiness or a little content. Briarlight learned to deal with her injuries and unluckiness, but Mapleshade could never and will have to live the rest of her life unhappy.

I declare the most unlucky warrior cat as Mapleshade! Congratulations, I guess, Mapleshade. If you have any other ideas, feel free to comment! Thank you so much for reading.

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  • I do agree that it would be Mapleshade! I also really like her- but I do think another would be Crookedjaw/star.. Mapleshade sorta ruined his life only because he was related to Appledusk~ and then the whole Rainflower thing.. have a crooked jaw~

  • My vote personally goes to Brackenfur. Lost his dad as a kit, Cinderpelt’s accident (His sister), Brightheart’s injuries (His other sister), losing Honeyfern, his daughter mating with *gag* Berrynose, losing Sorreltail, and last I’ve read losing Seedpaw. So that’s my two whiskers on that matter.

      thank you you are now my favorite person ever I LOVE that saying

  • Great article! I agree with you- though I think that Spottedleaf was the most unlucky. She loved Firestar, and then she died just after they had enough time to develop love for each other, but not enough time to put it into effect. Then, what happens in the Great Battle? Spottedleaf dies again, before hers and Firestar’s paths have a chance to cross! (I was so sad; Spottedleaf was one of my favorite cats. 😭)

    • If Spottedleaf was the most unlucky It wasn’t because she liked Firestar. Yellowfang was more unlucky with Raggedstar than Spottedleaf was with Firestar.
      I do not know enough about Spottedleaf to say that she is less lucky than Yellowfang though. But here are some cats that are less lucky than Spottedleaf’s relationship with Firestar: Mapleshade, Crookedstar, Cinderpelt, Briarlight, that RiverClan medicine cat that Mistystar treats terribly, I can continue but I dont want to.

  • I think that Bluestar is the unluckiest cat. Her mom died two days after she became an apprentice, her sister died the one day she left her kit alone. Hr sisters mate tried to stop her from being close to his and her sisters kit. She had a Riverclan mate and then had to leave him. She had to abandon her kits to save the clan. One of them died, and the others lived without knowing Bluestar was their mother, and she couldn’t even talk to hr former mate and kits in case someone suspected something.

  • Nice article.

    I would probably choose Tallstar… Or maybe Thunder (Later Thunderstar)? Was his adulthood good? I mean, well, it’s ok… Childhood sucked for him surely.
    Crookedstar, well, he sure had a hard life, mother hated him after breaking his jaw, and lost his kins because of Mapleshade.

    Mapleshade did have a hard life. She lost her home, kits and mate.

  • Even if you added Brightheart, it’s almost the exact same as Cinderpelt, she could still serve her clan, but is different in the sense that she was never limited to being a medicine cat.

  • Mapleshade was DEFINITELY unlucky. I mean, she started out as a fine cat, and then circumstances happened and now she’s evil and crazy and… stuff. I’d also like to add that Shadowsight is pretty unlucky too, so far, what with Ashfur and Mothwing and things.

  • Great article! 😀

    I think it’s Crowfeather. He didn’t have the nicest cat as a mentor, his mother and father were always busy, he had no siblings, then he had to go on a journey with a bunch of cats who hated him and didn’t give him a chance to prove himself. He was alone among them. Then he feel in love with the kind, gentle, shy she-cat, Feathertail, who gave him a chance and saw the good in him. They loved each other a lot but then Feathertail died saving him from Sharptooth.
    Crowfeather later had a relationship with a ThunderClan medicine cat (double forbidden) who broke up with him and left him in the dust. They almost constantly argued after that.
    Crowfeather had sons who hated him- stuck in a bad relationship with Nightcloud, most of his Clanmates disliked him for being disloyal, etc.
    Luckily things kinda turned around for him in Crowfeather’s Trial.

    But I agree with you- Mapleshade is pretty unlucky as well!