Why Breezepelt was NOT a good cat by Wishfall

Wishfall argues why Breezepelt wasn’t a good cat.

Art by Warrior-Junkie

Lets be honest, a lot of people, and I mean a LOT, believe that Breezepelt is a precious baby and that his actions are all a result of his childhood, and mainly Crowfeather. But, this just isn’t the case! Breezepelt is a legitimately BAD cat, he killed his own half sister guys…

Now, you probably need some more proof, so I’ll go over basically everything Breezepelt has EVER done.

Breezekit was born into Windclan, his parents being Nightcloud and Crowfeather. Now I won’t deny that Crowfeather was a *terrible* father to Breezepelt, this is just a fact. Crowfeather only took Nightcloud as a mate to show his loyalty to Windclan, and even if he did grow to care for her, he never truly loved her. This caused a lot of disfunction in Breezepelt’s family, with Crowfeather bitter and Nightcloud constantly clingy and jealous. These conditions caused hostility between Breezepelt and his father, but Breeze was always close with his mother (As seen in Crowfeather’s Trial). Even with a terrible father, Breezepelt had the backbone of his mother and she was someone he could rely on.

Now, back to Breezepelt. As an apprentice, his behavior became even worse, he provoked an unnecessary battle with the innocent Riverclan. Later on, he rallied a bunch of apprentices into a battle with dogs, going against their mentors’ orders. (Didn’t learn anything from Swiftpaw, huh?) His early reckless behavior shows what kind of cat he’ll become eventually, a cat with bad intentions and no respect for authority. To make matters worse, Nightcloud ended up being his instigator! She would tell him repeatedly that Crowfeather hated him, which wasn’t true. She manipulated him in order to keep Breezepelt closer to her instead of his father.

Then, as a warrior, when Hollyleaf told everyone of their secret at the gathering, Breezepelt didn’t act rationally, which would have been to be angry with his father, but instead he grew to hate his half-siblings. Soon after, Breezepelt was contacted by the Darkforest cats and eagerly joined their recruits. He was, arguably, the most loyal of ALL of the Darkforest recruits. He decided he wanted revenge. The first thing he did was follow Jayfeather and Poppyfrost, who was pregnant at the time, as they were heading to Moonpool.

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  • I used to hate Breezepelt too, until I read Crowfeather’s Trial. Maybe it will change your opinion too. I don’t love him either, but he’s not so bad.