Why Breezepelt was NOT a good cat by Wishfall

Wishfall argues why Breezepelt wasn’t a good cat.

Art by Warrior-Junkie

Lets be honest, a lot of people, and I mean a LOT, believe that Breezepelt is a precious baby and that his actions are all a result of his childhood, and mainly Crowfeather. But, this just isn’t the case! Breezepelt is a legitimately BAD cat, he killed his own half sister guys…

Now, you probably need some more proof, so I’ll go over basically everything Breezepelt has EVER done.

Breezekit was born into Windclan, his parents being Nightcloud and Crowfeather. Now I won’t deny that Crowfeather was a *terrible* father to Breezepelt, this is just a fact. Crowfeather only took Nightcloud as a mate to show his loyalty to Windclan, and even if he did grow to care for her, he never truly loved her. This caused a lot of disfunction in Breezepelt’s family, with Crowfeather bitter and Nightcloud constantly clingy and jealous. These conditions caused hostility between Breezepelt and his father, but Breeze was always close with his mother (As seen in Crowfeather’s Trial). Even with a terrible father, Breezepelt had the backbone of his mother and she was someone he could rely on.

Now, back to Breezepelt. As an apprentice, his behavior became even worse, he provoked an unnecessary battle with the innocent Riverclan. Later on, he rallied a bunch of apprentices into a battle with dogs, going against their mentors’ orders. (Didn’t learn anything from Swiftpaw, huh?) His early reckless behavior shows what kind of cat he’ll become eventually, a cat with bad intentions and no respect for authority. To make matters worse, Nightcloud ended up being his instigator! She would tell him repeatedly that Crowfeather hated him, which wasn’t true. She manipulated him in order to keep Breezepelt closer to her instead of his father.

Then, as a warrior, when Hollyleaf told everyone of their secret at the gathering, Breezepelt didn’t act rationally, which would have been to be angry with his father, but instead he grew to hate his half-siblings. Soon after, Breezepelt was contacted by the Darkforest cats and eagerly joined their recruits. He was, arguably, the most loyal of ALL of the Darkforest recruits. He decided he wanted revenge. The first thing he did was follow Jayfeather and Poppyfrost, who was pregnant at the time, as they were heading to Moonpool.

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  • I think this was cut off! Anyways, Breezepelt wasn’t a good cat and his redemption was really rushed, not going over his crimes at all.

  • Great article! Cut off?

    I totally agree with you! This leads to some more questions for me. I wonder what Crowfeather/Feathertail kits would have been like? Would they have inherited their mother’s kindness or their father’s distrustfulness- or even both? And would Breezepelt still have been born? What would Breezepelt’s relationship be with them, if he was born? And would we still have gotten Crowfeather/Leafpool? (Plus about two hundred more questions [no, I didn’t count] !)

    • Kate confirmed that even if Feathertail lived,she would have gotten back to her own clan and be mates with Reedwhisker. So it would not have stopped Crow x Leaf from happening. Yay

  • I have a lot of mixed feelings about Breezy here. I never thought he was a bad cat, but not necessarily one deserving of any medals for kindness. I have not read Crofeather’s Trial yet, so I need to do that. Maybe it would change your opinion too.


  • I love Breezepelt. No amount of articles can change that. He needs more than a couple people to treat him well.

  • I don’t like Breezpelt, and I completely agree with you! Still, it was bad for Crowfeather to treat him like dung. He never even cared about Nightcloud’s food or nest when she was PREGNANT for StarClan’s sake! I mean, even BRAMBLESTAR(who treated Squirrelflight like a piece of fresh-kill) cared for his mate! god god GOD Crowfeather! But still, it wasn’t right for Breezepelt to try and KILL Poppyfrost(who was expecting kits) and Jayfeather or GLOAT over Hollyleaf(who died saving Ivypool loyally)’s death! He’s an EVIL cat!!!!!!!!
    *takes a deep breath* okay, Drizzlepaw. Calm down.
    Anyways, I completely agree with you and you wrote a WONDERFUL article!

  • I think it’s been cut off.

    Anyways,great article! I think he did wrong,but i like him now because of his behavior afterwards and on Crowfeather’s trial!

  • I don’t like Breezepelt. Hear me out. Breezepelt’s action is not justifiable, and because he was “neglected” isn’t a good excuse. Now, did Blossomfall turn evil and try to kill bunch of cats because Millie “neglected” her? No. Even though neglecting is bad, it isn’t a good excuse to dragg it up a character’s excuse on doing bad things. People can say he might redeem himself, but he never really said a full apology to his victims. Only Lionblaze. You might say he didn’t have the chance, but the point is, he met the cats he victimize in Crowfeather’s trial. But he didn’t! His redemption is so rushed and it seem like Onestar forgived him just after DF battle. The reason I hate him the most is because he is a hypocirte. In Squirrelflight’s hope he calls Squirrelflight and Leafpool “traitors”, but he is the one who betrayed the clans in the first place. But that is not all. Look at these quotes.

  • “I trained with the Dark Forest to become a stronger warrior. I needed some cat to believe in me, and the Dark Forest cats did – or at least they seemed to. But I wasn’t fighting against the Clans. I’ll always be a WindClan cat first. This battle with the stoats is my chance to prove myself.”- Crowfeather’s trial
    What the??? He say that he will never betray Windclan. However, he contradicts this.
    There you are!” Breezepelt’s eyes shone. “We’re going to launch an attack on the [Windclan] camp. – Last Hope.
    Long after his ‘redemption’, he’s shouting hypocritical statements:
    Breezepelt: “She’s disloyal!”
    Squirrelflight: “That’s not true!”
    Breezepelt: “And it’s not the first time.You raised your sister’s half-Clan kits and told your Clanmates and Bramblestar they were your own! You’re a liar.”
    Bramblestar: “We came here to talk to the Sisters, not rake up old bones.”
    Breezepelt: “We didn’t expect to find your deputy here, mixing with the enemy! Squirrelflight’s disloyal. She’s been disloyal before. She can’t be trusted!”
    Squirrelflight: “You don’t get to lecture me on loyalty! Who did you fight for in the battle with the Dark Forest?”
    Crowfeather: “We can listen to Squirrelflight’s explanation later.”
    – Squirrelflight’s Hope
    As a fan of Squirrelflight and Leafpool, I can’t stand this.

    • Breezepelt didn’t even apologise to Lionblaze properly. He was hostile towards Lionblaze the entire book, even dismissing him when he brought up his murder attempt.

      Fans claim Breezepelt “saved” Lionblaze, but if the details are looked at, it’s not that special – It doesn’t deserve the credit it gets. Breezepelt only killed two stoats and immediately abandoned Lionblaze again. Unlike Hollyleaf, who remained at Ivypool’s side for an extended period. Thunderclan and Windclan were allies during the stoat battle – Breezepelt was under orders to help his allies. ​It’s not like Breezepelt overheard Thunderclan was under attack far away and choose to travel there by his own choice.

      Helping an ally in battle, should be the expectation for any warrior, not the exception. Yet for doing the expectation, fans think that’s enough to give Breezepelt forgiveness and be scot-free of any punishment. But I’m wondering what means for the implications of the opposite choice. What if Breezepelt choose to fall short of warrior standards and ignore Lionblaze? Would it be considered an unideal but not that big of a deal?

      Then the actual apology itself: Breezepelt didn’t sort out Lionblaze, it was the other way around. The victim had to make the effort of getting an explanation for the attempted murderer’s unexpected actions.

      Breezepelt didn’t choose to apologise, he was put on the spot. Even then, he doesn’t acknowledge Lionblaze’s attempted murder specifically, only vaguely referring to the Dark Forest in general. Then of course, he didn’t utter “sorry”.

      Crowfeather puts Breezepelt to shame; actively seeking out Lionblaze first, taking responsibility for his actions and properly apologising. All that, and Crowfeather didn’t do half of what Breezepelt did: