Ivypool- All the wrong reasons by Orielpaw

Orielpaw shares their opinion on Ivypool.

Art by Orielwing

Warning- before I start this article there are major spoilers for omen of the stars and beyond.

Ivypool. I have so many mixed feelings on her. On one hand she’s brave and clever but personality wise? She’s mean and nasty to her sister and passive aggressive to most the cats around her. So lets get further into her character!
I’m going to start with Omen of the Stars since that’s the first time Ivypaw and Dovepaw are introduced as important characters. As they start to learn to hunt and fight, Dovepaw is a skilled and a talented hunter, and Ivypaw is not as good as her. This is due to Dovepaw’s powers, but at this time Dovepaw and Ivypaw are unaware of this, so it just encourages Dovepaw to be better because she KNOWS she can do it, and it should do the same for Ivypaw, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Ivypaw is mean, nasty and jealous at her sister and Ivypaw puts the first toxins in their relationship.
Soon, Dovepaw hears the beavers, finds out about her powers, and goes on the quest, not able to bring Ivypaw along. Now, here I’d like to point out that there have been many sibling dynamics that sibling A couldn’t take sibling B on a quest. ( i. e. Squirrelpaw(flight) and Leafpaw(pool), Jayfeather going to the mountains, Twigpaw going to save Skyclan) None of those cats were mad or nasty when their sibling left. Even Squirrelpaw and Leafpaw, who had a similar situation to Ivypaw and Dovepaw, Leafpaw didn’t attack her sister or be mean. As Dovepaw is out saving the clans, Ivypaw literally spends her days kicking rocks at people.

So Dovepaw gets back and is shocked at how mean her sister is. Fast forward to Night Whispers, Dovepaw tells Ivypaw about her powers and Ivypaw agrees to spy in the dark forest. Ah yes- the dark forest! lets talk about that.
It Really Upsets me how easily Ivypaw is Manipulated by the dark forest cats. Tigerstar and Hawkfrost – cats she KNOW don’t have good intensions, she willingly trust because quote, “He…he flattered me; he seemed interested in what I could do, not what my sister could do. No cat has ever treated me like that in this Clan. I’m just your shadow here.” – Night whispers. Ok, first of all can Ivypaw really not talk to her sister without making her feel bad with something that’s not true? Ok, So back to Ivypaw- Now Ivypool spying in the dark forest!
She’s not a good spy. She finds out helpful stuff and.. doesn’t.. tell.. the three? Most the time she shrugs it off with “If I see something important, I’ll tell you.” And she’s still mean to Dovewing? Ok then… I’m going to say quickly- I don’t remember much about the forgotten warrior. So I’m not going to say anything about that. And I don’t really think speaking about The last Hope is important- Ivypool + Dovewing dynamics are not too important. But I will say Ivypool yells at Dovewing for being with Tigerstar’s kin at night while she’s with Tigerstar and his evil kin at night, and tells Dovewing that her feelings for Tigerheart are wrong and that’s really Upsetting to read about. But Ivypool’s quote in the battle to Applefur- “Fight loyally, and with courage. That is all your Clan asks of you.” Is really inspiring! I really hoped Ivypool would get better with A Vision Of Shadows!… But…
Ivypool really doesn’t have any loyalty to her sister and exposes Dovewing’s feelings for Tigerheart to Twigpaw, (In Thunder and Shadow) a cat she has no reason trust with her sisters secret. And that’s saying something.
Ivypool’s story is interesting- but she attacks like a villain to Dovewing, And I don’t Understand how most people prefer her.
And that’s all I have! This is my first article, So I hope to meet everyone here soon!

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  • Cool article! 😀 I love the article picture as well! <3
    I have mixed feelings on her too, but you made lots of good points in your article! 😀

  • Good article, but I 100% disagree. Ivypool is a brave, loyal, kind cat, and she has a very good reason for being angry. Also, a lot of people forget when Dovewing is a total jerk to Ivypool. Which happens a Lot. Plus, Ivypool was a good spy. But whenever she got information, Dovewing woke her up. I’m sorry. She was great in a vision of shadows. IvyFern forever, and Twigpaw was her APPRENTICE for StarClan’s sake! Not some random cat! Ivypool needed a friend to confide in!

    People hate Ivypool for being jealous, but literally everyone has been jealous at one point or another. If you say you haven’t, I won’t believe you. Besides, SHE was the one to stay loyal to her Clan when her sister ran off the ShadowClan.

    Ivypool is RELATABLE. she’s the best.

    I disagree. But good article

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