My Favorite Cats! By Amberpaw

Amberpaw lists their favourite cats from the series.

Art by Tennelle Flowers on tumblr (warriordesigns-tennelleflowers)

Hi! Okay I love a lot of medicine cats, so most are.

10. Dovewing:
Okay if she had stayed in ThunderClan she would probably be in my top 5 and Ivypool would be in here too. She is so nice when she is not in a mood and I felt that she needed to be in this. I loved her and her problems Omens Of The Stars.

9. Cinderpelt(heart?)
So I am confused if this means both are on my list or if only the first. Anyways I actuly for some reason don’t remember much from Fire and Ice so I don’t remember much of her acsident. I love how she exsepted her fate and that she could never be a warrior and became a medicine cat. She was also so kind and I almost cried when she died.

8. Rootspring
Okay I just love Rootspring is sooooo cute as Rootpaw! I listen to them as audiobooks since Power of Three, so the person who reads it makes him and his voice even cuter. He also so fun to see how he so easily does things like shout at Bramblestar’s ghost in the middle of a gathering!

7. Feathertail
used to be in my top 5 but Twigbranch and Pebbleshine came along. I loved her and also almost cried when she died and I wanted to chuck the kindle I was reading it on across the room (Luckly I didn’t). I loved A Shadow in RiverClan, so sweet it just melted my heart.

6 Pebbleshine
Now yes I know she dies before you even get to know her in the main books but I read the novella collection called A Warrior’s Spirit and the first story is called Pebbleshine’s kits, yep you guessed it, It’s about Pebbleshine when she was carried away by the monster. She died defending her kits from a bager by luring it onto the thunderpath and when StarClan was welcoming her she when right back to her kits as a ghost.

I love how she is determend to find her family, and what clan she belongs to. I love how she has to chose clan over family. I love story lines like hers. she is also so fun on how she acts with problems she is like a mini Fireheart.


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  • Cut off again…? Anyway nice article! I like Dovewing, Twigbranch, and Cinderpelt.

  • Cinderpaw was sent to respond to tigerclaw, in place of bluestar, to tell them something. Tigerclaw purposely put his scent on the thunderpath, thinking a monster would hit bluestar and kill her. Cinderpaw came instaed, got hit by a car, witch crushed her leg. Fireheart rushed her to yellowfang, but her leg would never heal. She was in the med den for ages, and had to become a med cat apprentice or stay in the elders den forever like briarlight. Reluctently, she chose option one. Thats the accident.

  • I agree with Feathertail, Cinderpelt/heart, Pebbleshine and Rootspring. I like them all! But I don’t like Dovewing and Twigbranch. They are both soooo whiny.
    “Leafstar isn’t exactly a fan of mine since I left to join ThunderClan.”
    This isn’t just about you! Violetshine thought.
    Seriously Twigbranch? It was really her fault! I just HATE Dovewing and Twigbranch…but all opinions are important 🙂 Anyways nice article!

  • Great Article! Cut off again. I hope you said Leafpool. She is my favorite character.

    Leafpool is better than Feathertail, in my opinion.

  • Think it got cut off… great job though !

  • 10. Dovewing
    I really like Dovewing. I like her more than Ivypool. Everyone is saying that Ivypool is SOO brave and powerful, and that makes me want to throw up.
    9. Cinderpelt/Cinderheart
    Cinderpelt is an important character, and Cinderheart is sort of like a side character. I guess they are okay, and my best friend likes Cinderpelt
    8. Rootspring
    Rootspring IS really cute! I sort of wanted him to be one of the 2021 plushies but there is Cinderpelt, Ivypool, and Leafpool
    7. Feathertail
    I could honestly care less about her. I know that is a really unpopular opinion!!!
    6. Pebbleshine
    I like her personality. She’s cool I guess…
    5. Twigbranch
    Uhhh… She’s okay.