What Would’ve Happened If Leafpool Was A Good Medicine Cat? by Lilykit

Lilykit wonders what wouldn’t have happened if Leafpool had followed the code.

Official art from Warriors: Cats of the Clans (Illustrator: Wayne McLoughlin)

What would’ve happened if Leafpool was a good Medicine cat?

So if Leafpool didn’t love Crowfeather, what would have happened?
Well, most of us know that Leafpool is the mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf.
Who’s the father? Most of us know it’s Crowfeather from WindClan! Leafpool broke two codes from Hollyleaf’s precious Warrior Code. Medicine cats can’t have kits! She had kits. Cats don’t have mates from another clan! We established that Crowfeather is the father. If she hadn’t fallen for Crow, She might’ve saved Cinderpelt and she wouldn’t have had kits. Lionblaze, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf wouldn’t have been alive and Lion and Mr. Jay Jay are part of the power of three! AND Hollyleaf is the one that. . . “shut up” Ashfur but if she wasn’t born, there would be no reason to shut him up.
Wait- Lion and JAY JAY WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN BORN AND THE DARK FOREST WOULD HAVE CRUSHED THE CLANS! Dovewing can’t do it by herself! Not only that but Leafpool would have to wait a longer time to get an apprentice- but after Jayfeather was a full medicine cat Leafpool went around serving as a medicine cat for moons which would leave poor old ThunderClan without a medicine cat. But If she hadn’t run off with Crow, MAYBE Cinderpelt could have been saved and be there when Leaf had to go. Eventually Alderheart will walk in the story. To be honest, his life would’ve been easier with Leaf as his mentor.
Leaf wouldn’t have felt so much hurt if she didn’t do anything.
“Hollyleaf, I’ve lost my kits, the one cat I loved and my calling as a medicine cat. Which do you think would be easier for me? To die, or to go on living?” Leafpool , Sunrise , page 310
(She went on living but somehow she became a Medicine cat again. If anyone knows how, type in comments below!) And Leafpool’s life would have been much easier if she didn’t do anything because she wouldn’t have not been a medicine cat for some moons, Crow wouldn’t always be so mean when they meet, she wouldn’t have the guilt for her mentors death, Jayfeather wouldn’t have been so mean but we all know he would’ve anyway because he’s. . . well. . . he’s Jayfeather. Hollyleaf wouldn’t have been so disappointed in her family and Squirrelflight, who was badly affected by this, wouldn’t have been affected. Her life could’ve been as smooth as honey but she went on the rocky road 😉

Thanks for reading!

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  • That’s right, I don’t think “a good medicine cat” is a right term though. Following the code =/= always good. Code is flawed, and Leafpool was a good medicine cat beyond the runaway, which was one single mistake, and it wouldn’t have happened if the law wasn’t this unfair. I see what you mean though, but “if Leafpool was following the code” is more, you know, accurate.

    • In one week, I will no longer be your Lilykit, I will be Lilypaw (Foxi, Lilykit/fox) says:

      Yeh I guess so, but just because le warrior code is well le warrior code. no matter how flawed it is, she would’ve been considered a good medicine cat if she hadn’t broken any code at all, but I do get what you saying and I have to agree i could’ve probably changed it up a bit 😛

      btw I love your name <33 😛

      • Thanks! And yeah, I get what you mean, but the thing is just that I don’t think “good” is a right term for a medicine cat who follows the code, good medicine cat is more of a knowledge/deeply caring about the Clan thing.

  • Great Article!

    Honestly, I have nothing to say. But puting a title that says “If Leafpool was a good medicine cat” makes me think that Leafpool is a bad character in your opinion. There is a plenty of Leafpool Lovers out there (including me), and it feel very offensive. Besides that, you have great points.

    • In one week, I will no longer be your Lilykit, I will be Lilypaw (Foxi, Lilykit/fox) says:

      I’m sorry! Leafpool is definitely one of my favorites, and I didn’t mean the title to sound offensive! I only said that because she didn’t follow the code but I really do love her character, and again, I’m sorry! <33

  • Also, Leafpool RETURN to her duties because of Jayfeather asking her. Not that she was spoiled or everything. If you love Jayfeather and hate Leafpool, you are contradicting what your favorite character is saying.

    • In one week, I will no longer be your Lilykit, I will be Lilypaw (Foxi, Lilykit/fox) says:

      I just didn’t know how she returned back to her duties hehe but thanks! I do not hate Leafpool :3

  • Waiiiiit-
    Are you calling Leafpool a bad medicine cat?
    Because that’s what I interpreted from the title.

    • In one week, I will no longer be your Lilykit, I will be Lilypaw (Foxi, Lilykit/fox) says:

      ~~~~ everyone is having an issue with le title hehe ~~~~~~~~~~ It’s only because she broke the code, but she still is a greatt medi kitty <33 And great character <33

  • the issue is that, for one reason or another, the three would have to be born. if Leafpool hadn’t been with Crowfeather, it would be someone else. Plus, she was never a bad medicine cat. StarClan had its paws pushing hers for her entire life, only for the same cats who said it was okay for her to be with Crow to punish and ridicule her later on in life. even if we ignore that, that rule has nothing to do with morality and was made because of the experiences of one cat, breaking it or not Leafpool was a good medicine cat.

    sorry if this makes no sense I am writing this at midnight

  • Leafpool became a med again because she was a warrior for ages, but then jayfeather forgave her for what she did, and then invited her back to the medicine den because he knew her skills were too good to not be used for the good of her clan.

    • In one week, I will no longer be your Lilykit, I will be Lilypaw (Foxi, Lilykit/fox) says:

      Thanks! And I didn’t mean it as if she wasn’t a good med cat, just saying what would’ve happened if she followed the code hehe but she is a gweat character <3

  • If she was a good medicine cat, the clans would just fade because Jayfeather technically made the Clans