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some of my favorite warrior cats and why by Hollyfrost

Hollyfrost shares some of their favourite characters from the series.

Art by Wayne McLoughlin (Warriors Illustrator)

welcome back! its me hollyfrost with my 2nd article i think! anyways,in this article,i will tell you some of my favorite warrior cats and why. (this may contain spoilers!!!) enjoy!

oki,oki dont ask questions,i have no idea why she’s my favorite,she just is…. one reason is,if it wasn’t for her,warriors would’ve ended…BECAUSE in the book she dies,she saved firestar (fireheart at the time) from the dog! if he would’ve died warriors would’ve ended,because who would be the star of TPB if he died? overall bluestar is just awsome.

*sighs* i dont know why i like her aswell! she’s just awesome overall! i just really like her attitude and just overall! i really like her as an apprentice to! i also love the books in her point of view.

i feel like she’s my favorite medicine cat,i feel bad for her too,she really wanted to be a warrior,until annoying TiGeRcLaW had to make her break her leg forever!! i just really dislike tigerclaw. but i love cinderpelt’s character and i totally ship fire x cinder,but sandstorm is fine!

oh jayfeather! i just love his grumpy attitude!one of his quotes is literally “shut up,im thinking” hahaha! i dont really ship him with anyone,but i know one of my irl bestie’s loves him,i just overall really like this grumppy furball!

5. graystripe
ok,graystripe,idk why,he was just the first one i read about,the first books i read were all of the manga’s,very first one was “graystripes adventure” i enjoyed them! i love graystripe but i dont like millie,gray x silver is in mt top ten favorite ships, this was tied with firestar,but i like firestar just as much,but i had to put graystripe before him.

idk why,i just love firestar,he was amazing in the first arc! he was just awesome! my ships for him are fire x sand,fire x spotted, and fire x cinder, i rand them by 1.fire x sand, 2.fire x cinder and 3.fire x spotted. he was very well as leader through all the books until he died (have’nt read that book yet) i respect,and love firestar.

well thats all for today! see ya!

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    Here’s mine:

    1. Bristlefrost & Squirrelflight- sadly, I can’t pick, I love these 2 so muchhhh
    2. Rootspring- if he dies in ALITM I’ll die too
    3. Leafpool- so caring and kind
    4. Hollyleaf- I love her, I relate to her
    5. Sandstorm- the very first character I loved and still love her to this day
    6. Ivypool
    7. Needletail
    8. Dovewing
    9. Gray Wing + Tree
    10. Violetshine + Snowtuft

    (My opinion so it’s totally fine if you disagree. I’m expecting a whole lot of disagreement on Dovewing especially. Don’t hate me, I just love her so much and I think she’s awesome :3)

  • I haven’t read much but here are mine so far
    1.Firestar I totally ship him and sandstorm
    2.Sandstorm-JUST BECAUSE
    3.Blustar she was a really good leader and she had to put up with a lot of sufferings it was really sad when she had to give up her kits and when Mosskit died
    she also went crazy at the end but overall she was a really good leader

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