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Tinystorm examines weird warrior names by Tinystorm

Tinystorm takes a look at some strange names from the series.

Crookedstar by ClimbToTheStars on DeviantArt

Hi! Tinystorm here with my first article! I’m going to be examining some of the weirdest/worst names in Warriors and why they might have been chosen for the characters. There also might be spoilers, so be warned.

Twigbranch: A lot of people think of Twigbranch when they hear “weird warrior cat names”, so I’m going to start with this one. There actually *is* a canon explanation: a twig becomes a branch when it grows, just like Twigbranch grew. Not the best explanation, I know, but it’s there, at least.

Foxheart: Definitely not the best, seeing as “foxheart” is an insult (and a bad one at that). There were definitely better names that could have been chosen for her. Now, on to possible explanations: Foxheart is, in fact, a foxheart, so there’s that. She also just happened to be given the prefix Fox- and it turned out that the suffix -heart fit her really well. The Erins might have also just been running out of names and thought “why not?”.

Lostface: This one is just awful. I mean, sure, Bluestar was having StarClan issues, but seriously, did she have to ruin Brightpaw’s self-esteem and dishonor Swiftpaw’s memory by picking THIS? I guess the explanation is that Bluestar was being a mouse-brained jerk.

Crookedjaw: Also awful. Rainflower was being really stupid, forcing Stormkit to take on his injury as part of his *name*, something he’s going to hear millions of times in his lifetime. If Stormkit has wanted his name changed, that would be different, but as is… it’s awful. Possible explanation: Well, Crookedstar is actually a cool name, and writing the Super Edition, the Erins probably needed to figure out why he was called that and they came up with this.

Sneezecloud: It’s weird, but cute. I don’t really see some of the problems people have with this name, but I thought I’d include it because it definitely falls into the category of “weird warrior names”. A possible explanation is that he sneezed

Daisytoe: Awkward-looking (and sounding), but otherwise okay. I actually don’t have an explanation for this one tbh.

Okay, that’s all for now! Thanks for reading!

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  • My personal fave weird name is bellastorm, I mean, is it a storm of things named Bella? Or is it a storm NAMED Bella? I am so confused…

  • Great article! 😀 You explained the names so well! I don’t think they are weird anymore, after reading your article 🙂
    And now that I think about it, Sneezecloud is kinda cute!

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