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Why Ivypool Is My Favourite Character! by Lilykit

Lilykit shares their opinion on Ivypool.

Art by warrior cats designs (tumblr)

Why Ivypool is My Favourite Character!
(Spoilers for Omen of the stars and A Vision of Shadows ahead)

Her character is amazing! She’s envious and kinda half-evil. She risked her life for her clan! Being in the Dark forest by something like an accident, became somewhere where she could spy to protect her clan. She’s so brave! I do have to say, Dovewing did take all the attention from her and frankly, I don’t like Dovewing that much. I like Ivypool but i DO NOT want her to replace Dovewing as the third prophesied cat! It would ruin her whole character which means I would like Dovewing better and I’m pretty sure you can see the loophole there. (If i like Ivy and want her to be the third cat, I’d like dove better because then she would have Ivy’s character so then I’d want her to be the third cat and it keeps going and going and. . . )

Ivypool survived in the Place Of No Stars and she was even named a warrior there. She fooled so many cats! And saved many! I think she’s the reason the clans are safe. She spied in the Dark Forest, she convinced so many to fight with their clan and she also fought hard! Like I said, she’s so brave! She was in the Dark Forest every night and she had to fight to be a warrior. Antpelt was a minor character anyway.

She stood up for Blossomfall when Brokenstar said something about her on her first day. She stood up to BROKENSTAR! The killer of all kits! The son of trouble! The guy who’s better than Tigerstar in his evil plans!

If I were her, I wouldn’t sleep just so I didn’t have to go to the Dark Forest.`She kept up her lies of thorns in her nest, caught in a bramble on her night walk or a tiny sharp pebble in the Dirt place tunnel! Which I don’t think she’s used but it could work, for so long! And in the end, her clan still trusted her.

Dovewing upsets her once for a long time because she’s the third cat and everyone thinks she’s so important, THEN Dovewing leaves, has kits, then comes back just to say GOODBYE and leaves to join Tigerstar ll in ShadowClan! She upset Ivypool for way too long! I mean what kind of sister does that?

Thanks for reading! – Moonbreeze (Moonskies or just Moon)

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