Warrior Names That Do Not Fit The Warrior by Nightpaw

Nightpaw takes a look at some cats whose names do not fit them well.

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Hi, everyone! I’m Nightpaw and today I’ll be talking about warrior names that are NOT a good match for the warrior.

Aside from the unique SkyClan names, there are lots of normal warrior names that are not a good physical or mental description of the warrior. I’ll be walking you through five of them.

Number 5: Bristlefrost. Bristling can signalize anger, like when the “hair on the back of a cat’s pelt bristles.” Frost can signalize a chilling and cold tone, often when those who are evil speaks. Bristlefrost is more of a villain name and does not fit Bristlefrost, who is actually kind and compassionate!

Number 4: Clear Sky. Clear Sky signalizes a clear and pretty sky, full of happiness, modesty, and kindness. However, Clear Sky was just the opposite of that. He was not modest, kind, and happy at all and instead greedy. I do not hate Clear Sky and actually love his name, but I don’t think it is a name that suits him well. Maybe Dark Sky would’ve suited him better.

Number 3: Rainflower. When you think Rainflower, you think of a flower blossoming in the spring rain. Was Rainflower like a beautiful flower blossoming? Nope. She neglected her son because he looked different and treated him terribly. She wasn’t kind and understanding to Crookedstar when he was a kit, and was instead mean and ignored him completely. I believe that Darkflower or Grayflower would have suited her more and that Rainflower could’ve been a good name for a kind hero.

Number 2: Breezepelt. A breeze is cool, heartwarming, and feels good. . . unlike Breezepelt. He is not cool and heartwarming at all and instead is very greedy, bitter, and angry. Breezepelt is more of a kind cat’s name than an arrogant cat’s name.

Number 1: Badgerfang. Yes, this little kit’s dying scene was brave and heartbreakingly beautiful, especially when he wanted to name himself “Badgerfang” after his mentor Flintfang. However, I must insist that this name does not fit him at all. Badgerfang is a name that sounds very evil, aggressive, and arrogant. You can imagine a badger’s sharp and yellow fangs instead of the tiny, adorable kit who gave his life to save his Clan. This name does not fit Badgerfang at all, maybe would’ve been a good name for a villain. But Badgerfang himself was amazing and deserves a strong name in the end.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this article!

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  • Foxheart: her name just suits her. It’s just PERFECT for her. And Rainflower: jerkmother. Lizardstripe: jerkmother no 2. Palebird: jerkmother no 3. There are too many jerkmothers in warrior cats….
    anyways I loved your article!

  • Cheetahheart, (Warrior name) Cheetah heart, (Ancients) Cheetah that runs through valley, (Tribe of rushing water) Cheetah (Sisters) tell me if i missed any names! says:


  • Great article!

    I agree with you on everything except Breezepelt.
    He’s not greedy. All he wanted was his father’s love, and later revenge. He was changing and shifting- sometimes warm, sometimes cool, just like the breeze. I think his name suits him very well, and anyways, later he lived up to being warm-hearted and loving.

  • Badgerfang was named Badgerkit cause HE LOOKS LIKE A BADGER. And he ended up as Badgerfang cause he named himself after his mentor, Flintfang. Some of these are a bit unreasonable. Like Bristlefrost’s explanation. You say that “Britsle” sounded like it could “signalize anger” but Ivypool could have named her Bristlekit cause of the Bristle of leaves in the wind. And for Rainflower, (whoever) her mother is probably named her Rainkit cause she is gray like rain, or cause Rainkit is a pretty name.

  • Rainflower. It’s such a beautiful name, but you could turn it into a tribe name that suits her perfectly: Rain after fallen Flower. It would show how she used the be a loving cat to stormkit, but now theres just anger, and rain.

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