Was Hawkfrost Deserving of the Dark Forest? by Crowfrost

Crowfrost wonders if Hawkfrost got what he deserved or not.

Art by jaiette

Hello, Crowfrost here, and I’ll be discussing one of my favourite characters, the son of Tigerstar, the crush of one of my OCs (he’s adorable <3), the cat in the Dark Forest…. Hawkfrost!

I’m going to be discussing a question I’ve asked myself: did Hawkfrost deserve the Dark Forest?

This article is going to be facts only (hopefully) and not based on the fact he is a favourite of mine.

I’ll start with listing the bad things he did, and then try to explain them.
Tried to murder Firestar
Faked a sign from StarClan
Killed Hollyleaf
Attempted to murder Ivypool
Took part in an uprising of the Dark Forest (but this was AFTER soooo)

So, here are my explanations.

We know that both Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw were trained and visited by their father, Tigerstar in their dreams. They both trained, and both were ambitious.
Hawkfrost was loyal to his father, which wouldn’t be bad if his father wasn’t Tigerstar. But he was, so Tigerstar ordered him to kill Firestar. Hawkfrost, out of fear or loyalty, obeyed and caught Firestar in a fox trap with the assistance of Ashfur. Then Brambleclaw comes along and turns on Hawkfrost. This is kinda where I raged. Brambleclaw had already won the fight. He didn’t have to murder Hawkfrost! He could have shown compassion and let him go. So Bramble is a murderer too. :C bye bye Hawkfrost.

I don’t know too much about this, but I know he ripped a moth wing off a moth and pretended it was a sign that his sister, Mothpaw, should be the medicine apprentice.
So, as he was born to a) a loner and b) a ShadowClan cat, he probably wasn’t popular with RiverClan. He wanted to be deputy, yes, but maybe he also thought they would respect him if his sister was medicine apprentice. I know I would feel kinda bad if my Clan wouldn’t accept me.

He killed Hollyleaf. I DON’T CARE. I always hated that goody-two-shoes-oop-i-murdered-someone-for-no-reason-and-tried-to-kill-my-mother cat. Also, this leads into my next point cause it was an accident anyway, he was aiming for Ivypool, it’s Hollyleaf’s own fault she jumped in the way. :/

I ship IvyxHawk SO bad, because I think that the reason Hawkfrost was always sticking up for Ivypool and saying she was trustworthy was because he truly loved her. <3. Then she tricked him, and IF he loved her, he was probably heartbroken and tried to kill her to get back at her. (this is my theory)

Took part in the uprising against the Dark Forest. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT. Plus, that was after so ignore this because it wouldn’t have happened if he were in Star Clan.

So, looking at his LIVING life, I honestly don’t think he should’ve been sent to the Dark Forest. I mean, the worst thing he did was try to help his brother become leader by killing FIrestar. Yeah, it’s kinda bad, but he was just trying to be loyal to his kin. Then Brattyclaw killed him, and Hawkfrost didn’t get a second chance.

So there’s my opinion. Ta-ta for now!

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  • Ah I hate Hollyleaf. But not judging what he did after his death…

    Yes, he deserved it. Plotting with his evil father, trying to kill a Clan leader, trying to manipulate his brother and half-succeeded, manipulated his sister into helping him although I don’t like Mothwing that’s not justified, he’s just… rotten, I guess

  • Great article! I personally feel like if Brambleclaw had let Hawkfrost go Hawk would have manipulated what happened and probably continue whatever he was doing,but that’s just a theory. And if Hawkfrost did love Ivypool,even if she tricked him,it seems a bit extreme to try and kill her for it. But idk,I’ve never liked his character very much so I don’t want to write something and it end up being super biased.

  • First comment? Great article and I get what your saying but he is 100% deserving of the DF. So, for starters, the moth wing sign. What he did there was he saw his sister wanted to be med, and was good at it, but he knew they would let a warrior turned rouge be a medicine cat, so he faked the moth sign, so that his sister could be med, so that he could look more powerful, because one of his close kin was apparently chosen by starclan, and because of this power he hoped for, leopardstar (also his former mentor) would make him deputy. So yes, that was cruel for his sister, and not for her, but for his ambition. Second thing. The capturing of firestar. Okay so he trapped firestar with a cruel lie, saying blackstar was waiting on the territory for him, where it was actually hawk and bramble. Then brambs turns on hawk and frees fire. Then hawk attacks brambs. Where you said that brambs should have let him go, he basically did. He said something along these lines, “brambs: I don’t want to hurt you hawkfrost, your my brother, go home” “hawk: you care more about kin than power, well I don’t, and if you stand in my way, you will die” so yes, that has happened, so brambs has no choice but to kill hawk, or otherwise hawk would kill brambs and fire, and tigerstar and hawkfrost would rule the forests together. So yea, brambs had to kill hawk for the good of his clan. And then the killing of Holly and attempted killing of ivy was all when he was in the DF, so they don’t matter! Oh wow, that took a while! But yes, I hope you see my point of view now! Ocean-reed out! (this is like article length lol)

  • I’m not exactly Hollyleaf’s biggest fan, but murdering her wasn’t the best thing to do. Plus, would you rather Ivypool get killed instead? However, I do agree that if his ambition and skills were used for good, he could’ve been a great warrior.

    • Wellllll HawkFrost has done some pretty bad things in his time but I still don’t think it was anything bad enough to go to dark forest

  • “So, looking at his LIVING life, I honestly don’t think he should’ve been sent to the Dark Forest. I mean, the worst thing he did was try to help his brother become leader by killing FIrestar. Yeah, it’s kinda bad, but he was just trying to be loyal to his kin. Then Brattyclaw killed him, and Hawkfrost didn’t get a second chance.”

    Sooo… you decide to ignore everything after he died. That’s only half of his life, and even when he was alive, he was a pretty malicious cat. And saying that it was okay for him to murder Hollyleaf just because you don’t like her is plain ridiculous. That’s like saying it’s ok for someone to be murdered because you think they suck.

    • I agree. Hollyleaf isn’t the best cat,but reasoning that it was fine/good for Hawkfrost to kill her because she’s annoying isn’t the best argument. And being loyal to someone doesn’t make his actions okay.

  • For the 1st explanation, Brambleclaw had to kill Hawkfrost. He didn’t even want to, but Hawkfrost attacked him first. There was even a prophecy about this. “Before there is peace, blood will spill blood, and the lake will run red” – Sunset, TNP. Even if you don’t like Hollyleaf, he still killed someone without remorse.

    Hawkivy is problematic because Hawkfrost tried to get Ivypool to fight against her clan, and the clans in general. He also got her to kill Antpelt, and praised her for it. Hawkfrost was not heartbroken, and he only saw Ivypool as a traitor when she revealed the truth. Here’s a conversation from The Last Hope, chapter 26:

    Firestar: “The battle’s over.”
    Brambleclaw: “Not for him. I found him in the forest trying to run back to his Clanmates.”
    Hawkfrost: “Let me return to my Clan.”
    Ivypool: “You killed Hollyleaf!”
    Dovewing: “No!”
    Firestar: “Let Ivypool settle this.”
    Dovewing: “But he might kill her!”
    Ivypool: “You murderer! Liar! Betrayer!”
    Hawkfrost: “You’re the traitor. And this time I’ll kill you.”
    Brambleclaw: “No, you won’t!”

    Hawkfrost willingly aligned himself with the Dark Forest, he wouldn’t want to be in Starclan, nor did he wish to. He wasn’t “just trying to be loyal to his kin,” he wanted power, and wanted to get it by any means necessary. Just because he only tried to attempt murder once doesn’t mean he isn’t bad. The warrior code says “An honorable warrior does not need to kill other cats to win their battles, unless they are outside the warrior code or if it is necessary for self-defense.” Brambleclaw killed in self defense, since Hawkfrost attacked him first. Remember: Brambleclaw did not want to fight.

  • Good writing, I like it but I think Hawkfrost desifved to go to the Dark Forest. First of all, he was always a bad cat like is father, Tigerclaw and he tried to kill Firestar. To try to kill Firestar he went on ThunderClan’s territory and set him up in a fox trap. Then, when Brambleclaw would not kill Firestar he tried killing him himself. Then, Brambleclaw took the sarerfises and killed his own brother so he wouldn’t kill his own Clan leader. He als killed Hollyleaf and tried to kill Ivypool! Those are some good cats I like! Then, Hawkfrost tried to to take over RiverClan and WindClan! Hawkfrost is a bad cat!

  • Great article!

    I don’t know…he did do some very evil things. But it was more like the Clans fault for treating him and his sister like an outsider in the first place. He did some really horrible things but I think it was more the Clans fault then his.

    Anyways, you made some really good points! 😀

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