Was Hawkfrost Deserving of the Dark Forest? by Crowfrost

Crowfrost wonders if Hawkfrost got what he deserved or not.

Art by jaiette

Hello, Crowfrost here, and I’ll be discussing one of my favourite characters, the son of Tigerstar, the crush of one of my OCs (he’s adorable <3), the cat in the Dark Forest…. Hawkfrost!

I’m going to be discussing a question I’ve asked myself: did Hawkfrost deserve the Dark Forest?

This article is going to be facts only (hopefully) and not based on the fact he is a favourite of mine.

I’ll start with listing the bad things he did, and then try to explain them.
Tried to murder Firestar
Faked a sign from StarClan
Killed Hollyleaf
Attempted to murder Ivypool
Took part in an uprising of the Dark Forest (but this was AFTER soooo)

So, here are my explanations.

We know that both Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw were trained and visited by their father, Tigerstar in their dreams. They both trained, and both were ambitious.
Hawkfrost was loyal to his father, which wouldn’t be bad if his father wasn’t Tigerstar. But he was, so Tigerstar ordered him to kill Firestar. Hawkfrost, out of fear or loyalty, obeyed and caught Firestar in a fox trap with the assistance of Ashfur. Then Brambleclaw comes along and turns on Hawkfrost. This is kinda where I raged. Brambleclaw had already won the fight. He didn’t have to murder Hawkfrost! He could have shown compassion and let him go. So Bramble is a murderer too. :C bye bye Hawkfrost.

I don’t know too much about this, but I know he ripped a moth wing off a moth and pretended it was a sign that his sister, Mothpaw, should be the medicine apprentice.
So, as he was born to a) a loner and b) a ShadowClan cat, he probably wasn’t popular with RiverClan. He wanted to be deputy, yes, but maybe he also thought they would respect him if his sister was medicine apprentice. I know I would feel kinda bad if my Clan wouldn’t accept me.

He killed Hollyleaf. I DON’T CARE. I always hated that goody-two-shoes-oop-i-murdered-someone-for-no-reason-and-tried-to-kill-my-mother cat. Also, this leads into my next point cause it was an accident anyway, he was aiming for Ivypool, it’s Hollyleaf’s own fault she jumped in the way. :/

I ship IvyxHawk SO bad, because I think that the reason Hawkfrost was always sticking up for Ivypool and saying she was trustworthy was because he truly loved her. <3. Then she tricked him, and IF he loved her, he was probably heartbroken and tried to kill her to get back at her. (this is my theory)

Took part in the uprising against the Dark Forest. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT. Plus, that was after so ignore this because it wouldn’t have happened if he were in Star Clan.

So, looking at his LIVING life, I honestly don’t think he should’ve been sent to the Dark Forest. I mean, the worst thing he did was try to help his brother become leader by killing FIrestar. Yeah, it’s kinda bad, but he was just trying to be loyal to his kin. Then Brattyclaw killed him, and Hawkfrost didn’t get a second chance.

So there’s my opinion. Ta-ta for now!

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  • Which one is better though HollyLeaf or DoveWing FYI HollyLeaf killed AshFur because She wanted to protect both SquirrelFlight and LeafPool I’d say she is my 5th or 8th favourite. I agree though when I watched we choose our fate HawkFrost map I kinda feel bad for him.

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