My Top 10 Favorite Warrior Cats and Why by Frostwhisper

Frostwhisper lists their favourite characters from the series.

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Hi there! I’m Frostwhisper, and this is my first blog. These are my Top 10 warrior cats and why! I’m really excited!

10: Lionblaze

I like Lionblaze because he is super loyal to the code, and I like how brave he is, and how he helped rescue Briarlight in Fading Echoes. He’s a wonderful cat with a personality sorta like mine, a little short-tempered, but brave and noble. My favorite thing about Lionblaze is that he will give up his powers to be with Cinderheart. I know. His powers to be invincible in any battle! For a mate! But I understand that desperate need for love.

9: Sparkpelt

Sparkpelt is the ACTUAL daughter of Squirrelflight and Bramblestar, along with Alderheart. She’s a BRILLIANT hunter, and a BRILLIANT fighter, as well as having one of the most BRILLIANT personalities I have ever known. When Alderpaw(heart) just starts the life of a medicine cat and he comlains to Sparkpaw(pelt), she is super on his side, and is the best littermate any cat could hope for. Though she is not the most significant cat in all the series, she’s great in my book.

8: Ivypool

Ivypool is the littermate of Dovewing, and might not be the best littermate, (but not the worse, for sure that was Hawkfrost) but she’s SUPERbrave to spy on the Dark Forest. She has to be even BRAVER to actually attack Flametail when he was lost, looking for StarClan after drowning. I don’t know what is it about her that I like so much, but I really do like her.

7: Tigerheart

Tigerheart is one of my favorites because he loves, loves, LOVES Dovewing, and he DOES go after her in TIgerheart’s Shadow eventually, but he puts his Clan first, and I guess that hurt Dovewing’s feelings, but he thought it was SUPER important for him to stay with his Clan, so he’s loyal to his Clan and Dovewing. He can follow his heart and his mind, because they work together well. He also spares ShadowClan losing Strikestone and Yarrowleaf when they are VERY short on warriors after Darktail’s reign(still gives me the creeps).

6: Pinestar

You are totally wondering why Pinestar scores above Tigerheart. After all, he left his clan to be a kittypet! Short answer: I like him and I think it is possible he is related to Firestar. Long answer: He’s a surprisingly noble cat, and left for the the immense stress of being leader, and Sunstar’s leadership was a blessing to ThunderClan, and if he is related to Firestar, he helped bring ThunderClan’s best leader ever to the Clans. So, in a way, he made ThunderClan way better by leaving. I bet all those Twolegs loved him too.

5: Lightning Tail

You are probably wondering this: why? Answer from my Warrior Cats historian littermate, Whiskerstripe: He was the first deputy of ThunderClan, he saved Thunderstar’s life, yadda yadda yadda. My answer: He’s a really nice and social cat, and all of ThunderClan loves him. If I had to choose to be one tom from the whole of Warrior Cats, I would choose to be Lightning Tail, and I’m not that social myself.

4: Jayfeather

Mmm-hmm. Back to Omen of the Stars. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I just like Jayfeather! He’s a favorite of mine. He can slip into other cat’s minds(not anymore, actually), and how I wish I could do that! I could know what Whiskerstripe is thinking during a play fight! He’s a bit (no, a lot) grumpy, and yet he’s one of the greatest medicine cats ThunderClan has ever known. Yet he’s blind! He is an incredible cat, period.

3: Bluestar

Awesome leader, and I totally understand how she felt when Tigerclaw turned out to be evil, but yet I was irritated by it. She was a wise leader, and she would NEVER miss a Gathering. She’s brave and not afraid to speak her mind.

2: Firestar

You are very much thinking: why number 2? Firestar deserves number 1! I have a special cat waiting for #1, I promised it to her. Sorry Firestar! As you know, Firestar is an awesome leader who proves a kittypet can make a great warrior. My only problem with him is he cannot choose between a loyal mate who he had kids and grandkids with and a childhood crush! See if you can guess which is which before reading on. You got 1: Sandstorm and 2: Spottedleaf? Great! Firestar received the Prophecy “there will be three, kin of your kin, who will hold the powers of the stars in their paws”. IF he had not come to the Clans that would have never happened and the Dark Forest would rule StarClan and the Clan territorries. Yay, Firestar. Congrats on getting the courage to leave your kittypet friends.

1: Mosskit

Yes. Mosskit. The kit who died on the way to RiverClan. She’s my favorite warrior cat? Yes of course! She looks super cute, she acted super cute, she was my favorite to the end. Every time I read that part of Bluestar’s prophecy when she dies, I cry really hard.

So that was it!

Thanks for reading!

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