Ashfur,Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight- a defense article for Ashfur by Creekkit

Creekkit takes a look at the story surrounding Ashfur, Brambleclaw, and Squirrelflight.

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People/cats seem to only remember Ashfur by his revenge these days. Yes, what he did was wrong but how Brambleclaw acted in the second half of the New Prophecy was also wrong.

Brambleclaw is stupid in the second half of the New Prophecy (no offense, Brambleclaw lovers), especially Twilight. Him and Squirrelflight argue about Hawkfrost and it turns out Squirrelflight was right all along. Brambleclaw acts like she is still an apprentice, is repeatedly rude to her and literally makes her scared of what he would do to become leader.
However, Ashfur, supports her against Brambleclaw, makes her feel better, calms her down and is kind to her, throughout the book showing endless patience for her.
Brambleclaw keeps on being rude to her. Here are some quotes:
“Seeing Brambleclaw now, looking at Birchpaw as if he was a particularly juicy piece of prey.”
“Stop behaving like lazy apprentices”
“He was treating them as if they were wet-eared apprentices”

In Rising Storm, Firestar admits to Sandstorm that he loves her. The bit most similar to this, in my opinion is:
“Leafpaw/leafpool didn’t need Starclan to see that her sister was falling in love with Brambleclaw.”
There isn’t a bit like this for Ashfur but in Twilight, Squirrelflight wonders why her and Brambleclaw can’t just be friends. Friends, not mates and they weren’t even friends, more… enemies, how can a cat go from that to mates in a short amount of time?
Squirrelflight never confirmed that she loved Ashfur, but she did seem to prefer him to Brambleclaw at this point.
After all Ashfur has done for her, she chooses Brambleclaw.She forgets about him and then everything with her and Brambleclaw is fine and they all live happily ever after…
Nope. That isn’t Warrior Cats. Ash gets his revenge, or tries to get his revenge and Brambleclaw, now Bramblestar is still mean to her at times. Like in Squirrelflight’s Hope, when, once again, he doesn’t listen to her. Last time that happened, it was with Hawkfrost and ended up almost getting him killed.
I think that’s all I have to say.
Creekkit out.

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  • It’s true Squirrelflight didn’t tell Ashfur about her feelings. She didn’t say no properly to either one of them. Ashfur overreacted, though.

  • Seriously, Squirrelflight didn’t love Ashfur. Why should she choose him just for being her friend? Just because he was her friend for that amount of time doesn’t mean she “owes” him anything.
    Anyway, nice article!

  • Nice article, but Ashfur tried to kill her, her adopted kits and her father all because she decided she only liked him as a friend. Ashfur wasn’t perfect at the time either, you can’t blame everything on Brambleclaw/star

  • I don’t see Squirrelflight loving Ashfur,but more she needed a friend to escape from Brambleclaw. Even if she did,a breakup doesn’t give Ash (or anyone) an excuse to actively try and hurt someone.

  • This is a great article, but I can’t help but disagree.

    Yes, Brambleclaw/star is abusive, but Ashfur isn’t much of a better choice. He was possessive of Squirrelflight, he would’ve treated her like she was an item and not a cat.

    If Ashfur was prepared to kill her father and burn her kits for being rejected, Squirrelflight would not be in a healthy relationship if she’d chosen him.

  • Ashfur didnt respect squilf at ALL, and treats her as an object. Ashfur tried to kill her father, adopted kits, and her just because he didnt choose her. Would you sympathize with someone irl if they murdered someones father, attempted murder of their ex besties dad, her, and her adopted children, just because after a fight with her bf she didnt choose him(ashfur)?

  • No one else notice that the whole sorysandstormiloveyouyaddayaddayadda happened towards the end of Dangerous path, not rising storm

    • oh did it . srry
      wait maybe it happens twice and i am thinking about firestar apoligizing to sandstorm about going behind bluestar’s back and you are thinking about him not giving her an apprentice

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