Happy Birthday, Daydream!

It’s Daydream’s birthday! 🌤

From Whirlpaw!


Pretend we all just appeared where you are and shouted surprise! 😛

What a momentous day–are you going to be doing anything to celebrate? Will there be presents or cake? Tell us all about it, if you want! 🎂

We all wish you an absolutely awesome birthday, Daydream 💗 Have a great day!


✨ Cheetahspark ✨



  • eshvds one yr later and I haven’t responded XDD
    tyy everyone! I know it’s one year late, but ty!
    If I told my friends before this that I was 8 when I joined the blog, he wouldn’t believe me.
    In fact, he didn’t even believe that I am 9 right now >:)

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