My Opinions on Jayfeather’s Ships by Hollyfern

Hollyfern shares their opinion on Jayfeather’s ships.

Art by chyllii (tumblr)

Hello BlogClan I’m here with my second article! (hopefully) Today I will be talking about my opinions on Jayfeather’s ships! So let’s start…


To be honest, even though this is the only ship that’s canon I don’t really like it. Half Moon only loves Jay’s Wing not him and Jayfeather is just a different cat when he isn’t blind. He’s too… nice? I feel like Jayfeather just wanted to be a normal cat and as it seemed like Half Moon loved him then he started to develop feelings back. Basically, (after all the sentences) I just don’t think Jayfeather and Half Moon fit.


This is a non-canon joke ship but I think it’s really JayXHalf, cause think about it, why does Jayfeather want the ship? Half Moon. End of story.


I think this is just one of the cutest ships ever in warriors. It is probably one of the saddest moments in warriors when Briarlight dies, just because of Jayfeather’s reaction. He keeps persevering with Briarlight and never wants to let her die. He was so sad when she died and couldn’t even find words to speak. He worries about his patient and they become quite close in the medicine den. I know this isn’t canon and some people might see them as just friends but I see Briarlight as a perfect match for Jayfeather.


At first I shipped this ship but then after reading A Vision of Shadows again, I came to realise that it was just a mentor and apprentice relationship. Jayfeather does warm up to Alderheart but this is just because he is proud of him as an apprentice. Alderheart and Jayfeather become good friends and Alderheart doesn’t put up with his nonsense. Plus they’re also cousins so… no they are definitely just friends or mentor and apprentice.


No, Cinderheart was Lionblaze’s mate and Jayfeather never showed any interest in her apart from interfering in her path. They never had any chemistry and Cinderheart never showed any signs of liking him either. They weren’t even that good friends…


Jayfeather finds Willowshine annoying and he doesn’t actually like her. He finds her interfering and she finds him grumpy and rude so no chemistry, just a non-canon ship that I don’t ship.

Thanks for reading my article! State your opinions on these ships in the comments below!

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