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Rockpelt defends Appledusk!

Hello, good people of the world! I’m here to discuss one of the most hated characters in the Warriors series. This is a new series I’ll be doing. Who knows if you guys will like it. Out of all the cats that I’ll be reviewing in this series this is probably the one I am most passionate about. That cat is (bum bum bum) Appledusk.
Quite honestly I never really understood the burning hate that most people have for Appledusk. Sure I feel for Mapleshade, but that doesn’t make her any less evil. IN my opinion, the best villains are the ones you can understand.
Here are why many people hate Appledusk:
-He didn’t care for his kits.
-He only used Reedshine to prove his loyalty to Riverclan.
-He blamed the death of the kits on Mapleshade
-He killed Birchface and Flowerpaw (indirectly.)
-He betrayed the warrior code.
Today I’m going to disprove every one of these and defend Appledusk.

He didn’t care for his kits:
This is absolutely 100% not true. When Appledusk first meets the kits he says “They’re wonderful. Strong and brave as any Riverclan cat in the water. I’m proud of you.” (Reference: page: 33 Mapleshade’s Vengeance) That sounds like a loving father. When they drown Appledusk shows real concern. I’m sorry. Under no circumstance do I believe that Appledusk didn’t care for his kits!
He only used Reedshine to prove his loyalty to Riverclan:
Nope. No way. N.O.
When he confesses it is stated that he looks at Reedshine in a way that would mean that they are more than friends. She also is seen with him before anyone even knew about him and Mapleshade. (Pg: 50-51) If he only wanted to prove loyalty to Riverclan he would have literally had to see into the future. (I guess that’s possible in Warriors, but my point still stands!)
He blamed the death of the kits on Mapleshade.
He did no such thing. He simply explained that he fathered the kits and that they drowned. Mapleshade, who was filled with hatred and malice at the time, says in her head that he’s making it seem like her fault. Even if he was it is her fault. She swam across a river during a flood with kits. Don’t blame Appledusk for something he had no control over. If there’s anyone to blame it should be the whole of Thunderclan for forcing her out on the day of a flood.
He killed Thunderclan warriors.
Why is this even a question? He was literally defending his clan. Lionblaze did the exact same thing to Russetfur directly. So umm… yeah!
He betrayed the warrior code.
To that, I will list many fan-favorite cats who betrayed the code.:
Literally the list just keeps going.

I would just like to put in Appledusk because he was grieving. We can see him rapidly move through the five phases of grief.
Denial: He says to Mapleshade “I’ll find them I promise.” He said this even as he knew it was helpless. He was in denial. (Pg. 47)
Anger: This is what most people are quick to point out. He yelled at Mapleshade for taking the Kits through the flood. (Pg. 48)
Bargaining: He pleaded to be kept in Riverclan. (50-51)
Depression: He becomes exceedingly depressed in the scenes. (Pg. 5q)
Acceptance: We finally see him happy with his life when Mapleshade kills him. Up until that point, everyone distrusted him. He finally found peace.
Well. That’s My article. I really wish you all a good day. I’m sorry if this offended you in any way. We simply have different opinions. Bye!

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  • My thought on characters:

    Mapleshade: I am not a fan of Mapleshade, but some points are actually tales in Mapleshade’s story. She is overrated and honestly, she is a psycho.

    Appledusk: I don’t hate him purely as everyone who is a Mapleshade fan but I don’t like the fact that he only cared about himself and cheated her.

    Frecklewish: First, I thought this was Skyclan’s medicine cat. But as I see her character, she is nothing like a counterpart. She did broke the warrior code, and her reponse of seeing kits drown is not justfiable.

    Oakstar: I don’t like him at all. He should have let the kits in the clan. What I like from him is that he did not stay the same way when Squirrelwhisker broke the code.

    Ravenwing: He is quite intresting. I think he is the innocent of all victims, but he should have persuade the leader to let the kits stay.

    Reedshine: I just don’t like her. She sounds like a brat. But I don’t hate her. I just hate her personality, thats all.

  • I think it was unfair for Appledusk to cheat on Mapleshade, just to keep his pride. Love is giving up everything; pride, happiness, and sometimes even your life. I dont like Appledusk, but you make some good points in your article. Good job

  • You made a really good point. I’ve never actually read Mapleshade’s Vengance, but I get the gist. I don’t understand why everyone hates his guts. It was barely his fault that she did the dumbest thing possible with kits durring a flood. I get she was trying to get to Appledusk at the time, but there was a better way. Like, I don’t know, waiting for the storm to be over?

  • Okay first What if he was lying about the kits hmmmmm did u think of that????? And he DID blame the death of the kits on Mapleshade because, he didn’t even attempt to defend her and bruh he literally said it’s your fault they died. Boom!!!!!

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