Is Starclan Just As Cruel As The Dark Forest? by Dawnwhispers

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Dawnwhispers analyses StarClan – was it as bad as the Dark Forest?

Hello! Goodnight, Good Morning, whatever it may be to you! My name is DawnWhisperss , and you will be reading over my FIRST EVER article! So, sorry if it isn’t that good! Let’s get started!

So, first, let’s introduce today’s topic – – Is Starclan just as bad as the Dark Forest? I will be analyzing this question in this article.

So, you may be thinking, “What? No way! Starclan is a wonderful, beautiful place! They are filled with wise, helpful, kind cats that are always willing to help the clan, no matter what.”

And I used to think that too.

Haha no

But, as I said, we will be diving even deeper than what our gentle, soft minds tell us. We will explore the depths of Starclan, whisking into the knowledge and deep ends of the clans very own ancestors.

Now, let’s get to the point…

Is Starclan as bad as the Dark Forest?

Well, to answer that, we will need to put some plot down first.
So, let’s get started.

#1 – – The cats they accept and don’t accept
One thing that everyone knows about Starclan is that your in—or your not in. Take Mudclaw for example. When he died, star-clan had to decide weither to let him in or not, due to his actions. They discussed the reasons he did said actions, and eventually let him in. This is a example of acceptance. But, take Mapleshade for example, they didn’t let her come to Starclan, due to her killing spree.

#2 – – Visions
I know what your thinking.
“How can that help with the topic weither they are good or not?”
Well, I’ll tell you.
In every arc, every series, and every sub book, there is usually some type of vision. Take Into The Wild – – “Fire Alone Will Save The Clan”
Take Mistystar’s Omen – – The Moth.
And the list goes on.
But, we know this stuff.
This concludes that they at least give the clans the vision, the warning, the hint.
But, now, let’s talk about how understandable they are.
You know what I’m thinking.
That they are never clear.
They don’t just blurt out what they have to do.
Instead, they weave up a confusing vision and present it to the living.
They decide not to give a clear, easy answer to help the mortals, but instead want the clans to figure out themselves how to solve it, if you think about it.
A lot of the time, Starclan knows what to do.
But basically all they do is give the clans a small little hint.
That’s a hard one, Starclan.

#3 – – Judgement And Orders

Lastly, judgement and orders.
So, we haven’t seen much of this. We haven’t seen much of in person—I mean cat— judgement from Starclan. But, we have seen some orders. Such as the time Yellowfang lied to— yep! You guessed it, Squirrelflight, as a order to adopt the well known three, Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf. We were all chill by this. It seemed like the right thing to do. But now, let’s fast forward all the way to Squirrelflight’s Hope. When they debated whether Leafpool and Squirrelflight deserved a place in Starclan. And we all know how that went. They began to scorn the two for their “foolish” choices, mentioning how Squirrelflight shouldn’t have adopted The Three and lied.
Even if they themselves were the ones who told her to do it.
They didn’t even care to mention that they ordered her to do it.
They just kept shifting the blame on her, although some of it was their fault.

#4. Ok, I actually have another one. Funny, right? No. Oh. Ok. Heh.
Lastly, the Prologue to Darkness Within. Remember that scene where they said “the clans need us?” For one, this shows that they may think “my my my the clans will for sure die without their oh so great Starclan.” And it was also revealed they sent a cat (Ashwhine) to tell the clans that they need to remind them to look for signs from the awesome starclan.
Basically “oh, follow us. Do our ways, you need us. Everything will fall if we are gone. Yeah, let’s make sure they know that they can’t live without us, and MUST live under our rules if they wish to survive. Yeah, scaring them will work!” This shows that it works in the Broken Code, as many cats are TERRIFIED of breaking the rules, and always get angry when a cat breaks it. This is from the years,the moons, of force! Starclan, you better chill down!

I conclude that Starclan may be just as cruel as The Dark Forest. Sure, they don’t hurt the living, but their judgement is low, they barely help the clans, they shift the blame, and they have poor judgement. They aren’t necessarily evil, but they are certainly cruel to the ones they love. Perhaps in A Light In The Mist, they will redeem themselves. We can wait and see.

The clans would do great living without them.

This is all for my article, I hoped you enjoyed it! This was my first article, so, I’m sorry if It didn’t make sense! – – DawnWhisperss

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