Sorting Warriors into Hogwarts Houses by Moonshadow

Art by HappyCokex3

Moonshadow places Warriors characters into Hogwarts houses!

Hi! It’s me, Moonshadow! I’ve decided to make a article which sorts warrior cats into Hogwarts houses. I will be sorting some important characters from AVoS to TBC, as those are the only warrior books that I’ve read so far. If you don’t agree with anything I’m saying, drop a comment below.
Alderheart~Alderheart is very loyal to his clan, and cares about all cats. He is also horrible at hunting, an added bonus to the house I think he’s in. Alderheart is a true Hufflepuff, the very definition of it.

Twigbranch~She switched between clans by choice, but eventually found her place. She is determined to find SkyClan (when Alderheart has a vision of Hawkwing), and is overall pretty brave. I think that Twigbranch belongs in Gryffindor.

Violetshine~Violetshine is a very hard cat to sort. She isn’t really a wizard. But, if I have to sort her, I’d put her in Gryffindor with her sister. She has to change clans countless times, without her choice. Even with this happening, she survives, and you’d have to be pretty brave to do all that. This is why I put her in Gryffindor.

Needletail~Needletail is a mix, in my opinion. She is cunning, and very Slytherin-like. But, at the same time, she is Hufflepuff. She sacrificed her own life for Violetpaw. I really can’t choose, but if I have to, I will put her in Slytherin.

Darktail~How could anyone even ask this? The answer is so obvious, I might not tell you! Darktail is evil and cunning. He is Slytherin, through and through.

Bristlefrost~Bristlefrost always followed who she thought was her leader. That makes her loyal. But she is also brave. She snuck around under Ashfur’s nose, pretending to be a good deputy. Now, I am having a hard time choosing between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. But, since I have to choose, I put Bristlefrost in Gryffindor. Don’t ask me why.

Shadowsight~Poor little Shadowsight. He always tried to do the best for his clan, and is loyal. He is nowhere near Gryffindor, since he doesn’t believe in himself, so I will put him in Hufflepuff. Mrow!

Rootspring~This is a hard one. Rootspring is like Violetshine, and hard to sort. But if I had to choose, I’d put him in Hufflepuff. It’s not just because he got his assessment late (yes, he didn’t really have an assessment, and yes, it isn’t his fault it was late . . .). It’s also because he really does care about his family and friends.

Ashfur~Ashfur is the same as Darktail. Cunning, evil, and Slytherin. That’s that.

I hope you liked this article! Comment your opinion below!

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