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Was Hollyleaf truly evil? by Oakmist

Art by NeCroven

Oakmist defends Hollyleaf – was she really evil?

Hi! Oakmist here! I’m here to talk about Hollyleaf. Was she really evil? Well most people say yes, yes she was. But here are the reasons she is not. Everyone said she was evil because she killed Ashfur. She probably killed him in anger and she also most likely didn’t have herself under control and thought that the secret cannot be told. She didn’t want to break the warrior code ever. But her being a part of a shattered code was to much for her. She didn’t want to be reveled. Also Ashfur was probably very annoying to her. But why would she revel it at the gathering? She most likely had enough of breaking the warrior code. She knew this was something she had to do. So she followed her instinct and reveled it. Then she confronted Leafpool for the last time. She would want to here her say sorry. It would feel like music to her ears. Leafpool didn’t do so so she fled to the tunnels. Now I need some more words so I’m to talk more about hollyleaf. She did kill Ashfur there is no denying it. But does that mean she is evil? Lionblaze accidently killed Russetfur. But nobody said he was evil. And no I’m not saying start calling Lionblaze evil. Also she seemed to want to do what was best for her clan. An example is when she went to riverclan when the lived on the island for a moon. You know that one. Where she was captured? She was trying to do what was best for her clan. Ok now we are going to talk about why another cat isn’t all that bad either. If you haven’t seen the article about Mapleshade go see it. Brokenstar. Yes he was evil. But why? He probaly picked up those traits from lizardstripe. She didn’t want kits. She said if toms could have kits she would make her make have them. But she didn’t like Brokenkit at all. She abused him in many ways. Even going as far as not giving him milk. Brokenstar thought that the only way to have respect is to have great power. He knew what it was like being a kit and wanting to be outside with his father. So he thought it was a great idea to let kits fight and hunt. So next time you read a warriors book think that maybe not all cats are really evil.

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  • Okay.

    Number one, I really don’t think Hollyleaf is ‘evil’. I just hate her, that’s all.

    Yes, I hate that she killed Ashfur. Let me say in an exaggerated way what happened:
    “Oh darn no! Ashfur don’t you dare reveal the secret, which really won’t do that much harm because there aren’t clear facts!”
    “Oh darn, Leafpool and Crowfeather? Gee, I guess I’ll tell everyone the truth, the truth that’ll have more impact because it has more facts!”

    And second, she tried to kill Leafpool, her adopted mother. Her response to the truth can be compared to Mistyfoot and Stonefur’s. They, if I remember clearly, did not try to kill their mother because they were angry.

    Her redemption was badly done (She never owned up properly to her mistakes), and I hate her obsessive obsession(?) about the warrior code. Hollyleaf’s a hypocrite at that.

    • I mean, Hollyleaf is EXTREMELY annoying, with her whole “holier than thou” personality, but still I agree with you. She was never evil, even when she was depressed and gloomy in the tunnels. Plus, she did regret all of her actions, something villains like Tigerstar and Hawkfrost didn’t do.

    • I’ll explain this further, Hollyleaf killed Ashfur out of fear and rage, but was terrified of what she’d done. Keep in mind Hollyleaf stuck to the warrior code fiercely, she was the type of cat to get things done and follow the rules. I kind of like that about here. After she killed Ashfur, she was horrified that she’d broken the warrior code even more, and out of a sense of duty and guilt, she revealed the truth at the Gathering. She tried to kill Leafpool because she was furious about her breaking the warrior code and lying. I honestly don’t like her redemption either, since she basically just returned, said Leafpool was a great mother, and died. That was… disappointing, to say the least. I actually think her obsession over the warrior code is very interesting, since almost every other protagonist likes breaking the warrior code and doesn’t really care.

      • Yeah I don’t like how they made her die a book after she was reintroduced. They should have killed off cardboard lion blaze and left jay and holly alive. They were the interesting ones

  • I feel like no cat is really “evil,” they all have reasons for doing what they do and they stand by those reasons. The cats we consider evil are the ones who have been more extreme about what they need to do. Idk if that makes sense, but this was a really great article.

    • I really like her as a character but she’s super annoying. The whole warrior code thing was so irritating. And she was definitely not good. She murder somebody to keep him quiet and revealed the secret to everyone. And she almost killed Leafpool, and the only reason she did it was because she knew she would suffer more if she lived

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, Oakmist! Hollyleaf is my favorite character. Plus, she didn’t even mean to kill Ashfur! In The Ultimate Guide, it says that she just wanted to make him keep quiet. She struck the death blow without trying to kill him, and then she knew it was too late.

  • I am suffering from mental illness and sometimes I lash out without having full control. I think this is what happened to hollyleaf.

  • I never hated on Hollyleaf, but i think her attack on ashfur was unprovoked. *collective gasp* yes, yes, i know. But do we have any proof that ashfur was going to tattle on her and her fam? Yes, I agree that she wasnt her right state of mind. murder still isnt ok. But she still had friends and fam who would loved her. I dont think it was very smart of her to think that they wouldnt like her. If they did, it would be very unfair, because she didn’t know either!
    Good article, i think you made a good effort to convince people that she wasnt evil.

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