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MalusClaw explores the genetics of Warriors

Greetings, BlogClan. MalusClaw again. So, today’s article is about matching various warrior cats to what breed they may be. Yes, I know that Blackstar is genetically impossible. Yes, I know that Redtail, a tortoiseshell, is also somehow a tom. I’ll be looking over these, and trying to find what mixes of possible breeds could result in something like them. I won’t be referring to any Clanborn cats as “purebred,” because that would be impossible for them.
With no further ado, I’ll begin.


Yellowfang: This one is pretty obvious. Yellowfang is definitely some kind of Persian cat. Although she isn’t purebred, she is at least half Persian or three-quarters Persian. So is her son, Brokenstar.

Darktail: This one is also pretty easy. Darktail is a white tom with a bushy black tail and markings. One look at him and I quickly came to the conclusion that he was a black-based Turkish Van. Another hint, albeit dark, towards that is his hobby of drowning victims in water; Turkish Vans are famous for their love of water. Even though neither of Darktail’s parents show any hint of being Turkish Vans, this is the closest breed I could find that fits Darktail’s description.

Leopardstar: Bengal. Obviously. Her name says it all. From her golden eyes to her leopard-spotted coat, she’s a Bengal all the way.

Sol: Sol is tricky. I headcanon him as a calico (I know most calicos are female, but some males can be too!) but calico isn’t a breed, it’s a kind of pelt. So, breed wise, I think Sol definitely has some Maine Coone in him, because of his height and thick coat.

Tigerstar: Why doesn’t everyone take a break from this and Google “dark brown Maine Coone”? Are you seeing Tigerstar in the images, or is that just me? Anyway, I 100% think Tigerstar is Maine Coone, as well as Bramblestar and Tigerstar II.

Hawkfrost: Hawkfrost is probably, considering his parents, a SiameseMaine Coone mix. If you take in the hue of the eyes and the pelt markings and coloration, it makes a lot of sense. Mothwing doesn’t appear to have any Siamese in her, but she’s a Maine Coone all the way.

Deadfoot: Although Deadfoot is a rather minor character, I think he is a Bombay cat. However, not all black cats have Bombay blood in them. Despite having the coat and eyes for it, a black cat such as Breezepelt is in no way a Bombay. If you like, google some images of a Bombay cat and decide for yourself.

Rock: Rock is, no doubt, a Hairless Sphinx cat. Change my mind.

Now, here are some less specific facts about Warriors genetics.

1. Almost all cats can only have blue eyes if the eye is surrounded by white fur. It’s an odd fact, but true. Of course, this does not apply to all breeds. But for your average mutt cat, it has to have white surrounding the eye area to be able to have eyes that color. However, there is a rare cat breed called the Ojos Azul, or blue eyes in English, that can have blue eyes regardless of the fur color. Therefore, it stands to reason that cats like, let’s say, Scourge- a black cat with blue eyes- have some Ojos Azul blood in them.
2. Now, I’m going onto a much-discussed subject: tortoiseshell cats and calicos. Cats with these pelt colorations are almost exclusively female. Cats like Sol and Redtail- males- with these pelts are usually- near 100% of the time- unable to have kits. Redtail is said to have a kit, but I don’t really think they are his. In my opinion, his kit, Sandstorm, is actually Lionheart’s kit, whom Redtail took in as his own.
3. Black paws on a white cat is genetically impossible. That’s why Blackstar is often shown drawn by fans as a seal-point Ragdoll cat or with a black tailears. I can’t think of any breed Blackstar could be.

Alright folks, that’s all for today. I hope you tune in for my next article. MalusClaw out.

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  • I think Rock is some other kind of breed because didn’t it mention that he was so old he had lost most of his fur

    • That bit about Lionheart giving up Sandkit (Sandstorm) was just a headcanon/theory of MalusClaw’s. It’s not actually canon.

  • As for your last comment, my friend, white fur and black paws are in fact possible, just not very notible and otherwise just . . . random.

  • very logical. I agree that it is unlikely that sandstorm is Redtail’s kit as I looked it up and most tortoiseshell males cannot breed do to the fact that tortoiseshells are mutated cats.

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