Warrior cats as Survivor dogs! by Wolffur

Wolffur compares Warriors and Survivors characters

Hello there! You may have heard of Survivor Dogs before, well here are Warrior cats as survivor dogs!
1. Firestar, i feel like Firestar would be Lucky just because there both the originals.
2. Leafstar, Sweet is 101% Leafstar and you cant change my mind! There both so much alike with how they rule the pack/clan.
3. OneStar, Alpha/Dog/Omega there both alike with there cruelty and both being in command but not evil enough to go to The dark forest and were ever the bad dogs go.
4. FrostFur, is Moon. Moon is My favorite survivor dogs character. Alright there both over protective parents who lost there mates and had to raise there children on there own.
5. Tree, Tree is Arrow. He wants to leave his pack to protect his family just like Tree.
6. NeedleTail, is Bella. There both feisty dont believe in the dead and are just over all hilarious at some times. they also died to protect a young Pup/Apprentice.
7. SquirrelFlight, is Storm. There both fierce for what they believe in were exiled but came back to protect there clan/pack.
8. BrightPaw, brightpaw is Sky they both suffered something bad because of some evil cat/dog. They both learned to cope with the things that are wrong with them.
9. Mapleshade, Mapleshade is Breeze if you say otherwise i shall steal your warrior cat plushies.
10. CinderPelt, CinderPelt is Sunshine There both very happy with there job of taking care of others and are both almost always cherry!
11. RussetFur, remember that red beta in Sweets journey? Thats russetfur not just because shes red. she died before she became Alpha!(when she left i assume she had died.
12. Purdy, Purdy is old hunter. They tell stories are very old blah blah blah so on so on.
13. TigerStar, is Terror there literally both the same.
14. SleekWhisker, she is Blade. Just thats all I have to say SleekWhisker is blade.
15. KiteScratch and TurtleCrawl, KiteScratch is Bruno and TurtleCrawl Is Dart. there all bullies and i ship them both.
I hope you agree with me on this!
I may make a part two also!

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