Awards For Warrior Cats (2021) by Lemoncloud

Art by Wayne McLoughlin

Lemoncloud praises some iconic Warriors characters

Hello, I’ve decided to make awards for these otherwise, special cats..? And I hope you agree with at least a few of these. And these were not voted on these are just my opinions. Anyways lets get the article going

She-Cat of The Year –

Ivypool fought for her life, every night, for her clan! Without her the Clans would’ve withered away to dust! Even though she isn’t one of the three she is as equal as Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Dovewing

Tom of the year –

Thrushpelt, Unlike Ashfur, he turned out better. Thrushpelt loved Bluestar, and had more logic, than Ashfur, he did love her, but only wanted her to be happy, not like Ashfur’s manipulative outcome.

Leader of The Year-

Leopardstar, ‘loving’ Tigerstar, when she realized what A horrible Cat he was, She worked hard to fix the Clan, after Tigerstar’s destruction. And in A Shadow In RiverClan she lighted up Feathertail, which automatically makes her a cool leader, she is a THERAPIST who doesn’t like a THERAPIST. I don’t remember her getting that job in the books!

Medicine Cat of the Year-

Moth Flight!
Moth Flight, suffered through the loss of Her mate, Micah, She also made the rule in the warrior code, Medicine Cats Cannot Have Kits, think about it, Yellowfang suffered…Leafpool too…. That rule is weirdly important.

Canon Ship of the Year-

Bluestar X Oakheart
Bluestar X Oakheart, is a very important ship, it contributes to the whole series. Without it, Bluestar would have less Character, Her path was intended to focus on sadness, sadness is major to any character. Oakheart is just a side character, but it also has an effect on Crookedstar, who’s path is also bent on sadness.

Non-Canon Ship of The Year-

Hollyleaf X Fallen Leaves
It made me cry, in the last hope when Fallen Leaves Said “But.. I promised I’d see her again….” Even more than Spottedleaf’s second death. Fallen Leaves supported her in the Tunnels, and I just love this ship.

Most Inspiring –

In Tallstar’s Revenge, Tallstar realized, Forgiveness is better then Revenge. This is a valuable lesson in life.

Hope you enjoy, and have a great day!!!!!!

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