My Top Five Favorite And Least Favorite Warriors by Nightpaw

Art by Vialir

Nightpaw ranks their favourite and least favourite characters

Henlo BlogClan, I am Nightpaw, and I’ll be writing about my top five favorite and least favorite warrior cats!

Let’s of course, start with the favorites.

5) Cinderpelt. I love her funny and positive personality and how she is so kind to Fireheart. Even though something terrible happened to her and ruined her future, she is always able to keep on a bright smile and purr.

4) Crowfeather. I have a soft side for Crowfeather. He has more qualities than just shy, cranky, and reserved. I know this because I’m an introverted person myself. He was so kind to Feathertail and Leafpool, and I think that beneath all of the crankiness, there is only heartbreak and an urge to see them. I know that when he goes to StarClan, others will see his brightness, too.

3) Firestar. Of course, I love his leadership and cleverness. Firestar is an amazing leader, and even though he can be “perfect” sometimes he is overall a normal and understandable character.

2) Bristlefrost. I really like Bristlefrost. Even after being rejected by Stemleaf, she was able to keep on a bright smile and shine next to Rootspring. I think she’s so kind to Spotfur, even though if I were her I’d have an immense grudge against her. Bristlefrost is very kind, compassionate, and is very loyal which makes me like her very much.

1) Leafpool!! Leafpool is my favorite character. Even though she lost all her kits and Crowfeather, she never judged them and served ThunderClan so well until she died. Even when she died, she was saving kits and even while in StarClan, she was loving the kits that were once hers.

Now my least favorites.

5) Clawface. I really dislike Clawface, especially because he just barged into camp and killed Spottedleaf. He’s also an evil character in general, siding with those that only wanted revenge. Due to some of these reasons, Clawface is my 5th least favorite warrior.

4) Rainflower. I really disliked how she neglected her kit just because of her looks. Crookedkit was her own kit, and yet she couldn’t look inside him and see all of the wonderful qualities in him. Rainflower was probably the #1 reason why Mapleshade came after Crookedkit, and this is some of the reasons why I dislike Rainflower.

3) Tigerstar. Yeah, of course, Tigerstar. He did the unthinkable: Murdering just because he wanted to be deputy. Then murdering again just because he had a grudge against Firestar. Life can’t be perfect, and you can’t get everything you want in life. Tigerstar cannot accept this and therefore earns a spot on my least favorite warrior cats list.

2) Appledusk. Yes, I absolutely hate Appledusk. He was disloyal, mean, and he was a cheater. Not only did he reject his mate once she came to him hurt and devastated, he was cheating against her the entire time! He could’ve stayed with Mapleshade and comforted her, which would’ve saved lives, but did he? No. He decided to hate her for the sake of his own position in the Clan. How selfish.

1) Brokenstar. I really hate Brokenstar. He trained kits that were too young, trained them too fiercely, and caused the death of so many for just one thing: territory and power. I think that’s so selfish of him, and he should realize that territory isn’t everything. Sometimes it’s best to treasure the small mews and bright eyes of the kits that would grow up happy someday. But Brokenstar didn’t see the bright eyes, he only saw their fighting skills, and he led them to their deaths.

So, these are my top five favorite and least favorite warrior cats! I hope you enjoyed this article, and thanks for reading. -Nightpaw.

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  • Favorites
    1 bristlefrost
    2 squirrelflight
    3 graywing
    4 ivypool
    5 rootspring

    Least favorites
    1 thistleclaw
    2 onestar
    3 rainflower
    4 Bluestar
    5 bramblestar

    Your list
    Cinderpelt don’t care about
    Crowfeather love him
    Firestar so overrated and boring so I’m nutral the fandom ruins him.
    Bristlefrost love her to death best cat ever
    Leafpool love her she’s so sweet. 6th favorite character.
    Clawface bad bad but he killed spottedleaf so not all is bad. Fyi she is my 6th least favorite character.
    Rainflower hate.
    Tigerstar so overrated and bland.
    Appledusk hate him I’m a mappleshade fan but I’m not afraid to say she is overrated also so excited for her plush!
    Brokenstar he killed kits no he is so bad.
    These are my options.

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