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The FireClan Conspiracy: A Fanmade Theory by MalusClaw

MalusClaw shares a theory about ThunderClan.

Art by MeggisCat

“You think fresh blood in the Clans will weaken us? A life without hardship will weaken us more.”

– Firestar

Greetings. MalusClaw here, with my second article.

Let me propose a scenario: someone mentions the words “kind, big-hearted warrior cat.” If you’re like me and have read all of the books, your mind will most likely jump to Firestar, one of the main cats in the first few arcs. He is seen as selfless, brave, and compassionate- having so few flaws that some people call him a Mary Sue character.
But this article is all about an original theory I have come up with about the allegedly “flawless” leader. Firestar fans, be warned. It will be shocking.


So, let’s start from the basics. Firestar started out as a kittypet, with no warrior blood inside of him. But quickly, he rose to power in his Clan, despite constant jeers and taunts that he would never be a real warrior. But he did- and he even became leader after Bluestar! He even takes Sandstorm, a loyal (read: pureblooded) she-cat as his mate.
Yes, Firestar is known as the welcoming, kittypet leader, accepting of cats from all different backgrounds. But here’s where my theory comes into play.
After moons and moons of verbal and physical abuse from cats like Darkstripe and Longtail, Firestar became a little paranoid, a little obsessed with keeping the ThunderClan bloodline clean. So he hatched a plan with Sandstorm, an ambitious, some may even say power-hungry cat, and Cloudtail, who is in no way respectful of the warrior values. They probably made the plan somewhere near the end of The New Prophecy. Firestar’s plot was this:

Over a long period of time, begin to make ThunderClan fully controlled by the members of Firestar’s family. They would have to be very careful so other cats do not notice. And, slowly but surely, Firestar’s plan began to unfold.
Leafpool and Squirrelflight were never informed of their father’s plan. Firestar didn’t trust them enough to keep up the illusion that he was the perfect leader, and not trying to overpower out all non-FireClan (that’s what I’m going to call cats related to Firestar) cats. He desperately wanted a FireClan medicine cat to have further control, and he got his wish when he managed to manipulate Leafpool to become a medicine cat. Firestar was pleased when Squirrelflight took Bramblestar, a purebred ThunderClan cat (yes, I know that Tigerstar later joined ShadowClan, but he was still born in ThunderClan) to be her mate. So Firestar made Bramblestar his deputy, but it was all a ruse. He never intended to let Bramblestar be leader, just kept him there to support the illusion. His clutches over all of ThunderClan grew tighter, and the poor, ignorant non-FireClanners had no idea that they were slowly being forced into servitude. Because that’s what it was. Firestar, if this theory is correct, to keep his family on top forever, and keep the others on the bottom of Clan society.
But when Leafpool’s children- Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf- found out that they were the children of a WindClan cat, Firestar panicked. He couldn’t have WindClan blood destroying what he had worked so hard for. He had to chose: his daughter and grandchildren, or his twisted dreams?
And on the fateful night where Hollyleaf told all of the Clans her true heritage, Firestar arranged an unfortunate ‘accident’ to kill Hollyleaf- the cave-in. He thought it had killed her, and for a while he tried to get rid of Jayfeather and Lionblaze. It was he that tried to make Breezepelt kill Jayfeather at the Moonpool- Poppyfrost, who also almost died in his assassination attempt, was just collateral damage to the power-hungry Firestar.

Firestar began a downward slope when Hollyleaf returned to the Clans. His plans were failing. As so, at the Battle of the Dark Forest, he was killed by his own enemy, Tigerstar the First. He meant to make his mate or his daughter or any FireClan cat deputy when he had a chance of death, but it was too late. A non-FireClanner was now the leader, and his plans were ruined.
But Firestar was not finished yet. My guess is that he still held some power in death. It was his spirit that killed Leafpool in Squirrelflight’s Hope. And, to top it all off, it was he that encouraged Ashfur to possess Bramblestar.
Oh, yes. It’s still happening now, people. And Firestar isn’t even the first one to have this idea, although he did go the farthest with it. Tigerstar tried it, and that’s why we have a bunch of Lightleaps and Bramblestars and Tigerstar II’s: they are just the result of when Tigerstar failed with what Firestar succeeded with.
Of course, this is all just speculation. There’s no real proof that Firestar plans to cull out all of the non-Fireclan cats. Right?

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