What Is The Most Dangerous Animal To The Warrior Cats? By Nightpaw

Nightpaw wonders which animal is the biggest threat to the Clans.

Henlo, it’s Nightpaw, and in this article I’ll be talking about what the most dangerous animal to the warrior cats is.

Of course, the warriors have many predators along with prey. Foxes, badgers, beavers, snakes, and other cats are just a few of the many enemies they have. But what is the most dangerous out of them?

We’ll be comparing foxes, badgers, beavers, snakes, and other cats with each other. We’ll rule out the ones that are least dangerous and get our final winner.

Snakes and other cats are dangerous, of course, but they can be avoided. Snakes only attack when provoked, and most of the time cats are not their prey. Other cats only attack when provoked, too, and of course cats don’t eat each other. Due to these reasons, I think it is possible for us to eliminate snakes and other cats from this round.

Now for the final three. Foxes, badgers, and beavers. I think we can rule out beavers, since they are uncommon and were only seen once by the cats. They can do a lot of damage, but they are avoidable. Besides, even though unfortunately, Rippletail died during the battle with the beavers, the other cats were able to make it out not fatally wounded.

Final two, now. Foxes and badgers! Let’s compare how they fight and their physical features before deciding who is our most dangerous animal to the cats.

Foxes! As stated in the books, they run up to the cats and bite or pounce. Their bites can be extremely deadly, and have a high chance of being infected. Foxes tend to be slightly bigger than cats, but they are easy to spot due to their bright russet fur and their stinky smell. Notable events are: The battle with the foxes when Firestar was gone, and the fox cubs that attacked Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze. Fox cubs are most of the time harmless, and while the adults can be deadly, they can still be fought off. They come in groups, so they can be hard to defeat.

Now, badgers! As stated in the books, badgers crush, slash, and bite their enemies. With some extra research, I was able to find out that badgers usually travel in packs and are much, much bigger than cats. They blend in well with the forest, and their bites and slashes can be infected easily. A notable event involving badgers was: The mega battle with the badgers (Where Sootfur, Rainwhisker, and Cinderpelt was killed). Badger cubs are not as dangerous as the adult badgers, but due to their size cats can still be killed by them.

Let’s compare! Both foxes and badgers can cause deadly wounds, and they bite with sharp teeth. However, badgers are much bigger than foxes and cubs can even be dangerous, too. Badgers blend in well with the forest due to their fur color, while foxes have russet-colored fur that’s bright and stands out.

So, in conclusion, I announce the most dangerous animal to the cats as. . THE BADGER!! Well, congratulations, badgers.

Thanks for reading my article; Nightpaw out.

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