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Why I HATE Ashfur by Frostwhisper

Frostwhisper talks about Ashfur.

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Oh, hi there! It’s Frostwhisper and this is the second article I have written. Now let’s get started!
WARNING: If you don’t like to read about Mapleshade(yes, she’s in there) I’m telling you to go out of this article, as Mapleshade is in here!

Now to ACTUALLY get started.

Okay. Yes you may say that Ashfur’s only flaw is to have loved too much. I disagree. But any good opinion article has two sides, so that’s what I’m doing.

Perspective 1: Ashfur is good.

Ashfur is good. If he was not good he would not be in StarClan. His only flaw was that he loved too much. (yes, this was super short. I have more on why I hate him, that’s where it gets good.)

Perspective 2: Ashfur is horrible.
Ashfur is a horrible cat. Just because Squirrelflight did not take him as a mate, he decided to kill every every cat dear to Squirrelflight! And where is he? StarClan! Mapleshade, on the other hand, killed cats because she had hallucinations of her dead kits telling her to get revenge! She’s in the Dark Forest! It’s really mean to her! Her most horrible things she did in her life were caused by other cats. The horrible things she did in death was because the twisted cats in the Dark Forest twisted HER. I agree Frecklewish and Appledusk are super horrible cats that made Mapleshade horrible! And Oakstar is also very horrible! And Rainwing! (is that the name of the overly nosy medicine cat?) I have to delve more into Ashfur’s life though, this is not a Mapleshade article. Ashfur is born an innocent kit, like any other cat. Of course he was Ashkit. He was apprenticed to Dustpelt, recieving the name Ashpaw, and then graduated to a warrior, receiving his warrior name, Ashfur. Now he’s like a regular warrior, develops a crush on Squirrelflight. Squirrelflight briefly returns those feelings then she discovers her future is with Brambleclaw/star. She does not realize this breaks Ashfur’s heart and when Lionkit/paw/blaze, Jaykit/paw/feather, and Hollykit/paw/leaf are born and Ashfur thinks that they are Squrrelflights kits. Squirrelflight loves Lionkit/paw/blaze, Jaykit/paw/feather and Hollykit/paw/leaf and when they get older, Ashfur discovers that they are not Squirrelflights kits, but Leafpools. He plots to reveal this at the next Gathering, Hollyleaf kills him. He goes to StarClan, and when Jayfeather asks Yellowfang why he is in StarClan, she replies that his only flaw was to love too much. But… he attempts to really hurt Lionbaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf. Hollyleaf of course flees to the tunnels and the entrance collapses, the whole Clan grieves for Hollyleaf, bla bla bla. See? I don’t think he’s innocent!


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  • Amazing article! You made good points, and I love how even though you hate Ashfur, you still made a “Ashfur is good” side.

    • Cheetahheart, (Warrior name) Cheetah heart, (Ancients) Cheetah that runs through valley, (Tribe of rushing water) Cheetah (Sisters) tell me if i missed any names! says:


    • Cheetahheart, (Warrior name) Cheetah heart, (Ancients) Cheetah that runs through valley, (Tribe of rushing water) Cheetah (Sisters) tell me if i missed any names! says:


  • Yeah, cause he’s super lame, yet I am a sympathizer a little bit. He loved Squirrelflight a lot and she kinda turned on him. It’s like Moonwatcher, Qibli, and Winter from Wings of Fire, only Winter is treated unfairly. I sympathize for cats like that. (Sorry for the metaphor above if you don’t know what Wings Of Fire is)

    • every warrior fan/reader i know has read either wings of fire, percy jackson, or harry potter. or all of them!! and coincidentally i started read in wings of fire yesterday i’m waiting for the third book i put a hold on i hope i dont read the 4th book and spoil it tho. and fun fact did u know that wings of fire author was an erin?(u probably did lolz)

      wow i wrote a whole paragraph i guess im better at writing that i thought.

      • Cheetahheart, (Warrior name) Cheetah heart, (Ancients) Cheetah that runs through valley, (Tribe of rushing water) Cheetah (Sisters) tell me if i missed any names! says:

        i did. Tui T sutherland wrote Secrets of the Clans and Code of the Clans

      • Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢(They/Them, Xe/Xem, Tey/Tem, Ae/Aem, Ot/Ots, Mae/Mim, Sae/Sear, Je/Jem, He/Him, Se/Hem, Re/Rem, Ke/Kem, Bun/Buns, Sey/Sem, Thon/Thons) says:

        BTW, please don’t use your real name on the Blog ^^ Internet safety is extremely important, so we prefer to use warrior names on BlogClan.

  • i definitely agree with you! although broken code had a little something to do with that…

  • Ashfur didn’t know about Leafpool or Crowfeather, just about the fact that Squirrelflight wasn’t their mother. Hollyleaf killed him because she thought her parents were rouges, loners, or kittypets. Then, when she realized the truth, she had to reveal it because it was shattering the Warrior Code.