defending characters: spottedleaf and bluestar by Hollyfrost

Hollyfrost shares their opinion on Spottedleaf and Bluestar.

Art by CascadingSerenity

heya! it’s hollyfrost back with another article! today i will be defending two warriors characters. spottedleaf (mainly for my bestie swiftmorning) and bluestar (my favorite) you can agree or disagree with me because everyone has opinions! (i also am on TNP, i learned this from my reading/research) so let’s get started! *this may contain spoilers*

so… spottedleaf! she is a very nice and sweet cat who is switmorning’s favorite and in my top ten. she does not deserve all the hate that people give her. shes not “perfect” she just has alot of good traits, even if she is (which i doubt) she doesn’t brag about it. she died trying to make firestar happy, mapleshade was going to kill sandstorm, but spottedleaf saved her and died so firestar would be happy! she also respected the warrior code,not taking a mate or kits. (although i do respect med cats having mates or kits). she was a truly loyal cat and didn’t deserve to die. people may hate her but me and swiftmorning truly love and respect her, she doesn’t deserve all the hate people give her.
cool fact(s):
she is related to firestar 0.o
her siblings are patchpelt,leopardfoot,willowpelt and redtail
her parents are swiftbreeze and adderfang

yezz bluestar! she does not get as much hate as spottedleaf, but she still get’s hate. first of all, if it wasn’t for her warriors would’ve ended! yea, didn’t think that huh? well if she didn’t save fireheart he would’ve died which means warriors would’ve ended, because who else would be the main POV? graystripe? sandstorm? dustpelt? i don’t think so. i mean yea,she did act crazy but take a moment and imagine to be bluestar: so when your an apprentice, your mother dies, you switch mentors, when your a warrior your sister dies, you give up our kits so a bloodthirsty cat wouldn’t be leader,when your leader everyone you ever cared about starts dying. imagine that. she was one of the greatest leaders of all time. she died a noble death and was a very loyal cat. she does not deserve hate.
cool fact(S):
she’s related to firestar AND graystripe and many others.
she saved warriors from ending
she is the only female leader of thunderclan (until squirrelflight)

thanks for reading! leave your opinions down below! may starclan light your path

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