[a soft drawing of Onestar laying on his side]

Onewhisker to onestar, how he changed by Kestrelfeather

Kestrelfeather details Onestar’s character development.

Artwork by AlbinoWolf58ma

Hi it’s Kestry and I’m here exploring onestar and why he changed from a friendly warrior to a arrogant leader!

Many of you probably don’t like onestar and like one whisker and I don’t blame you! After he became leader he just threw his friendship away! But I have some theories and reasons why

You see onewhisker used to be a carefree warrior and even had a son with a kittypet! But when at the laser second he was made leader he felt all the responsibility on his shoulders he handled it pretty well intell he was granted his new name then acted distant. You see onestars only thoughts now was to protect his clan which he mistakes tallstars words. His head started giving him more stressed thoughts which led to his overprotective and arrogance towards the other clans. He could have also been bitter and thought that his clan mates who chose mudclaw and wanted to be strong and not allies lead his pawsteps. Over time this made him grow in arrogance causeing needless battle because he felt his clan needed it though he misjudged this and cause into much turmoil. And when his son came back he let the clans almost die in fear of his mistake getting out. This is his highest peak of arrogance. But I believe that before he sacrificed he felt that he had to save all the clans not just his and sacrificed himself. Though he could have just wanted to die a hero.

Onestars thoughts and stress stretched to far foring into a arrogance that was not what tallstar wanted but in the end he made the choice and the clans were saved weather it was out of arrogance or relization

Which made his clan sage but his past decisions did not help his clan. Which makes him one of the worst leaders in my opinion but that’s a different story

I my friends think that this is why onewhisker transformed into what he is now. Thank you for reading and have a great day. Oh and remember don’t be a onestar 😜

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