How the dark forest controlled StarClan by Lightningpaw

Lightningpaw takes a look at the Dark Forest and StarClan.

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The Dark Forest. Every cat is taught to honor their Warrior ancestors above all, and to worship them. After all, they are all knowing, all powerful, wise cats, correct? Not exactly. Because Beyond the lush, prey-filled lands of StarClan, is the withered, overgrown, silent Place of no Stars.

Place of no stars, also known as the Dark Forest, is a place of solitude and hate. It is for cats that have committed crimes so bad that they are not seen redeemable. That is, in StarClan’s eyes of course. It is said that these cats are decided to be cast into eternal darkness by StarClan themselves before the cat dies. So it’s more likely that Frecklewish and Ravenwing were at Mapleshade’s trial then Appledusk was. But the reason cats are sent to the Dark Forest is to atone and pay for their crimes, and well, Never see the light of day again. After all, these cats have committed crimes so bad that these cruel hearted villans don’t deserve the paradise of StarClan, because of their need for revenge. Mapleshade forever haunt’s Appledusk’s family, Tigerstar wants revenge on Firestar for getting in the way of his evil plan, as does Hawkfrost on Brambleclaw, I could go on and on. This is most likely why they’re locked away, to keep them from getting revenge. To keep them contained. And StarClan failed at this.

As soon as a cat is decided too evil for StarClan, they are sent to the dark forest. There they’re prevented by going on with vengeance or whatever they want to do to the living. That method was deemed flawless by StarClan when the only dark forest cats were wandering around in isolation. But more cats, and more aggressive ones started to pile in. And rather then improving their bad-cat defense, StarClan ignored this problem. As soon The first dark forest cats realized they couldn’t get to their vengeance plan themselves, they looked to the living cats for help. When the dark forest cats began to take ambitious cats of the living to their bare forest to train them, the control of StarClan began to decrease, more and more.

The place of no stars cats are more slick, dirty and clever than their matted, aged coats let on. Mapleshade had the right idea going to Goosefeather, but she’s Mapleshade and blew it because she needs to take credit for every kill she’s had, and told Goosefeather, “yes, I murdered that cat.” But… that’s not all they did. The next time Mapleshade tried to train some cats, she made it a “Do or Die” kind of situation. Thistleclaw, for one, fell right into her trap. But Mapleshade’s not the only dark forest cat. Tigerstar, hawkfrost, Brokenstar, Snowtuft, Maggottail, all these cats deceived cats into training for them. All the while most StarClan cats ran around in a panic, separating themselves and trying to make their own Clan survive. Even though In The Raging Storm or the last book of AVoS is centered around the fact there needs to be 5 clans. And throughout these books, StarClan is said to be all mighty and wise, keep in mind. However most of StarClan were too proud to see past their own noses and needed a young medicine cat to help them see they needed to unite. But it didn’t matter. Because the dark forest cats got out, killed many of cats, and almost won.

StarClan also didn’t help the population of the dark forest either. Remind me how Thistleclaw got into cat hell again? That is a perfectly good StarClan warrior there who could have fought on their side in the great battle. Who had an inside on the cats that they needed to keep down? I guess he was arguably evil. One thing that I do NOT understand is why Yellowfang said, “screw the other clans, ThunderClan is the only one that’ll survive this!” thanks, ShadowClan cat. I can’t help but love Brambleberry for going to Jayfeather. It really proves not all StarClan cats are Yellowfang.

And That is the truth about StarClan. These so called Experienced warriors were at ends with each other due to cats they were sure they had under control. They couldn’t stop the cats from harming the living and were wrong for all of these books. Thank for for reading. Lightningpaw, out!

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