Naming apprentices! by Swirlfeather

Swirlfeather gives names to those who never got one.

Artwork by Darian Yunidi

Hiya! It’s Swirly, making you an article about naming apprentices! I’ll be naming the current apprentices and kits/apprentices who never got warrior names.

Never got names:

Swiftpaw- Swiftfoot
If his prefix is ‘Swift’, then he’s probably fast, so this name only makes sense.

Wishkit- Wishheart
Wishkit I’m pretty sure was stillborn, so I can’t base it off of her personality but I think this sounds cute 😀

Hopekit- Hopeshine
She weakened and then died so again, we don’t know about her personality so I just went with a suffix that went well with the prefix 🙂

Mosskit- Mossshimmer/Mossheart
Based off of her happy-go-lucky personality, Moss-shimmer or Mossheart sounds cute

Shrewpaw- Shrewleap
This one’s based off of his death since it’s been a while since I last read TNP, he leaped across the ThunderPath trying to catch a pheasant so his suffix will be ‘leap’.

Hollykit- Hollyjoy
I don’t remember much about Hollykit but I think Hollyjoy sounds cute

Larchkit(Dustfern kit)- Larchwing
Again, it’s cute. All kits are cute.

Seedpaw- Seedsplash
This is another based off their death, she dived or splashed into the water to get the stick of the fallen.

Flickerkit- Flickerhope
His personality in the StarClan scene in Squirrelflight’s Hope was super cute, I think this suffix reflects that.

Petalkit- Petalfern
No explanation needed… Okay I’ll give one anyway, my explanation is that the name is cute and goes with the prefix.

Larchkit(Mapleshade’s kit)- Larchwood
Larch is a kind of tree so Larchwood seemed fitting.

Patchkit- Patcheart
I actually own Shadows of The Clans so I read bits of Mapleshade’s Vengeance while thinking of names for her kits and I realized how cute Patchkit was to Mapleshade and couldn’t resist this name.

Deerpaw- Deerspring
We don’t know much about Deerpaw besides the fact that she was Doestar’s sister and died during apprenticeship. So I gave her a suffix that fit with ‘Deer’

Juniperkit- Junipertalon
Juniperkit is only mention by Alderheart and seen in StarClan but he was mentioning catching squirrels so this name fits.

Dandelionkit- Dandelionface
I just like it. I don’t have a reason.

I’m not sure if I missed any but that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Now, onto the current apprentices!

Flamepaw- Flameheart

Finchpaw- Finchwing

Baypaw- Baysong

Myrtlepaw- Myrtlebird

Wrenpaw- Wrenmist

Fogpaw- Fogchamp (jkjk fog just sounds like pog) the real one is Fogfeather

Splashpaw- Splashtrout

Flutterpaw- Flutterwing

Whistlepaw- Whistletail

Songpaw- Songwhisker

None of these have reasons… I just like the names :DDDD

Swirly out! (And eating taquitos hehe)

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