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Discussing\defending Millie and Blossomfall by Brightshine

Brightshine shares their opinion on Millie and Blossomfall.

Art by maracat0901

Hello and today I am going to be discussing Blossomfall, Millie, and Briarlight (except not really Briarlight). So far, from what I have seen, about half the fandom likes Blossomfall, half like Millie, and I still haven’t found anyone who dislikes Briarlight. (Please leave a comment if you do. Or if you don’t. Either way). So the main reason that I think most people dislike Blossomfall is because she didn’t show enough care for Briarlight, and she was “a brat” for expecting Millie’s attention when her sister was crippled. I agree that maybe Blossomfall should have been a bit more understanding. But she wasn’t bad for wanting her mother to love her. This is what I think she was thinking:

So maybe Briarlight was always better at training, always getting more attention. This would have made Blossomfall jealous but also pushed her and Bumblestripe closer together. Then the tree fell. Blossomfall was terrified for her sister’s life, but Blossomfall also blamed Briarlight. Briarlight didn’t HAVE to run into the hollow, acting the hero. The way Blossomfall saw it, it was Briarlight’s fault for not only getting injured, but also causing anyone who cared about her this much pain. But then Briarlight survived, and everyone was all “Briarlight this” and “Briarlight that”. Blossomfall had just gone through a really traumatic experience, having her sister between life and death and struggling with her complicated feelings toward Briarlight during that time. And at the end of it no one was there for her, everyone only cared about Briarlight. And because Briarlight was trying to make the best of her situation, Blossomfall just saw that as Briarlight being happy, at the least meaning that Briarlight was fine, but the worst that Briarlight was actually happy she got all the attention now. So Blossomfall turned to Bumblestripe, thinking at least he would understand. But, he didn’t. All Bumblestripe wanted to talk about was Dovewing, Dovewing, Dovewing. So Blossomfall lost the one cat she thought actually cared about her. The real reason Blossomfall trained in the dark forest isn’t because she was jealous of Briarlight. It was because she had nothing left to lose, except her safety. And she thought the Dark Forest would be where she was safest, because they would win the war.

Okay, defending Millie next. Millie left her home and everything she knew to be with her love, Graystripe. But as soon as her kits were born, he pretty much ignored her. No one in the clan was actually mean to her, but she had no special connection to anyone. Nothing was tying her to the clan anymore except her kits. She probably thought about leaving the clan once or twice, but realized she wouldn’t be able to find her way home even if she wanted to. So she was stuck alone in a clan with only her kits, and so naturally she grew closer to them. Then when Briarlight was injured, Millie was devastated. She thought that if Briarlight died, her coming to the clans would be pointless. Also, Millie blamed herself for Briarlight’s injury. She thought that if she had never been so naive as to come to a place she knew nothing about with a cat she should never have trusted, none of it would have happened. So Millie clung to Briarlight, seeing her survival as Millie’s justification for coming to the clans. Millie thought that if Briarlight had a perfect life, then it was worth it that she had left the twolegplace. So Millie did everything she could to make Briarlight’s life perfect, assuming Bumblestripe and Blossomfall were fine because they didn’t ask for help or love.

So, in the end which cat is in the wrong? Neither. Both cats were just trying to live in a place where they felt they didn’t belong. You know what cat is to blame though? Graystripe. If Graystripe had been more of a father to Blossomfall, or actually, ever shown any care AT ALL to Blossomfall, she wouldn’t have felt so neglected. If he had been there for Millie, she wouldn’t have clung so desperately to Briarlight. I could write a whole article about why Graystripe is a horrible mate to Millie and father to his second litter, but this is not that article.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this article and please comment your opinions!

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