My Top Five Favorite Warrior Cats by Adderkit

Adderkit shares their favourite characters from the series.

Hello there! This is Adderkit, a former BlogClanner who was deleted from the Allegiances about a year ago for inactivity. I’m back now, and I’ve brought with me an all-new article, discussing my top five favorite warrior cats!

6 – Bone
Bone was so loyal to Scourge, and really strong. A super underrated character! I think he doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Bone was always at Scourge’s side when he needed him, and though he was cruel and evil, was in general a loyal and powerful cat. Bone only appeared in, like, ten sentences in all the books and a few panels in the graphic novels, but that’s enough for me.
5 – Spottedleaf
I feel very sorry for Spottedleaf, because she was killed by Barkface and never got to confess that she loved Firestar, Firepaw at the time I believe. Spottedleaf was the one who delivered the prophecy, “Fire will save our Clan.” Plus, she was an important and kind cat and something to be honored and valued.
4 – Scourge
Scourge was horribly mistreated by his siblings, and because of that he grew into a monster. Scourge was definitely one of the all-time worst villains in Warriors. Scourge is literally so evil, nobody can comprehend his cruelty.
3 – Graystripe
Graystripe was a wonderful friend to Firestar. He was loyal and with him through thick and thin. Graystripe is a kind and wonderful cat, and is underrated like Bone, but not nearly as evil. His silliness may put some cats off, but he’s good-natured and warm-hearted. Plus, Graystripe is as loyal as any cat, and twice as goofy.
2 – Tigerstar
Ah, Tigerstar. Who could forget him? Not anyone I know! He was super bloodthirsty, cruel, and relentlessly evil. He succumbed to nothing, and was so power-hungry he drove many, many, many cats to StarClan (or the Dark Forest). Tigerstar was always snapping at Firestar’s feet, never far behind and almost always one step ahead.
1 – Firestar
Firestar was a very kind and honest cat, always a great leader. Every time I see him in a scene, I smile. Firestar is the very reason Warriors exists! Firestar was the best cat ever.

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  • Bone: I don’t really think about this guy all too much. He’s okay, I guess. He was very loyal to Scourge. That’s really all I have to say.

    Spottedleaf: I really don’t like her. Everything about her is perfect. She’s pretty, she smells good… Spottedleaf is just a bit too perfect for me. She’s also pretty annoying. I just don’t like Spottedleaf.

    Scourge: I really like Scourge. I also feel really bad for him. He’s really small, which is cool, but he’s also been bullied by his littermates for pretty much no reason. I don’t think Scourge deserved to die like that. He’s a really cool character.

    Graystripe: He’s funny and cute, and I used to really like him, but now I don’t really. He never really payed any attention to Bumblestripe, Blossomfall, and Briarlight. Especially Blossomfall when she was jealous of Briarlight. I guess he’s okay, but he’s not what I’d call loyal.

    Tigerstar: This guy is just… no.

    Firestar: Like I said in the other comment I put here, he’s overrated and a bit too perfect.

    I’m sorry I commented again. I’m also sorry the only one I really like from your top five is Scourge. I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings! <3