Deaths That Shouldn’t Have Happened by Nightpaw

Nightpaw lists some deaths that shouldn’t have happened.

Art by Warrior Cat Designs on tumblr

In this article we’ll be discussing five Warrior cat deaths shouldn’t have happened.

5) Of course, Mosskit. Bluefur/star travelled across the river with her kits, Mistykit, Stonekit, and Mosskit. During the journey, Mosskit died of hypothermia, but this should not have happened. It is not right to give up kits, and if Bluefur had chosen wisely and not taken her kits to Oakheart, Mosskit would have survived. I do not think there is a rule that queens cannot be deputies. Queens can definitely give orders and help while they are taking care of kits… right?

4) Larchkit, Petalkit, Patchkit, and Mapleshade. Larchkit, Petalkit, and Patchkit were Mapleshade’s kits, who had to drown before it was their time to die. It was wrong of Oakstar to banish Mapleshade due to the reason that she fell in love with Appledusk and had his kits. Feelings are not things that we can control sometimes, and this code had been broken before. Besides, Mapleshade had kits! How would she take care of herself and the kits, and like the code says, no warrior should neglect a kit in danger. Mapleshade’s three kits should not have died, and neither should have Mapleshade.

3) Marigoldkit, Mintkit, Volepaw, Mosspaw, and more. These were the cats that died under Brokenstar’s tyranny, and almost all of them were kits that should’ve still been in the nursery. Mintkit and Marigoldkit were murdered by Brokenstar as an excuse to banish Yellowfang, and Volepaw and the others were the kits that were made apprentices too early. They were forced to fight brutally and were killed. These deaths should definitely not have happened; Brokenstar broke the warrior code and if he hadn’t been such a terrible leader they would not have died.

2) Larksong. Larksong died of a sickness that the Sisters knew how to cure. If the Clans had been more trusting and not foolish, they would’ve asked the Sisters sooner and Larksong would’ve been cured. However, the Clans chose to be proud and not trust the Sisters who didn’t intend to do any harm. Larksong did not deserve death because of the Clans’ arrogance.

1) Moonlight and Leafpool. Ah, of course. These deaths weren’t worth it, and should never have happened. The Clans were foolish and were willing to start an entire battle for land that would’ve been theirs if they had waited for a moon. This is one thing that I dislike about the Clans; territory is everything to them and sometimes they are willing to fight more than wait. Moonlight and Leafpool would not have died if the Clans had been more patient, and if they had been these deaths would never have happened.

This is it for the article and I hope you enjoyed it. Moment of silence for all of the cats that did not deserve death so soon. T-T

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  • I like your article!
    Poor Mosskit shouldn’t have died 🙁
    mapleshade’s kits should NOT have died! Maybe if they didn’t mapleshade would still be a good cat and in Starclan! ( it should have been appledusk that died!!)
    Don’t get me started on Brokenstar. Ugh. Still he had a hard life as a kit.
    I always get annoyed at the clans when I know they could have saved a clan mate they are way to arrogant.
    Leafpool should have never died! And even though I don’t agree with some of moonlights choices she doesn’t deserve to die.