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The Best Warrior Cats By Rainkit

Rainkit shares their opinion on who are the best characters from the series.

Art by Vialir

Hi! Rainkit here. Don’t post hate comments, just exit this page. Simple.
I like Firestar a lot. He’s nice and thoughtful, but a little to helpful to the other Clans. He is a bright ginger tom with green eyes.
The big goofball. His mates both die, and he still is funny. He hasn’t returned to ThunderClan yet, (From Graystripe’s Vow) so I hope he’s not dead. He is a dark gray tom with yellow or amber eyes.
She is so hopeful! Even though her back legs….Well, happened, she was hopeful and cheery! She is a brown she-cat with sky-blue eyes.
Love at first sight from me. The colors, the personality, perfect. The only bad thing, and i’s a big one, is SHE TRAINED IN THE DARK FOREST!! She is a silver-and-white she-cat with blue eyes.
I know, I know, she was a brat at first. But she gets WAY better. She even mates with Firestar. That is a VERY unexpected twist. She is a pale she-cat with green eyes.
She stole my heart. Ugly, but great. She didn’t need to feel other cats pain! StarClan, seriously? Being kicked out of ShadowClan BY HER OWN CHILD made me cry. She is a flat-faced gray she-cat with amber eyes.

She broke the medicine cat code, yes, but was loyal and kind. She went down a hard path, but died saving somthing she loved-kits. *Grabs Squirrelflight’s Hope and looks to make sure* Yep, she does. Leafpool is a brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

Okay, who can not love the old grouch? He’s grumpy and grouchy, WHICH MAKES HIM PERFECT! But really, I respect your opinion, even though I don’t agree. He is a gray tabby tom with blind blue eyes.

He is my second favorite cat ever! He is stupid and foolish when he is taken as a kittypet in the in series 1 but he gets better. He saves Brightheart and gives her a reason to live! He is a fluffy white tom with blue eyes.
Love! LOVE! I really love this cat. She is my favorite WARRIOR CAT EVER! But again, I respect you opinion. She is a white she-cat with ginger patches and a single blue eye, the other torn of by dogs.
Well, I hope you enjoyed! -Rainkit

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  • Me again, commenting for the 4th time lol. Anyways here are mine:

    1. Bristlefrost and Squirrelflight- sadly, I can’t decide, I love these two so muchhh
    2. Rootspring-If he dies in ALITM I will die
    3. Leafpool- She’s so kind and caring!
    4. Hollyleaf- I love her, I relate to her
    5. Sandstorm- the first character I loved and still love to this day
    6. Ivypool
    7. Needletail
    8. Dovewing
    9. Gray Wing + Tree
    10. Violetshine + Snowtuft

    These are my opinions so I’m expecting a lot of disagreement. (Especially with Dovewing, don’t hate me, I just love her so much!)

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