Relating Odd Squad Characters to Warrior Cats by Pinestripe

Pinestripe compares characters from Warriors to those from Odd Squad.

Odd Squad is my favorite show- I enjoy the humor in it and I absolutely adore Agent Olympia, who is my favorite character.
Since I enjoy the show and know a lot about the characters I decided to write this article.
I’ve noticed a few similarities between the characters in Odd Squad and Warriors, and I will share them here.
Warning, this article contains spoilers for both Warriors and Odd Squad.

Ms. O- Russetfur
Ms. O and Russetfur both have high positions- and they both have similar leadership skills- on top of things and able to make others listen. Russetfur is described as “able to put younger cats in their place with her sharp tongue,” and Ms. O has a lot of that talent, too. Both Russetfur and Ms. O are stubborn, confident, and strong.

Agent Olive- Sandstorm
Smart, serious, and responsible, Sandstorm and Agent Olive are both loyal, and often think sensibly even when no one else does. They are both fair, and both care about following the rules. Olive and Otto often disagree, but are still the best of friends, just like Sandstorm and Firestar have their conflicts but still love each other.

Agent Olive could also be compared to Hollyleaf, because she is serious and likes following the rules like Hollyleaf likes following the Warrior Code.

Agent Otto- Graystripe
Agent Otto and Graystripe have very similar personalities. They’re both easy-going, funny, and love to have fun, and they’re both loyal friends. I think they have a lot in common.

Agent O’Donahue- Ravenpaw
After leaving ThunderClan, Ravenpaw continued to help the Clans multiple times, just like Agent O’Donahue no longer works directly in Odd Squad Headquarters, but still solves cases undercover. Both have loyalty to their close friends- Ravenpaw to Firestar and Graystripe, and O’Donahue to his former partner Ms. O.

Agent Olympia- Turtle Tail
Agent Olympia and Turtle Tail have quite similar friendly personalities. Both are hardworking, enthusiastic, and helpful. Both of them care about being liked by those who are close to them, and can get upset if they feel unappreciated- Turtle Tail went away to the twolegplace when Gray Wing grew close to Storm, and Olympia thought about going back to the acedemy partually because Otis barely talked to her and she thought he didn’t like her. The biggest similarity between Turtle Tail and Olympia is that they are both optimistic and kind.

Agent Otis- Brambleclaw
Agent Otis and Brambleclaw share a few personality traits- like being serious and responsible- but what’s really similar about them is their backstory- the way they had to struggle to prove themselves. Brambleclaw’s father Tigerstar was evil, and Otis was raised by a group of ducks who were up to no good. They both got judged by that, and they both struggled to gain the trust of those around them- Brambleclaw from the very start, and Otis when the secret about his past was revealed.

Agent Olympia and Agent Otis could also be compared to Cherryfall and Molewhisker, because of the obvious difference between Olympia’s cheerful personality and Otis’s seriousness, which is also shown between Cherryfall and Molewhisker during Apprentice’s Quest.

Oscar- Alderheart
Alderheart failed at training to be a Warrior, but became a great medicine cat, just like Oscar got fired from the many jobs he tried until he became a great scientist. They are both smart and responsible.

Oona- Cinderpaw
Apprentice Cinderpelt and Oona have a similar funny, cheerful, hardworking, and slightly awkward personality. Both are friendly and love to help out.

Agent Orchid- Squirrelpaw
When Squirrelflight was an apprentice she was unafraid to talk back to older Warriors and would always come up with smart remarks, just like Agent Orchid. Agent Orchid and Squirrelpaw have a similar feisty, clever attitude, and they’re both stubborn.

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