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What’s The Longest Warrior Cat Name Chain? By Nightpaw

Nightpaw shares a fun little name chain.

Official art from Warriors: Cats of the Clans (Illustrator: Wayne McLoughlin)

Hilo, my name is Nightpaw, and this quite unique article will be about Warrior name chains which I’m sure we’ve all done once in our lives :). I’m pretty sure you have never seen an article like this one, though.

Let me start by explaining what a name chain is – a warrior name chain is a chain using canon names in a pattern, such as this: Ferncloud, Cloudtail. FernCLOUD ends with CLOUD, while CLOUDtail starts with cloud. This is just one example. Other longer ones are Leafpool, Poolcloud, and Cloudpelt. In this article, we will be seeing which one is the longest one possible chain.

To do this, let’s brainstorm words that are both popular prefixes and suffixes. I think of these: light, cloud, leaf, stem, storm, and flower. Some words that are used for both prefixes and suffixes but aren’t so popular are: rain, moon, blossom, wish, and breeze. We can use a few of these to start and finish our chain. We can also think of canon characters with these suffixes or prefixes. I get: Leafpool. Stemleaf, Lightleap, Briarlight, Flowerstem, Goldenflower, Rainflower, Stormfur, Stormcloud, Cloudtail, Cloudberry, Ambermoon, Rainwhisker, and a few more. Looking at the Warrior names fandom page, I find: Quiet Rain, Moonflower, and Berrynose. We can organize these:
Flower – Flowerstem, Goldenflower, Rainflower, Moonflower
Cloud – Cloudberry, Cloudtail, Stormcloud, Ferncloud, Poolcloud
Light- Briarlight, Lightleap
Moon – Moonflower, Ambermoon
Berry – Cloudberry, Berrynose, Brambleberry
Rain – Quiet Rain, Rainwhisker, Rainflower
Storm – Stormcloud, Leafstorm, Sandstorm
Leaf – Leafpool, Leafstorm, Leaftail, Leafstar
Stem – Stemleaf, Flowerstem

Finally, after organizing all of the names we get, we will get this chain: Goldenflower, Flowerstem, Stemleaf, Leafstorm, Stormcloud, Cloudberry, Berrynose. We can also get Quiet Rain, Rainflower, Flowerstem, Stemleaf, Leafstorm, Stormcloud, Cloudberry, and Berrynose. I’d say this would be the longest one possible, a chain of eight. Of course, we can rearrange and add names and get other chains such as Ambermoon, Moonflower, Flowerstem, etc etc. Bleh, pretty complicated. So to confirm that this is the longest chain possible, we can rearrange them and consider others. However, I always get the largest number as eight.

Welp, this is it for the weird article and I hope you enjoyed it! If you have other longer ones you can comment below. 🙂

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