Defending Bluestar- a Good or Bad Cat? by Vanillapaw

Vanillapaw takes a closer look at Bluestar.

Art by Moonstoner1096 (Reddit)

Hey there Blogclanners! This is Vanillapaw here with my very first article, and I hope you enjoy it. Today I will be talking about Bluestar. I feel neutral with her, I don’t love her or exactly hate her. But I think too many people are criticizing her and only pointing out her flaws, so today I’m defending Bluestar.

Some people, or make that most people, dislike Bluestar for the things she did, and how after that she was regarded as a hero. Criticizing Snowfur a lot, kitting with Oakheart, over-obsessing with the prophecy and so on. Some people spend too much time looking at Bluestar’s flaws, which, I agree, are quite distinct. So now I will be taking their reasons why they don’t like Bluestar.

1. Depression

Bluestar gets sad and depressed too easily and too often! She often wasn’t in the right state of mind!
I agree that Bluestar does get very sad easily, but look at what she has been through. Maybe she just can’t handle them well, because they were coming too fast. And depression isn’t something you can help. Can you help getting depression sometimes? No. And it wasn’t her fault Tigerclaw, her seemingly loyal deputy, was so treacherous. And all these devastating events plus the responsibility of being clan leader is quite a heavy load on one cat.

2. Falling for a cat from another clan

Bluestar broke the code by falling in love with a cat from an enemy clan! And she’s the deputy of Thunderclan!
Bluestar fell for Oakheart, who was the deputy of Riverclan. But can you help your feelings? Feelings are another thing that’s out of our control. And must I remind you that she disliked Oakheart in the start? And the kitting was an honest accident, she never thought it would happen. She didn’t mean for it to happen, and like I said, the feelings just come, and no one can help it. When you truly love a person or cat, you can’t just stop loving them. But I’m not saying that breaking the code is right, I’m just pointing out that you can’t help love and that Bluestar did not mean for that to happen.

3. Criticizing Snowfur

Bluestar was harsh and controlling on her sister! She was interfering with Snowfur’s love life!
Alright, maybe Bluestar was a bit too harsh on her sister. But between hurting Snowfur’s feelings a bit or letting an aggressive and always battle-ready cat Thistleclaw become deputy, she would have to choose the first one. And it wasn’t like Bluestar hated Snowfur or started ignoring her. Bluestar still loved her, and grieved for her when she died. Bluestar also helped raise Snowfur’s kit, who later became the wise and excellent warrior Whitestorm.

4. Mistystar, Mosskit and Stonefur

Bluestar was a bad mother and abandoned her kits!
She didn’t have a choice. After she found out she was expecting kits, she was terrified. She had not wanted to have kits with Oakheart, it was a mistake. But thankfully Thrushpelt covered for her so she had an excuse of who the kits’ father might be. Unfortunately, if Bluestar (back then she was Bluefur) were to raise kits, she wouldn’t be able to become deputy and then later leader, and if she hadn’t given up her kits to become deputy Thistleclaw would’ve become deputy, which would result in bad consequences for the clan. What Bluestar did was noble, and required to save her clan. And it wasn’t like she didn’t care for the kits. Bluestar loved them and was heartbroken herself when she gave them over to Oakheart to raise in Riverclan. Even when Bluestar was dying, Mistyfoot and Stonefur forgave her when she said she was sorry, and you could see she truly cared for her kits.

5. Putting apprentices (specifically Firepaw and Graypaw) in danger

Bluestar put Firepaw and Graypaw in danger! She made them fight, and she let Firepaw fight with Longtail who was a warrior!
First of all, Bluestar and Lionheart were watching and would always interfere if things got serious when Firestar (back then Rusty) and Graystripe (back then Graypaw) were fighting. They would step in at a moment’s notice if Rusty and Graypaw get hurt. They were both very young cats, so no real damage would actually be made. And as for when Rusty was fighting with Longtail, well, he had to prove that he could be a good warrior and prove that he deserved it. And it was sort of like a test, if you’re looking from Bluestar’s point of view. If Rusty really was the fire that will save the clans, he wouldn’t be defeated by Longtail or killed, because then he would be essential and important to the clans. Starclan wouldn’t allow an important cat to die so fast, and Bluestar knew.

6. A bad leader

People think that Bluestar made poor decisions, and some I have to agree. Someone who dislikes Bluestar might say that “she caused unnecessary conflicts! She’s very moody! And it’s usually Fireheart who stopped her from doing drastic things and destroying Thunderclan!”
Okay, that I can counter. Think. If Bluestar wasn’t so serious about the prophecy, and if she hadn’t observed Rusty or asked him to join Thunderclan, would the clans have been saved? Would there have even been a fire to save the clans? It was Bluestar’s decision to take Rusty into her clan that saved all the clans, including her own clan, because Fireheart also guided her through her huge depression and helped a lot. It was her decision that saved all of the clans.

And now… her good qualities! (Yes, she does have those, I hope you didn’t forget? 😛)
Bluestar tried her best to be a good leader and sacrificed everything for her clan. She genuinely wanted to help the clan and was very loyal. Everyone has their flaws and strengths. There are probably more reasons why some people hate Bluestar, but I’m only listing 6 of the major points so I won’t be rambling on and on. Everyone can have their own opinions on Bluestar, but don’t be too hard on her.

So overall, is Bluestar a good or bad and messed-up cat?

It’s hard to say, and you can have your own opinions. But in my opinion, Bluestar may not be a big hero, but she tried her best to save the clans and be a good leader, and she believed she was doing the right thing. She loved her family and aimed to be a great warrior, deputy and leader. She had good intentions, and like I said, some things cannot be helped.

You can have your own opinions, but I hope my article has perhaps made you not go so hard on Bluestar, consider all this. If you were in her shoes, how would you feel?

Thanks for reading! 😀

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