2021 BlogClan Elections

It’s that time again! Get ready for the BlogClan elections: 2021 edition!

Welcome to the first post of the BlogClan Elections: 2021 Edition! We hope you’re as excited as we are!

First off, we have to thank our amazing Deputy, Medicine Cat, and Medicine Cat Apprentice from the past two years for their contributions to the blog every day. Emberdawn, Iceflower, and Snowbreeze, thank you from all of us. You have filled your positions beautifully and embody what BlogClan stands for – kindness and acceptance. We couldn’t be more thankful. ❤️

Now, shall we get started?

What are the Medicine Cat and Deputy Positions?

Medicine Cat

The Medicine Cat is a friendly ambassador to this community.

  • They welcome the newest members of BlogClan and play an active role on the New Members page.
  • They keep the community content, making sure every member of the site feels happy and involved.
  • They act as a go-between with BlogTeam and BlogClan, being one of the most useful points of contact between these two parts of the community.
  • They will choose a Medicine Cat Apprentice that they believe most fits the role.

The Medicine Cat Apprentice is not a role you can run for in these Elections. It is solely up to the winning candidate.


The Deputy is a friendly, welcoming role model to this community.

  • They welcome the newest members of BlogClan and play an active role on the New Members page.
  • They help out members with any problems or difficulties around the blog.
  • They are generally a friendly person anyone can approach for help and guidance. They are a role model for BlogClanners.

Rules for Running

Like running for Senior Warrior, there are rules and requirements for running for Medicine Cat and Deputy!

  1. Candidates have been active on the Blog for at least 1 (one) year.
  2. Candidates must have commented at least once in the past month.
  3. Candidates can only run for 1 (one) of the two positions.

What are the Elections?

During these next two weeks we will look for the candidates to fill these roles. Ultimately, it is up to BlogClanners to elect them and we trust you to pick who you think is most suited for the role.

We will hold an application process. During this time, members that meet the requirements will be able to apply to one of these two roles.

After initial applications, we will then hold hustings for candidates. In these hustings, candidates will answer questions to show everyone why they believe they will fill their chosen role.

Next, we will start the first round of voting. Members who have been BlogClan for at least one month will get up to three votes for any of the candidates, though they do not need to use all three. The top three candidates with the most votes after this period will then move on to the second and final voting round.

In the last voting round, members who have been on BlogClan for at least one month will get one vote for the candidate of their choice. Choose wisely!

The Elections are supposed to be fun and encouraging, not a popularity contest. Please keep it that way and encourage every candidate! If you are not the winning candidate, that does not mean you don’t fill the role or contribute to BlogClan in amazing ways. From your comments to your creative contributions, everyone makes BlogClan a better place by being here.

What are Hustings?

Hust•ings: (hŭs′tĭngz)pl.n.(used with a sing. or pl. verb)

1. A place where political campaign speeches are made.

2. The activities involved in political campaigning: a veteran of the hustings.

Each day we will publish a post giving a group of candidates the chance to give speeches, answer questions, and explain why they want this position. Please engage in as many posts as you can! Ask questions pertaining to what you think is most important for the role.


July 1stIntroduction + Applications Open
July 2ndHustings, Day 1
July 3rdHustings, Day 2
July 4thApplications Close + Hustings, Day 3
July 5thHustings, Day 4
July 6thElection Break
July 7thFirst Round of Voting Begins
July 8thElection Commentary, Part 1
July 9thFirst Round of Voting Ends
July 10thFinal Round of Voting Begins
July 11thElection Commentary, Part 2
July 12thFinal Round of Voting Ends
July 13thElection Wrap-Up
July 14thAnnouncement of BlogClan’s New Medicine Cat + Deputy


Form for election posters!

Form for Medicine Cat!

Form for Deputy!



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