BlogClanner in the Spotlight: Darkwing!

Welcome back to BiTS! Rainie accidentally forgot she was in charge of BiTS but hey better late than never! (sorry though)

This month’s BlogClanner in the Spotlight is: Darkwing! I think she’s been on the blog since a long time ago, a couple years perhaps? She’s super talented and also super cool, so enjoy reading about Darkwing!

Q: How did you first get into Warrior Cats?

i remember my sister’s friend’s library had a bunch of the books, and apparently they were gonna get rid of them. the friend wanted to read them before that happened, and she ended up liking them and recommended the series to my sister. and at first i didn’t want to read it simply because my sister liked it (i was young and petty sdklfjs), but eventually i gave in to the ever-growing temptation and started reading it as well 😛

Q: What’s your favourite thing about BlogClan?

i gotta say just how accepting you guys are!! i’m really bad at making friends and i don’t have a ton irl, but despite the fact that i’m awkward as heck and very bad at talking to people, you guys still talk to me and make me feel comfortable enough to actually be myself and that means a lot <333

Q: Outside of warriors, what are some of your other favourite book series/fandoms?

three of my very favorite book series are the lunar chronicles and renegades, both by marissa meyer, and red queen by victoria aveyard!!!

rainie edit: my goodness yes the lunar chronicles are good, would recommend

Q: Play any sports? if so, which ones?

yup, softball!! i’m a pitcher usually, but when i’m not pitching i’m in the outfield or occasionally second baseee

Q: What’s your favourite type of weather?

oooh i love pouring rain with warmish air, it’s so nice to just stand outside and get rained on while also not becoming really cold!! and thunderstorms are always cool as welllll

Q: Music related: Do you play any instruments? What’s your favourite song?

yesss i can play the piano and have taken lessons a few times before, although i don’t play it extremely often haha. when i do though i usually just try to learn to play random songs i like, either with sheet music/tutorials or just by ear! and my favorite song is buy the stars by marina!!!

Q: If you could be reincarnated as any living organism, what would you be?

oohhh i think being a wolf would be super fun, they’re one of my favorite animals and i’d love to experience their lifestyle firsthand with hunting and being in a pack and stuff haha

Q: Are you/would you be more interested in astrology or astronomy?

i think astrology is really cool! the different concepts and stories people have come up with connecting stars and whatnot to life on earth are super interesting and fun to read abouttt

Q: You’ve won a trip to anywhere in the world and you can bring three BlogClanners with you. Where are you going, and with who?

oOOH okay i’d love to go to some kind of pretty tropical rainforest island in the middle of the ocean with rivers and lagoons and cool animals and things (i’ve given this a bit of thought sflksdjf), andddddd i’d take viper, appy, and blue!! they’re some of my closest blog friends and i think we’d definitely have an exciting trip together

Q: Any general advice for life?

don’t beat yourself up over trivial matters!!! if you make a lil mistake, or you mess something up in front of people, or you don’t meet a personal goal you have, it’s okay!! i know it can be hard not to be upset with yourself for doing something differently from how you wanted to, but it’s ultimately not gonna impact you or anyone else negatively in the long run (plus most people’ll forget completely about it in a day or so 😛) and you can always just try again and do better next time!!!

Aaaaand that’s all for today, folks! Thanks for joining me and Darkwing in this month’s edition of BITS! And of course, huge thank you to Kat for the wonderful art! Tune in next month – eh, in two weeks actually, oops – for the next edition of BITS! Take care!

Rainshine 🌸 Rainie