Elections, Day 1: First Deputy Hustings!

Our first day of Deputy hustings! Meet candidates Owlnose and Redblaze!

Our first day of Deputy hustings! Meet candidates Owlnose and Redblaze!

Welcome back, BlogClanners! Today is the first day of the Deputy hustings! If you want to apply to run for Deputy, you can do so here. Applications will be open until 23:59 UTC on July 4th (click here to convert to your local time)!

Today our candidates answering your questions will be Owlnose and Redblaze. Please be kind and accepting and give your best questions to our candidates in the comments below!

Candidates may use the comments below as a space to put their campaign, and the amazing members of BlogClan can use the comments as a space to ask questions, such as: why do you want this position? What are some good qualities you have? What are your flaws? What would you want to add to BlogClan? What changes would you like to make?

I shall now hand it over to our candidates! Good luck to all!


Loyal, Patient, Dedicated

Drawn by Goldenfawn

I have been on the blog for nearly two years now. Members have come and gone and so much has changed but the kindness of people here never ceases to amaze me! The community spirit in the blog is definitely why I’ve been here for this long- you can do so much! Play games, show off your art or writing, ask questions or just hang out. As soon as I heard about the elections I wanted to run because, now, I can finally give something back! I’ve always wanted to have a part in the blog’s future- and now’s my chance! You’re all amazing people and I’d be really honoured if even just one of you voted for me to become your deputy.”


Logical, Open-minded, Sensible

Drawn by Birchfoot

When I joined Blogclan five years ago, I was afraid of accidentally doing something wrong on the blog, but when greeted by the friendly and welcoming replies explaining the few guidelines of Blogclan and what to do whilst on the site, my anxiety and hesitance both calmed down. Since I made that comment, not only has my head been opened to explain my feelings better and understand new ideas and topics, but also my heart so I can resonate with the emotions and experiences of others along with learning to appreciate people for who they are. Blogclan has made me realise the power of community on the internet, as when people bond over a common interest it blooms into friendship and creates a powerful bond, which I have seen happen in Blogclan. I love meeting the different people who come across Blogclan and see them evolve not only as a member of Blogclan, but as a person. This little family of fans and creators gives those the opportunity to make friends and develop their creative skills in art and writing for those who might not otherwise get the chance to this point in their lives, and I think that’s beautiful. I want to help people see how good and helpful Blogclan can be on their journey, and if I become Deputy, I will be their guide to making the most out of the blog. I will try my best to make sure their first experience on Blogclan is as smooth and worthwhile as possible, helping them in any way I can with any problems or questions they might have. I will also use my practical thinking and open mind to listen to those who need help, whether that is seeing both sides to ease any possible conflict or finding the solution to a difficult problem, whatever that may be. I hope to serve as a good role model for the blog because I want to help everyone in any way I can and make sure that everyone’s experience on Blogclan is the best it possibly can be.



  • ~🌊Gracey, a certain Dove's proud apprentice!!!🌊~ (Gracepaw/Gracesplash/Gracey/Gracie/Grace), Questioning, she/her/they/them says:

    asdfghjkl this is hard. AGAIN. Why do all the candidates have to be so good……
    I have some questions for both of you:
    1. Why do you want to become deputy? Why do you feel like you are worthy of becoming deputy?
    2. How would you make the blog a better place?
    3. What would you try to do the best when you’re deputy?
    Thanks, and gooooooooooooooooood luck! (Even if im not bluebell)

    • I want to become deputy for the reasons listed in my speech. I’ve always loved being on the blog and now I feel like I need to give back by having a role in its future and by doing my best to keep it safe, happy and the wonderful place it is. I’ve been on the blog for a while now so I do feel quite experienced in communicating with members and letting them feel supported.

      I would try to make the blog better by always being around offering support when someone needs help or just needs a hug. The blog is already so amazing that my main goal would probably just be keeping it this way so that future members can have the same wonderful experience I’ve had.

      I would try to empathise with everyone so that everyone can feel welcome and supported! The blog is full of all kinds of people and I’ll want to help everyone.

    • 1. I want to become Deputy to help people on Blogclan and make everyone’s experience on the site as best it can be. I feel like I might be worthy of the role because I have been told by some of my close friends on Blogclan that I am their role model, and I am helpful and welcoming to everyone who comes here, no matter who they are.

      2. I would make the blog a better place by engaging with the community, listening to them when making a decision and making Blogclan more interactive by creating new competitions, events and features.

      3. I think that I would be best at helping others solve practical and technical problems that they might face while on the Blog, because I love helping others and working with them to help solve problems.

      Thank you! <3

  • I was super touched by how Blogclan helped you improve and feel better about yourself Owlnose, and Redblaze, you seem like you’d really be dedicated to helping others. You both do. I don’t think I could ever choose! But my question is:

    How would you help others to branch out and feel better about themselves on the blog? How would you help others feel good about what they say or post on Blogclan?

    • To help others I’ll just always be there offering friendly comments and helpful advice! I’ll try to reply to comments, saying how much I find it sweet/funny so that no-one feels left out or like their comments aren’t good. I always try to read the articles and will comment on them to state my opinions more in the future!

    • I would help others feel better about themselves by letting them know that everyone is welcome on Blogclan to come here and be themselves, even when some people won’t let you be your true self in real life.

      I will also help other people on the blog feel good about what they do and say by reassuring them that there’s nothing wrong with venting, as it is healthy to get your bottled-up feelings out to a friend. I would also let them know that Blogclan is accepting of and respectful of their opinions on Warriors.

  • Redblaze will be it… no Owlnose…Yes Owlnose. Wait! Maybe Redblaze? IDK. It’s so hard to decide.

  • How do you feel BlogClan has helped you improve irl and how do plan to make new members feel welcome?
    (Btw, Owlnose, were you formerly Plume? 🙂 )
    Ty and sorry if these questions have already been asked <333 😀

    • Blogclan has taught me to be open-minded to different people and appreciate who they are and what they identify with in real life.

      I plan to make new members feel welcome by responding to as many first comments as I can on the Say Hi page and being open, welcoming and approachable, along with being a person who they can ask about navigating the blog and any website glitches they might encounter.

      Also, yes, I am indeed formerly known as Plume. 🙂

    • I feel like BlogClan has helped me be a little prouder of who I am as I always used to be (and still am a little) really insecure about my appearance and personality.
      It’s also helped me be a lot more sociable and has helped me with my skills in communicating with new people. I’ve also learned a little HTML coding to help out on the wiki!

  • (This is partially pasted from my questions to the other deputy husting post)
    1. I know that deputies don’t have much power to do this, but if you could, what would you change/add/remove about BlogClan?
    2. What will you do to make new members feel even more welcome and comfortable
    3. What is your biggest fear? If that answer is sensitive and/or personal, feel free to mention a different fear or skip this question ^^ <3
    4. If you suddenly recived recived a message that you are now a mod ( assuming you wanted the mod position ^^) what would be your first reaction? If you are already a mod, what was your first reaction when you discovered you become a mod. ( I know this is about deputies not mods, I'm just curious 😛 )

    • I don’t think there’s much I should change about this wonderful place!! I would probably make more games (like gatherings but not as big). There’s nothing here that should be removed though!!

      I’ll always answer questions and worries with gentle support and encouragement. No problem is too big or too small for me to help out with!

      My biggest fear is either loneliness or failure. One of my flaws is probably trying to set unachievable goals for myself and I tend to stress a lot about that. I also tend to stress about whether people like me or not and I really don’t want to have a future with no friends.

      I would probably first pinch myself to see if I was dreaming and if not start screaming 😛 In all seriousness, that would be really incredible and being a moderator for such a big website would probably give me lots of skills I could carry into later life.

    • If I could, I would make the Blogclan experience more interactive and fun by introducing new pages and events, along with making contact between Blogteam and the members of Blogclan easier.

      Like I have mentioned in a previous answer, I will be there for new members to make sure their first time visiting Blogclan is good and free of technical issues. I will also make an effort to reply to as many first comments as I can, introducing myself as Deputy and explaining the few guidelines of the blog, along with how to make the most out of Blogclan.

      My biggest fear is that of the unknown because if I cannot figure out or learn about something, I feel uncertainty and get hesitant because I cannot tell whether it’s good or bad.

      If I ever became a moderator, I would be happy to have received the position, but I would also know that I would have to be responsible and if I became a Mod, I will have to manage my time well as I can imagine that being a Moderator is busy and takes up a lot of time.

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