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Flamecloud lists characters they’d like to see have the chance to tell their own stories.

Art by Espenfluss

Hello all! This article will discuss some cats that I would love to see more about, be it in the form of a novella, super edition, or graphic novel. While there are many cats I think could have some interesting perspectives, these are some of my top picks.

Beware, there will be spoilers for various plot points in the series!


Cinderheart, the reincarnation of Cinderpelt, has always left me wondering. After Jayfeather informs her of her secret, she struggles with her identity and switches to being a medicine cat and then back again. We know that much, but I really would like to see the concept explored more.
After Cinderheart chooses to become a warrior again, Cinderpelt separates from her. But before that, they were sharing memories and knowledge as well as the same body. Was that like having another cat in her head, or was the combination more seamless? Did she miss Cinderpelt’s presence at all after she left, after carrying her spirit for so long?
What I’m really curious about is how Cinderpelt’s relationships co-existed with Cinderheart. All we really get to see is Cinderheart trying to decide between being a warrior and a medicine cat, and whether or not to be with Lionblaze. But many cats from Cinderpelt’s life were still alive at that time. Firestar, her mentor, friend, and crush. Her siblings, as well as her apprentice.
I’d really like to see how this affected her. Suddenly, clanmates she’s known all her life have been thrown into new roles.
For instance, Cinderheart’s father, Brackenfur, was also Cinderpelt’s brother. Surely that has some major effects? I want to see how Brackenfur reacts to knowing his sister lives on inside his daughter, and how this either fractures or strengthens their bond.
There’s just so many aspects of her whole experience that don’t get shown that I would be fascinated to learn more about.

Name ideas: Cinderpelt’s Return, Cinderheart’s life


Thrushpelt is my favorite character, so obviously I’d love to see more about him. But I think there’s a lot left unknown with him as well that I want to know about.
For instance, did you know that he’s Thistleclaw’s half brother? Or that his father, Windflight, is a half-clan cat? His brother, Tawnyspots, slowly dies while the rest of the clan waits expectantly for a new deputy. All things that don’t get touched upon at all in Bluestar’s Prophecy, at least not from his perspective.
And then, of course, is the big kit thing. He’s best known for his role in Bluestar’s Prophecy, where he pretends to be the father of Bluestar’s kits until she gives them to their father in Riverclan.
Bluestar claimed a fox took her kits, and led the entire clan to believe they were dead. Did he buy her story though? There are a multitude of flaws in her set up that most cats would probably question, especially the cat who was like their father.
She clawed a fox sized hole in the nursery, then climbed into her nest and yowls that her kits are gone. But there wouldn’t be any fox scent, nor any fox prints leading in or out of the camp. And she expects the clan to believe that a fox broke into the nursery, stole her three kits, and snuck out all without waking her? And of course, it didn’t so much as touch the other kits, Runningkit and Mousekit. Then there’s the mysterious matter of two cats appearing in Riverclan, looking oddly like two of the missing kits and coincidentally having the same names.
All in all, it’s ridiculously obvious.
So the question is, did he know? I would love to see him enduring Bluestar’s secrecy, waiting for her to tell him the truth while he grieves his lost family. But, regardless of whether or not he pierced together the story, she never tells him and instead allows him to learn of it in Starclan.
I want to feel that sense of betrayal, of him knowing she didn’t trust him and lied.

Name ideas: Thrushpelt’s Trust (actually the name of my Thrushpelt fanfiction)


Cloudberry was Goosefeather’s mentor and a medicine cat of Thunderclan. But, before that, she was originally a Riverclan Medicine cat.
After Mapleshade’s bloody vengeance leaves Thunderclan without a medicine cat, she decides to switch clans.
First of all, why? Yes, Thunderclan had no medicine cat, but why was she the one to step in? Did she have some sort of conflict with someone in Riverclan, or merely a strong sympathy for Thunderclan? You would think that after Mapleshade killed Appledusk, Riverclan might not be feeling all that fond of Thunderclan. I think there is a lot of room for some interesting development here.
Secondly, she’d be joining a strange clan during a time when tensions were high. Mapleshade had recently killed Ravenwing, Frecklewish, and Appledusk. As much as Riverclan might blame Mappleshade for the death of Appledusk, Thunderclan might blame Appledusk for the deaths of Ravenwing and Frecklewish. Plus, even if they didn’t, they’d still be dealing with the grief of losing two clanmates so suddenly.
As a medicine cat, Cloudberry probably would have worked directly with Oakstar often, meaning she might have seen his reaction to the events. Did he blame Mappleshade soley, or does he accept some of the blame as well?
Cloudberry isn’t someone we know much about, but just based on the small scraps of her backstory, I think there’s a lot of good things that could be written. I want to know why she decided to switch clans, how Thunderclan reacted to her presence, and how she fit in to the turmoil that must have followed Mappleshade’s path of destruction.

Name Ideas: I don’t know with this one 😛


Sunstar was the leader of Thunderclan in between Bluestar and Pinestar, and although he’s a minor character, he’s another one of my favorites.
After Moonflower dies, he tells Bluepaw that he misses her as well. He later acts more like a father to Bluestar than Stormtail does, and helps her with her grief many times. I can’t recall if it’s just a fan theory or if it’s partially cannon, but I’ve definitely heard of him having feelings for Moonflower. Either way, it seemed as if they were close. It would be interesting to see their relationship from his point of view, as well as how he felt about Stormtail lacking parental skills.
Also, he inherits his position after Pinestar becomes a kittypet, and receives one less life than usual. His brother, Featherwhisker, is the medicine cat apprentice at the time, but is essentially in charge because Goosefeather is failing his job. They have a parallel situation, and I would love to see how their bond as brothers interacts with that.
Additionally, I would like to see the decision between Thistleclaw and Bluefur from his perspective. How suspicious was he of Thistleclaw’s ambition? How did he feel slowly losing his first deputy, Tawnyspots, to sickness?

Name Ideas: Sunstar’s Decision


Ashfur is probably one of the most controversial cats in the books, with many people on both sides. But before he tried to set fire to Squirrelflight’s children, he had a life of loss and revenge. He lost his parents, and then the possible future he saw with Squirrelflight. He also played a role in Hawkfrost’s scheme to kill Firestar, and then shortly after the well known fire scene, is killed by Hollyleaf.
But what drove him to this? Trying to cook someone’s children is not a normal response to rejection. I think it would be fascinating to see that scene from his perspective. What was his logic? Was he really going to kill them? Had he been planning to do something along its lines earlier, or was this a spur of the moment thing?
And, most importantly, how did his past shape him into what he became?
And then after all of his actions, he still ends up in Starclan. I want to see how Starclan came to that conclusion, and how he fit into (after)life there. How did his parents react to seeing him after all he’d done? Where did Ashfur himself think he belonged? Did he have regrets?
And of course, how does he end up back in the clans as the impostor? I’m a bit behind on the most recent books, but as far as I know there’s still uncertainty around that. And Ashfur novella would be a good place to tie in some of that.

Name ideas: Ashfur’s Love, Ashfur’s Hate


Onestar’s a character that’s changed drastically over the course of the series. He starts out as Onewhisker, a kind and friendly cat who quickly ends up as an ally to Firestar. However, soon after becoming leader, his personality takes a turn for the worse. He’s suspicious, angry, cowardly, selfish, you name it. He spurns Thunderclan’s friendship, and arguably leads quite poorly.
I want to see this transition from his perspective. What was it like, suddenly being in a power struggle with Mudclaw? It would be interesting to see how he tried to reunite Windclan after that, and why he turned away from Firestar.
There are many other events I’d like to know his feelings on. Gorsepaw, his apprentice and nephew, was killed by Tigerstar. His mate and apprentice, Whitetail, dies after the Great Battle, along with his sister and deputy, Ashfoot.
He was also mates with a kittypet named Smoke, with whom he had Darktail. His rejection of his son later led that same kit to return and wreak havoc on the clans, and later results in both of their deaths.
All of these could make for interesting stories, and would be fascinating to see from his perspective and in more detail. The dramatic switch between Onewhisker and Onsestar is something I’ve always been a bit confused about, and I think a novella on him could help explain his actions a bit more.

Name ideas: Onestar’s Mistakes, Onestar’s Change

Any Starclan cat-

This one isn’t specific to any one cat, it’s just an idea I would really like to see explored.
After cats die, they go to Starclan, and remain there until they are either killed a second time or simply fade away because they are forgotten. After that, we don’t know. Perhaps they ascend to a second Starclan, or maybe they stop existing.
It seems to me that some cats would fade a lot quicker than others. Kits who died before becoming apprentices and normal cats with mediocre lives come to mind. On the other hand, others will last as long as the clans do, like the original five leaders.
I want to have a story about someone fading. This would have to be a minor enough character that they would have been forgotten, but probably important enough that we’d actually be interested in them.
The way it was described in the books and wiki, it sounded as if the cats are at peace. But is it really that simple? Imagine fading away while those you knew in life are still remembered, overthinking what you could have done differently to make a bigger impact. Maybe life unfairly robbed you and killed you too soon, before you had a chance to do anything significant.
The cat would probably think back to the cats they loved, and wonder how they could be fading so soon. It would be a long, slow process as memories dwindle, until finally they’d be gone.
I want to explore the fear, the frustration, the anger. Do they come to terms with their fate, or do they disappear while feeling bitter and betrayed?
The way cats fade from Starclan is something I’ve actually thought about a lot. Death is frightening, but most of the time it isn’t personal. And plus, the warriors know they have somewhere to go afterwards, and that it isn’t the end. But fading from Starclan always struck me as very cruel, and I’ve never been able to imagine how any cat could welcome it peacefully.
It means you’re forgotten. You’re not dying because you got unlucky, you’re dying because you no longer matter to anyone.
Whoever the main character is, I think that this would make for a very interesting novella.

Name ideas: ____’s Pain, ____’s Memory, ____’s Goodbye

Well, that’s all I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed this article, and I hope it made you curious for these cats’ stories. Who do you think we should learn more about?

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  • I don’t remember writing this at all dslkafldf 😛 😛 and yet, here it is, with my opinions written in what certainly sounds like my writing style, with my name on it, so obviously I did write this. In that case, I guess I’m happy it’s out 😛

  • Hey Flamecloud! Love all the ideas. here are some name suggestions for Cloudberry’s Novella
    – Cloudberry’s Choice (choice to join ThunderClan)
    – Cloudberry’s View (Point of view on the Mapleshade thing)
    – Cloudberry’s Sympathy (For Thunderclan)
    (I just really love the name Cloudberry by the way. Also great ideas with the other ones! Totally would read an Ashfur Novella)

  • Whoo! Ashfur’s Love and Ashfur’s hate are two opposites to each other, so I think he went insane over those two things! And then he tried to cook Squirrelflight’s “kits”!
    Great article

  • Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢(They/Them, Xe/Xem, Tey/Tem, Ae/Aem, Ot/Ots, Mae/Mim, Sae/Sear, Je/Jem, He/Him, Se/Hem, Ke/Kem, Re/Rem) says:

    All of these cats totally need books! Especially Sunstar. 💛
    Ten Duel Commandments

  • Great article, Flamecloud!! All of these ideas are so good, especially the one about fading StarClan cats!

  • Yassssss for Thrushpelt. He’s a legend. Also, I love Cinderpelt/Cinderheart! She deserves it! I agree with you for Sunstar(Plus, I ship MoonxSun so I’m hoping that if that novella is published we will get more confirmation on those cuties) as for Ashfur, I have to disagree with you. This will probs make people feel bad for Ashfur and he doesn’t deserve it!!

    • I definitely see your point with Ashfur, especially given how much debate Mapleshade’s Vengeance sparked. Hopefully it wouldn’t do that.

      I honestly just want something to deal with the arguments that he was just being impulsive, that he wouldn’t have gone through with it, that he regretted it, ect ect. Ideally, the novella wouldn’t soften up his (numerous, extensive, inexcusable) flaws. I want him portrayed evil through and through. I just find it very intriguing reading from villain’s perspectives, especially how they declined into what they become and how they justify their actions to themselves, and I think Ashfur’s early years could make a very interesting backstory.