Why you should HATE and LOVE Clearsky by Whirlpaw

Whirlpaw talks about Clear Sky.

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Hello, and, welcome to this (my first) article: Why you should both hate and love Clearsky/Skystar.
Although there are many reasons to dislike him, and other reasons to adore him, it’s time to put things into perspective. A short note, this article is inconclusive, all it is, is a list of reasons to like or hate the first Skyclan leader.

Reason to like him 1:
His love towards Bright Stream

Before the cats from the mountain arrived at four trees, Clearsky was in love with Bright Stream, a pregnant she-cat who was with the patrol sent down the mountain. Clearsky was very protective of her, reluctant to send her to the very patrol that meant her death. Some may argue that he was ignorant enough to send her off on that patrol. After her death tough, he greaved immensely, and was heartbroken for some time. In my opinion, this shows his love towards her.

Reason to dislike him 1:
His decision to leave the moors

Clearsky’s enthusiasm to leave the rest of the cats on the moors, including his older brother Greywing, causes me to question his loyalty. Even tough the cats promise to visit, Clearsky barely does, remaining in his own camp in the forest.

Reason to like him 2:
His acceptance to take in more cats

After moving to the forest, Clearsky started taking in loners and rouges to strengthen his clan. I see this as something good, as he was giving loners and rogues a place to stay and fresh kill. This was good in a way for the moor cats, because the rogues wouldn’t bother them, unless Clearsky ordered them to.

Reason to dislike him 2:
His hunger for more territory

Despite having most of the forest, Clearsky still wasn’t satisfied for awhile, wanting more and moor. The idea of territory made him purr, and he threatened other cat’s for it, witch was one of the reasons for the great battle that happened at four trees.

Reason to like him 3:
The leader of SkyClan

Clearsky, or, Skystar, as he is commonly referred to now, is the first leader of Skyclan, one of the five clans. His leadership has started the clan, and shaped it’s future for several moons. Yes, may have made a few mistakes in his life, but at the end, he was a loyal leader to his clan.

Reason to dislike him:
Abandoning injured clanmates

There was a time when Clearsky would kick sick and injured cats who were unable to care for themselves out of SkyClan. This policy of his wasn’t loyal or noble at all, it seemed cowardly even. He even kicked out his own younger brother out of the clan for having an injured leg, forcing his brother to go back to the moors.

Although there are many negative things about Clearsky, He was still Skyclan’s first leader. I hope this helps you descide weather you love him or hate him.

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