Elections, Day 2: Second Medicine Cat Hustings!

The second day of Medicine Cat hustings! Meet candidates Viperfrost, Tansypool, and Loneheart!

The second day of Medicine Cat hustings! Meet candidates Viperfrost, Tansypool, and Loneheart!

Welcome back, BlogClanners! Today is the second day of the Medicine Cat hustings! If you want to apply to run for Medicine Cat, you can do so here. Applications will be open until 23:59 UTC on July 4th (click here to convert to your local time)!

Today our candidates answering your questions will be Viperfrost, Tansypool, and Loneheart. Please be kind and accepting and give your best questions to our candidates in the comments below!

Candidates may use the comments below as a space to put their campaign, and the amazing members of BlogClan can use the comments as a space to ask questions, such as: why do you want this position? What are some good qualities you have? What are your flaws? What would you want to add to BlogClan? What changes would you like to make?

I shall now hand it over to our candidates! Good luck to all!


Kind, loyal, dedicated

Drawn by Goldenfawn

Hi everyone! The elections are upon us again, and I am so, so excited to be participating. Every single candidate is an AMAZING person, and I‘m honored to run alongside them. I am so proud of our entire site for gathering together in this fun process.
When I joined the Blog, I was incredibly nervous. I spent an insane amount of time quietly shuffling around, commenting sparsely, because I was afraid I’d start talking and somehow mess up. I think we’ve all felt like that sometimes. C:
I was relieved to find out that it was certainly not the case! The Blog has helped me in many ways, the first being helping me come out of my shell. As I’m sure you all know, I am quite the talker nowadays! I want to help others in the same way. We’re a community of friends, and I hope to serve as a friend for all who need one.
My memories of BlogClan are full of laughter and fun. From scrawling through the Tavern late at night to reply to joke threads going dozens of comments deep, to opening BlogChat at 4 am to have sleepy chatting, to just hanging out and having a good time with friends every single day. Beyond that, I can say truly that BlogClanners old and new alike have inspired me, motivated me, and given me experiences that I wouldn’t trade for the world.
I can say without any exaggeration that the Blog has defined me as a person. The friends I’ve made here are some of the best people I know, and I’m so glad to have met them. I found BlogClan during a very dark time in my life. From that day forward, it has shone like a beacon of light for me. It has never failed to bring me joy, love, and the kind, warm atmosphere that I needed. The kind atmosphere that we all need.
I have always strived to help create a sense of warmth and belonging for anyone and everyone on the Blog, and if I have succeeded in that task for even one person, it will have been the best use of my years.
I’ve worked in BlogTeam for years; however, while I could never fully describe the gift that it has been, BlogTeam status doesn’t automatically make someone a good candidate and I understand that. We are all wonderful people with our own unique contributions to the Blog, and I know a great many people who have been a help to me personally just by being there and being kind.
I hope that in the end, I am not simply an Allegiances Tsar, Clanniversary Tsar, and TSGN Tsar to you. I hope that I am your friend, and that I have given all that I can to you. I hope that you are made welcome, that you have a lovely time on the Blog, and that you always, always find the kindness that makes the Blog so remarkable.
I cannot promise perfection, as I would never make you a promise I couldn’t keep. 😉 What I can promise is that as medicine cat, I will continue to do my best. I will always work with dedication toward preserving the kind warmth that drew me in on that first day I visited BlogClan.
Every BlogClanner is valued. Every BlogClanner matters. Every BlogClanner is my priority. Thank you. ❤️


Caring, Responsible, Truthful

Drawn by Goldenfawn

I am running for the position of medicine-cat because I feel it would keep me on track and because I love caring and helping the community of BlogClan and many other special places online and in my regular daily life. I feel since I have a good amount of time to spare, I am able to take on the responsibilities this job holds and be the best medicine-cat I can be. I also remember being inspired by the past medicine-cats of BlogClan and would love to be able to move along a few of the many brilliant souls on BlogClan, as well as helping out with BlogTeam. All of the following remarks, and a few more later to be mentioned, are why I am interested in running for the position of medicine-cat on BlogClan.


Intelligent, authentic, loving

Drawn by Goldenfawn

Looking back, I realize what an immature, self-deprecating mess I was. People would flock to the older members, and I’d think I wasn’t talented. People would reprimand me for a rude joke, and I’d take it personally. I liken it to flax fiber-flax fiber feels like a hundred tiny pricks against the skin, and there’s a period where you adjust to that. I was flax-fiber, and BlogClan adjusted me to be caring,. The compassion each person I’ve met here has shown, will stay with me forever. Then there’s the precious bonds on BlogClan. Watching new members make a friend, and together with that person, become loved members the Blog can’t do without is a beautiful thing, but it doesn’t happen enough. To use a metaphor, new BlogClanners are pieces of fabric to be sewn, and I want to be the one threading the needle. It’s right down my ally-I’m a welcoming, friendly person who tries to make EVERYONE, even if they don’t have dozens of friends, feel appreciated. Bridging BlogTeam and BlogClan better suits a mod, but I’d be especially good there. My mind is adrift with ideas, so I’m always thinking up new ways to foster a relationship between a Blogclanner and a BlogTeam member. The mods are insanely good at their job, but at heart, they are the funniest, sweetest people, and helping newer Blogclanners understand that would be a joy. To sum it up, I want to give back. BlogClan has brought me so much happiness, and it’s time I returned some of that happiness.

❄️🐍Viper Inc; Frosty the Arsonman🐍❄️



  • Oh my god this is going to be so hard. I really can relate to what Viperfrost said because I’m still kind of a ghost around here (looking through the blog but not commenting often), but the other candidates’ speeches were so moving too… and Loneheart I totally get that because sometimes I do bad things and mess up and then people point out those things about me, or try to give me constructive criticism, and sometimes I take it personally.
    Voting is going to be SO hard but I wish all of the candidates good luck! <3 Frost

  • Loneheart, you will always have my vote. Everyone here has a great reason for me to vote though!

    • 1. Is it cheesy to say everyone on BlogClan 😛 Every single person I’ve met here has been extraordinarily compassionate and embodies what a MedicineCat should be <3333 Anyone of you would be brilliant for the role <333333
      2. I'd be happy for the person who won 😀 They probably put their soul, their heart, and their time into running for MedicineCat and fully deserve to win <333 Besides, MC is just a fancy title. It has no actual effect on ones value as a human being. In the end everyone contributes to the Blog, even its just stopping by to comment and being MC wouldn't change that <3333
      3. Aadfkjsahfsjkfh well, I love philosophy so conversations with me usually windup being deep 😛 I consider myself an expert on Astronomy, and Astrophysics. While I'm no professor and the only people I've taught those subjects to are my family, I knew enough to teach it 😛 😛 😛 And cats. I'm a proud cat mom to Via (grey tabby) her kittens, Caerulem (dark grey, seal colored kitten), Cinder (grey tabby) and Bunette (also a grey tabby), and Bunettes five kittens. I'm a huge feral cat advocate and have plans to start my own feral cat shelter :C

    • (1) I think anyone who took the time to comment on a post I did, something I do (that means every single person who posted on here, I didn’t get to all your comments, but thanks for being super supportive), or anything really that is kind, and supportive. YOU are my role-models. YOU are the ones who inspired me to run. Most importantly YOU are the one who makes me get out of bed and think about every amazing person on BlogClan and how they help we get along my daily life just by a simple “good job!” or “good luck!” or “This is great!”.
      That seems cheesy, but who cares? Not me.

      (2) I would accept that I didn’t win, I trust everyone on here to make the best choice they can. Even if it isn’t me. I’d congratulate the new medicine-cat of BlogClan, with a big “GOOD LUCK!” and learn from them. What makes them so great? How can I improve myself to be as great as them? And who knows? Maybe you’ll see my name in the candidates next election!?!

      (3) Ahhh… I work as a volunteer at an adoption center, so you might have guessed, I really love animals, I enjoy training the dogs and (some of) the cats.
      I have 7 cats and 2 dogs of me own. Meet my cats:
      A white persian cat w/ brown eyes.

      Tansy (this is where my username came from)
      A brown cat with green eyes

      tortie with amber eyes (i dont know if you see that i tried to sneak Spottedleaf’s name in there)

      And then Leaf’s 4 kittens, Breeze, Spot (NOW see how much I tried with spottedleaf?), Willa, and Sandy.

      And my dogs are Bluma and Alma.

      And I am beginning to study to learn to be a vet, so, I’ll get to be a medicine-cat in my own way even if I don’t win.

    • Who are your role models?
      Gosh, just…everyone. Everybody has such a great sense of community and family and friendship on the site, and I love all of you. One person I’ve always looked up to especially is Embix. 😉

      What would you do if you didn’t win?
      Congratulate the winner! We’ve all come so far and I believe any of us has the right qualities for the job! 😀

      (this one’s just for fun 😛 ) What are your interests outside BlogClan?
      Ooo…Cats, obviously, books, writing, reading, drawing, coding, politics, finance, and government :3

  • 1. Do you have experience as a problem-solver?
    2. What do you feel represents you? ( ik this is a very broad question so answer it in whatever way you feel is fitting)
    3. This will not influence my vote at all but do you have any knowledge of herbs or want to be some sort of doctor?

    • 1. I don’t have a vast amount of experience problem solving, but I know a lot about psychology, understanding emotions, how boundaries work, and when to end an argument. That’s one of the minor reasons for me wanting to be a MC-so I could gain more experience using those skills to problem solve :C
      2. Stars! I’ve been told my heart always shines like one, and I feel like I’m more of a distant light that only shines in the darkness, rather then a sun everyone looks up to 😛
      3. Gooosh, well, I know how to make tea with fresh dandelion leaves, and I read a book on Herbal cat care so I know how to use herbs to treat the minor problems my cats may have but that was a whiiile ago 😛

    • 1: Ahhhh yes… With 5 siblings I have had a good amount of problems I solved with the help of my little sister. I also face problems a lot every day at an adoption center I volunteer at during summer.

      I feel stumped on this one, but I have to say, I think my writing, this is where I feel almost safest at, and also my garden, where it seems anything is possible, and I where spend most of my day.

      3: Yes, I am studying to be a vet when I am an adult. Also, with warrior cats, I studied almost every herb, which inspired me to learn their actual uses and plant them in my garden.

    • 1. Do you have experience as a problem-solver?
      I do. Working on BlogTeam has allowed me to understand that each problem has two or more sides to the story and each must be heard before a decision plan can be made.
      2. What do you feel represents you? ( ik this is a very broad question so answer it in whatever way you feel is fitting)
      My art, for sure. It’s the only thing outside of me that contains the most of me.
      3. This will not influence my vote at all but do you have any knowledge of herbs or want to be some sort of doctor?
      I’ve considered working as a cardiologist before for those with heart concerns. <3

  • How would you resolve a fight/bad argument?

    If there was someone breaking the rules unintentionally, what would you do?

    (btw sorry for asking a lot of questions, i just can’t decide all the candidates are awesome hhh)

    • 1. I’d gently step in with a reminder to be respectful and compassionate towards each other! I’d also explain the viewpoints of each party. Maybe there was miscommunication along the way, maybe one of the two peoples day has been extremely nasty and everything puts them on edge, maybe someone is desperately feeling invalidated and failing to let the other person know that, no matter the reason, my goal is to make sure that a. there are apologies, b. hurt feelings are soothed c. a resolution that favors both parties and promotes peace is reached. I’d also ask questions to make sure I understand their perspectives myself. I don’t, after all, want to make assumptions :C
      One of the things that makes BlogClan so special its its atmosphere of love, compassion, and acceptance. That atmosphere should always be upheld <33333
      2. That' a no-brainer 😛 I'd let them know that their breaking the rules, and show them how to be a better BlogClanner. I know from personal experience that people can feel hurt after being called out like that, so I'd probably throw in a supportive message just to let them know that not understanding something doesn't make them stupid, and I'm more then happy to be there if they need help <3333

    • 1. It depends on the fight. A situation that’s gotten out of hand has to be considered carefully from all angles. I would get the story from each person involved. If it occurs on BlogChat, I might lock BlogChat temporarily to avoid escalation of the fight. Small arguments that stem from misunderstandings or bad days can usually be cleared up fairly easily. Larger arguments that stem from deep differences in belief or standards of behaviors might not be. I may even need to consult the rest of the team or someone whom I look up to for advice. In those cases, I will uphold the values and rules of the Blog to the best of my ability and make sure that BlogClan is safe for everyone. Overall, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for fights, and I’ll make sure to consider each one on a case-by-case basis to ensure the best results. 🙂

      2. I would gently let them know, by private message if possible, that their actions are against the rules. I find that most people genuinely don’t *want* to break the rules and will be amenable to changing their behavior. It’s most likely an accident and not malicious. And in some cases where people break the rules intentionally, it’s from a place of mind where they want something (like having an alternate account to give the illusion of knowing more people/having more friends) and often feel guilty about the way they went about getting it. With those people as well, it’s important to be gentle and compassionate when contacting them. At the end of the day, we’re all human and we all make mistakes. I believe that in most cases, our pasts don’t define our futures. <3

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