Elections, Day 3: Third Medicine Cat Hustings!

Our third day of Medicine Cat hustings! Meet candidates Pinestripe, Waffleheart, and Mapledrift!

Welcome back, BlogClanners! Today is the third day of the Medicine Cat hustings and the final day of applications being open! If you want to apply to run for Medicine Cat, you can do so here. Applications will be open until 23:59 UTC on July 4th (click here to convert to your local time)!

As day three rolls around, we’ve already heard from a bunch of amazing candidates, and now it’s time to hear from more!

Today our candidates answering your questions will be Pinestripe, Waffleheart, and Mapledrift. Please be kind and accepting and give your best questions to our candidates in the comments below!

Candidates may use the comments below as a space to put their campaign, and the amazing members of BlogClan can use the comments as a space to ask questions, such as: why do you want this position? What are some good qualities you have? What are your flaws? What would you want to add to BlogClan? What changes would you like to make?

I shall now hand it over to our candidates! Good luck to all!


Friendly, Passionate, Kind

Drawn by Birchfoot

Hello, I’m Pinestripe! I’m the local crazy-chicken-lover, and I’m also running for BlogClan medicine cat this year! I’ve been a member of BlogClan for about a year and a half and I’ve loved every moment in this amazing, positive community! Throughout my time here as a BlogClan Warrior, I’ve seen such love and kindness- such an amazing community of compassionate people helping and supporting one another. Witnessing such a huge amount of kindness has been nothing short of an inspiration. Such good proof of how easy and rewarding it is to spread kindness and love- and I am determined to do my part and spread as much of it as I can. I have chosen to run for medicine cat because I’ve always had a passion for helping people feel welcome, and comforting those who are struggling. When I first joined the Clan, so many people made me feel welcome and I had no trouble finding friends. I try to be welcoming as well, and to make the experience of joining as positive for new members as my Clanmates did for me many months ago. I’m always delighted to make new friends- I hope I can express that and help new members feel welcome and included. I also always try to help those who struggle with their emotions. I’ve had my own emotional struggles, and it has caused me to become more understanding of other people who are going through similar things. I hope to use my own experience to help those in need. One of my main goals as a candidate is to help people whose struggles are misunderstood. Too often, I’ve seen certain fears and concerns regarded as “silly” or invalidated in other ways. That bothers me- both as a person who has had personal struggles, and one who cares about other people in need of support. Unfortunately it’s common that people don’t receive the support they need because those around them think their emotions are invalid, which is most likely because they do not understand the emotions that person is going through. I am here to say that if a problem bothers you it’s valid and your need for help is valid. Fears and worries come in all shapes and sizes, but none of them are invalid, and struggles can’t be compared. No one should brush your problems off, and although I may not be able to make everyone do so, I for one am determined to sympathize with people regardless of whether I can relate to them. Another issue I’m hoping to address is that often, even among supportive people, it can be hard to receive advice that is actually comforting, and even well-intentioned comments can sometimes make you feel worse. That can be frustrating for both sides, but in these cases, it’s not the fault of anyone. As someone who relates to feelings of worry and sadness, I hope to act as a go-between with the people struggling and those trying to understand. My goal is both to comfort those in need, and also to help others understand how to best support others when they’re in a position where they don’t know how to be of help. Something I try to do a lot is to reassure people- that they’re loved, that they’re a good person, that their hardships will end- because sometimes reassurance is all you need. I’ve always been passionate about fairness- being fair to everyone is a must and this is something I plan to hold on to if I become medicine cat. Spreading love and friendship is a goal that drives me. I’ve always admired what a positive community BlogClan is, and I try passionately to do my part in adding to the positivity. As medicine cat, I hope to make every single member of BlogClan -both old and new- feel welcome, encouraged, valued, worthy, and loved- because you are, and I love you. Part of my passion is to be a friend to everyone. I think just simply being there for someone- whether to provide emotional support, to listen, or to simply chat- is so much more important than it might seem, and can help a person a lot. Friendship is powerful. So if you ever need some company, you are most welcome to come to me. I would be delighted to be there for you, and every single BlogClanner is my friend. If I win I hope, and will try hard, to be the very best medicine cat I can be, because you are amazing and deserve everything good! I think I’ve said most of what I wanted to say. It’s so amazing and exciting to be part of this election, among my fellow candidates who are absolutely amazing! Although we are arguably rival candidates I believe we are all in this as a team- with a shared goal to make BlogClan a better place. So good luck to you, my amazing friends, and it’s a pleasure to be part of this with you! To all those reading this, thank you so much for everything wonderful you do and I love you!


Fun, Kooky, Crazy

Drawn by Goldenfawn

I want this position because i LOVE BlogClan and all its members, and I feel like being a medicine cat would bring me closer to my community, and if I do get elected, I promise to not fall into the medicine cat curse, AND there will be free cookies for all <3333


Accepting, Passionate, Outgoing

Drawn by Goldenfawn

For those who don’t know, I’ve been a member of BlogClan for nearly 4 years now, having joined in 2017. During my time on BlogClan, I’ve changed and grown as a person and have always been blown away by how amazing this community is. From the new members who are so eager to talk to everyone, to the older members who might only visit the site every 2 months, everyone on BlogClan is so extremely welcoming and helpful. I would love the position of medicine cat so that I can try and give something back to the community after all of these years. This last year has been hard for all of us, including myself, and whilst I might not have commented as often as I would have liked, BlogClan was one of the things that got me through the hard times we’ve all been through. Being a medicine cat would give me a chance to help those on BlogClan who’ve had an equally difficult time, and be the positive and friendly face I would want to see in difficult times. I feel like I would be suited to helping out anyone who needs it on the Hug Page, as I would like to think I am good at offering advice, and helping to calm down those who might be panicking and require a little help stepping back from a stressful situation. Having someone to talk to is so incredibly important and I want to be able to help out others with the techniques I’ve learnt to manage my own anxieties. Perhaps one of the biggest things that BlogClan has given me is an accepting community to express myself. Many of you may know I am both genderfluid and a lesbian, and my time on BlogClan has actually helped me come to work out my own identity. Being a medicine cat would give me the chance to help more people on BlogClan who might be struggling to accept or express themselves, and I would be a constant presence to help educate those confused on anything. I’m open-minded and am happy to listen to the words of others as well if I am incorrect in anyway, so I think I could be a great medicine cat. I really want to create a community where our LGBTQ+ BlogClanners can feel safe and welcome, especially for those who are in homophobic or transphobic households. As a medicine cat I would be able to uphold these values of acceptance so younger BlogClanners can see that they will be welcome in this community. From the moment I joined BlogClan, the way that people introduced themselves stuck with me, I’ll never forget seeing Sunny reply to me ! Luckily it wasn’t too long after my comment was posted, younger me was entirely unaware of moderation, so I would have been reloading that page for hours without Sunny coming along ! I would love to be a medicine cat so that I can be that welcoming face to the newer members, and even if they don’t hang around for more than a day, at least one person has made a good impression on them or made them smile. As someone who is always willing to listen to ideas, and is not afraid to voice problems, concerns or even fun ideas, I would love to act as a go-between for the mods and the members of the Blog, this way we can promote an environment that makes all of the voices of BlogClanners heard ! I won’t say much more, I may start to bore you ! But I hope this near essay I wrote shows you how passionate I am about this position and BlogClan as a whole. All of the candidates are amazing people, so whoever you choose will be awesome. I would definitely appreciate a vote, however I’m sure the choice will be hard, so good luck to all of you voters making your pick. I’m always here for anyone on BlogClan, so see you around, Mapledrift – signing out.

Amazing job guys! Remember, applications close today at 23:59 UTC.



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  • Everyone’s speeches were amazing!!!🤩
    Good luck Pine! Good luck Maple! Good luck Waffle!🍀🧇🍀🌲🍀🍁🍀

  • Hello 🙂
    1. If there was an argument between two people ( in BlogClan or irl) and you agreed with one person, would you solve the argument without being biased or would you take a side?
    2. Do you have experience as a problem-solver?
    3. What do you feel represents you? ( ik this is a very broad question so answer it in whatever way you feel is fitting)
    4. This will not influence my vote at all but do you have any knowledge of herbs or want to be some sort of doctor?

    • Heya !!!!!
      1- I would always try and look at the situation from the most unbiased perspective possible. Sometimes there is a right and a wrong in an argument, and sometimes there isn’t, but in every argument there are valid reasons for each side to hold their view. What I would do would be to first ask for the two to pause the discussion whilst I try and work out what exactly had happened, before presenting both sides of the argument in a calm and collected way. I would suggest a solution which might fall down more on one side than the other, but if it does so I will be sure to back that choice up with justification. I would look at the situation without bias but if one side is clearly in the right I would make sure to propose the solution to the other person in a way that might make it easier for them to understand why that conclusion had been reached. Ideally there would be able to be a compromise somewhere in the middle. But broadly, yes I would solve arguments without any previous bias, but I am willing to accept that in some arguments there is someone in the wrong and in others there is no one in the wrong

      (i’ll make seperate parts for other questions)

    • 2- I have loads of experience as a problem solver !! I studied computer science for 3 years, which provided me with coding experience which is heavily linked to problem solving, and on top of this I have practical experience dealing with young children who will often require you to come up with inventive solutions. But yeah both in school and outside of school I have a lot of experience with problem solving and I would say I’m pretty good at it.

      3- oh gosh that’s a super hard question ! I may have to come back to you on this one later (it’s kinda late for me )

      4- I have some knowledge of herbs just because I remember random info, but no I don’t want to be a doctor, I’m actually a very squeamish person who can’t handle the sight of blood ! I used to want to be a vet before I realised this tho !

    • Hi! 😀
      You have some great questions, let me see if I can answer them! 🙂

      1. I care a lot about fairness so I would always try my best to be unbiased, although as someone with strong opinions it might sometimes be a challenge for me. Whenever possible, I like to find a good, positive compromise that satisfies both sides of the argument. Usually I like to start with talking the situation through and possibly finding out that it was all just a misunderstanding. An approach I would probably try is getting an understanding of each point of view and then explaining it to the others, so that they understand each other. If I do see one side as right -not just because I prefer it but because I truly feel it’s correct morally- then I would do my best to gently explain the point of view I agree with to the other person, and try to talk it through with them to help them understand why I think it would be better to go along with that idea as opposed to theirs. Also, there are some reminders that I could give regardless of where I stand- like “Remember to keep the conversation Blog-Friendly,” or “You can have different opinions and still be friends.”
      2. I have quite a bit! It would probably depend on the problem I’m trying to solve, but I’m a person who thinks a lot and very deep, and that’s helpful to me when I’m trying to come up with a solution.

    • 3. Adjectives that represent me pretty well in my opinion are passionate and thoughtful. I think that describes my personality. The color that best represents me is green- it’s my favorite color and goes well with my love of nature! And I’m pretty sure chickens represent me if that counts- my chickens are a huge, chaotic part of my life and my biggest obsession.
      4. I have very basic knowledge of herbs- I don’t know much but I would be able to identify a few types. I do know a lot about which herbs are safe to feed to chickens. I have a book on herbs that I’ve been planning to study, hopefully I will soon! And I’m considering being a veterinarian when I grow up- I have quite a bit of experience since I often help my mom take care of our special-needs pets. 🙂

  • Y’all gotta stop making me choose between all these wonderful people asdfghjkl

    You’re all so amazing and you’d all be great medicine cats!!! Good luck guys!!! <33333

  • ~🌊Gracey, a certain Dove's proud apprentice!!!🌊~ (Gracepaw/Gracesplash/Gracey/Gracie/Grace), Questioning, she/her/they/them says:

    My questions for everyone:
    1. Why do you want to become medicine cat? Why do you feel like you are worthy of becoming medicine cat?
    2. How would you make the blog a better place?
    3. What would you try to do the best when you’re medicine cat?
    Good luck, thanks for answering <3

    • 1. I want to become a medicine cat because I’m passionate about helping and comforting people, and spreading kindness. I believe I fit the role because I have experience in understanding peoples’ emotions, giving advice, and simply being there for people. It’s a task of kindness that truly makes me happy when I do it. 🙂
      2. Since the Blog is already really positive, I believe most of the things I would have to focus on would be helping BlogClanners with their individual struggles, as well as welcoming new members. I’m also thinking of running some games and activities to help new members get engaged and make friends.
      3. Being generally kind to people is the most important thing to me, but that’s something I always try my best to do- it’s just as important to me as a warrior. I think I would make an effort to be active on the hug Page and New Member’s page, and I would try my best to give good welcomes and good comfort to everyone.

  • If someone were venting something very serious that could risk their life on the hug page, what would you do?

    How would you resolve a fight/bad argument?

    If there was someone breaking the rules unintentionally, what would you do?

    (good luck to all of you, you’re all awesome hhh)

    • These are very good questions- you’ve touched some important topics!

      Life-threatening situations are very serious, and I really hope I have what it takes to help in such a case.
      I would make sure to remind the person in a convincing and positive way how much their life matters, how loved they are- because that’s something that we sometimes forget and it’s super important that they realize how important it is for them to take the necessary steps and ensure their safety.
      I would definitely encourage them to find a trusted adult, hotline, or doctor, depending on the situation. I would also sympathize that these can be scary steps to take, as well as encourage them that they are brave and have the strength to do it, and that it’ll make things better and easier for them in the long run.

      I would first try to figure out what’s going on (what started it; what the topic is; etc.). Keeping myself calm and level is another very important thing for me, since I have to help- not get dragged in and make it worse. I would definitely never let myself get dragged into a fight!
      My first step would probably be to gently give the people involved a few simple reminders, like keeping the Blog family-friendly, respecting opinions, and being kind.
      Once I understand both sides I could try to explain the points of view so that both people hopefully understand each other better, and I would also explain the difference between an argument and a debate.

    • If someone broke the rules unintentionally I would gently explain the rules to them, with one of my biggest goals in the conversation being not to make them feel like they’re being blamed. It’s super easy to make a person uncomfortable when correcting them, which makes this a very delicate topic that has to be approached lightly and positively. I have a few methods I know of to give a reminder while still being friendly- some of these include using smiley emojis, commenting on something else as well as the mistake (for example finishing my correction comment with “by the way, your profile pic is really cute”), making a joke, and importantly just being gentle and friendly throughout the whole thing. I try to sound lighthearted- that really helps to communicate with someone without upsetting them. I could also state in my comment that it’s not their fault and I’m not blaming them.
      If a mod has to get involved, I would help them understand the situation as well as letting them know that it wasn’t intentional.
      During such situations it’s important to me to explain the rules in such a way that is easy to understand, as well as making every effort to keep a positive atmosphere during the conversation.

    • From other discussions with the mods they have said that the first question is likely not one that medicine cats should have to answer, and it is not in fact the responsibility of the medicine cat to deal with a life-threatening situation. I would rely on the moderators to handle it and if this is not possible for some reason then direct towards the helplines. We are all children as well- it isn’t right that the life of another child is put in our hands simply because of a position of responsibility on the Blog. Whilst the role of medicine is incredibly important these situations are not our responsibility and I accept and understand that. I’d direct you towards the moderator’s statement on the Elections day 4 page

      To resolve a fight or argument I would first ask the two to stop responding whilst I read through the previous events and formulate an idea of what is happening. I would then lay out in a message what each person’s side is an a potential solution, asking the two to reply only to me so that they don’t restart the argument. If that solution is accepted then great ! If either person has more to add before I make the final judgement I would let them add that and then reassess. If it seems impossible to sort after multiple attempts I would not be afraid to reach out to the mods in a time of need. I may also tell both parties to step away and perhaps in future simply avoid interacting if the fight gets so bad that it is unlikely to be solved even with moderator intervention. Sometimes just not interacting with people is the best way to go but I would strive to find a compromise
      (part 2 coming soon)

    • If someone was breaking the rules intentionally and it was outside of an argument sort of context I would contact the mods as it is most likely it has slipped through moderation. I would reply to the comment telling them what rule was broken so that the mods can identify that the comment has an issue and I would also reach out to moderators over discord so they most quickly know what happened

    • Just a heads up these are not all questions you’ll have to deal with, but they do relate to social skills which are very important, so being good at a thing here kinda contributes to being good at say, welcoming a new member

      sorry for the confusion 🙂

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