Elections, Day 4: Fourth Deputy Hustings!

Our fourth round of Deputy hustings! Meet candidates Cheetahspark, Rockpelt, and Pebblerose!

Welcome back, BlogClanners! Today is the fourth day of the Deputy hustings! Applications are now closed. 🙂

Today our candidates answering your questions will be Cheetahspark, Rockpelt, and Pebblerose. Please be kind and accepting and give your best questions to our candidates in the comments below!

Candidates may use the comments below as a space to put their campaign, and the amazing members of BlogClan can use the comments as a space to ask questions, such as: why do you want this position? What are some good qualities you have? What are your flaws? What would you want to add to BlogClan? What changes would you like to make?

I shall now hand it over to our candidates! Good luck!


Understanding, Loyal, Warm-hearted

Drawn by Pineblossom

When I first joined the blog, I was immature to say the least. It was my first time interacting with people over the internet, not to mention I was already poorly equipped with social skills in my real life. But when I discovered the blog, it was like I had this amazing opportunity to let my real self shine through and not be afraid of what others might think of me. When I look back at my first few months or so on the blog, I remember long conversations, silly jokes, the beginnings of friendships that I would remember for years to come, and more than anything, pure and undiluted joy. These months were a whirlwind of activity, a time in which I was so enamored with this new community I had found myself in that I dedicated myself entirely to every aspect of it. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was building friendships that would prove to be stronger than many I had made in real life.

I look back at my old comments from this period, though, and it’s so strange to see how differently I acted. Some of my comments were downright snarky, rude, arrogant, and insensitive. It wasn’t intentional, it was just that at the time I didn’t quite understand what it meant to take others’ feelings into account. I was so wrapped up in my own mind that I didn’t notice what impact I had on others. However, throughout my time on the blog, interacting with people from so many different backgrounds and hearing their stories, I slowly started to understand what it meant to truly be mindful of different people. This change didn’t occur over a few short months, and it didn’t happen all at once. In fact, it’s still happening. Every day I grow more and more and continue to learn what it means to be a kind person. Don’t get me wrong, I still slip up frequently and I will never be perfect, but I always try to work hard to be the best version of myself that I can be.

This story is hardly unique to myself. We all grow from being on the blog, whether we’ve been a part of the community for years, months, weeks, or even days. So many of us look back at our old comments and are embarrassed by what we see, but I don’t think we should be embarrassed by our old comments because they’re a sign of how far we’ve come. Sometimes I see comments that I made even months ago and it still astounds me how different I am now.

What I’m trying to say is that as deputy, I want to continue to let BlogClan be a place where we’re allowed to slip up, make mistakes, and even be a little dumb sometimes–because we grow from all of that. No one is perfect, and it’s ridiculous to pretend to be. One of the best parts about this community is how caring we are towards one another despite whatever mistakes we make. The best thing we can do is be ourselves and work a little harder each day to truly be the kind of people that make the world a better place through simple acts of kindness. I can say with complete confidence that I would not be the person I am today without learning from every single person that I’ve come across on the blog, and I know most of you feel the same.

Seriousness aside, I hope you all have a ton of fun during the elections! I can’t wait to answer all of your questions 😀 No matter what the outcome is I will continue to try to be a role model for others and keep BlogClan a safe and happy place as long as I’m here <3


Creative, Passionate, Optimistic

Drawn by Goldenfawn

I’ve always loved making people happy. Especially over the past year, I’ve strived to brighten the atmosphere in the people around me. I stumbled upon the Blog early on during the Covid-19 pandemic. It really brightened my day, so I returned. Every day I came back to the Blog and I loved it. I’ve posted multiple articles over the course of the last year. What I’ve noticed is how friendly the blog is to everybody no matter who they are or their opinions. I’ve really loved that. I want to be a bigger part of a community that cares about people in such a great way. I want to show my appreciation to the Blog for helping me get through the pandemic, and I hope to help others get through hard points in their own lives. 🙂


Accepting, Brave, Profound

Drawn by Goldenfawn

It would be an honor to serve this amazing, supportive community. I’ve been here nearly four years now, and met so many wonderful people and made friends I’ll cherish forever. In those years here I’ve realized something: BlogClan isn’t just a place where we talk about warrior cats. It’s a place where we are accepted for who we are and encouraged to be happy. I’m running for this position because I want to add to that, to reinforce that, and uphold it. This place has changed me a lot. I’m smarter. I’m more mature. I don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t searched up three words: “warrior cat blog”. I’ve heard this place be called a second family. BlogClan really leaves an imprint on it’s members. Let’s make it the best it can be.

The first round of voting shall commence on July 7th! Tomorrow we have one more hustings post!

If you haven’t been in any of the hustings posts and applied, your applications were not valid due to not meeting the requirement of being here at least one year from what comments we could find. Thank you for your understanding. 🙂



  • Whooo gl everyone!! You guys are all amazing 😀 going to use some of my previous questions if that’s okay :))
    1. Since one of the deputy’s roles is to welcome new members, how would you bridge the gap between newer and older members?
    2. Is there anything unique about you or your goals as a deputy that makes you stand out as a candidate?
    3. What about BlogClan has had the most profound effect on you?

    • 1. i always try to be friendly to all members regardless of how long they’ve been on the blog and i try to joke around and have fun with everyone. i know how stressful it can be as a new member to see all these people who are such good friends with each other and feel like an outsider—i used to feel the exact same. i also know that as a new member you’re likely to make more mistakes because you simply haven’t been in this environment long enough to know everything, and i always do my best to communicate how okay that is! i know a lot of people can be insecure about how long they’ve been here (i used to and i still do sometimes) so i try to be a person that anyone can come to for advice or a fun conversation or anything and i don’t want anyone to be deterred by how long they’ve been here in comparison to me because i love making new friends and i would never judge anyone by something as silly as how long they’ve been here.

      i’ll come back to 2 and 3 later i’m at the beaaachhhhh. also hi frosto love you

    • (FROSTFIRE Hi! I haven’t seen you in a whilee)

      1. Since one of the deputy’s roles is to welcome new members, how would you bridge the gap between newer and older members?
      As I’ve said in past questions, I’d do my best to make the new members feel at home.
      I want to get the new members well-known in a variety of ways, such as mentioning them, accepting purrsona requests, just making friends with them and getting to know them, etc. The thing that bridges the gap is if the new members feel at home and like they have close friends, specifically with the older members.

      2. Is there anything unique about you or your goals as a deputy that makes you stand out as a candidate? I’m not sure! I think that’s for the voters to decide. As I’ve said, if I become deputy, adding to the blog’s feel-good, welcoming vibes will be a priority. My other priority is regular visits to the Say Hi page. I wonder if why some new members make an account but then never come back is because they don’t know what to do here. They don’t know what kind of place this is. My plan is to post regular comments on the Say Hi page with brief information of the main pages (tavern, art page, hug page, fan fic, allegiances, etc). I’d explain the ranking system and how to get an apprentice or mentor, and answer any questions. I plan to do this whether or not I become deputy.

      3. What about BlogClan has had the most profound effect on you? How much of a family BlogClan can be.

  • Wow, your speeches were incredible!

    May I ask a few questions? 🙂
    1. How long have you been on BlogClan?
    2. How long do you think you will be on BlogClan?
    3. Will having this position change anything?

    Thank you very much!
    Good luck Cheetah! Good luck Rock! Good luck Pebble! 🍀🐆🍀🪨🍀🌹🍀
    You are all brilliant and it’s going to be so hard to choose!!!

    • 1. ive been here since january 7, 2018! it feels like it should be both longer and shorter at the same time :p

      2. i’m gonna continue to be here for as long as i can! i’m gonna be going to college in a year or so so i have no idea what’ll happen them but i promise i’m not gonna just disappear because i just can’t bring myself to leave this place ;))

      3. like i said in a previous question, i’ll definitely still be my good old regular self! i’ll be more aware of what i say and do because of my position on the blog as a role model for others and the respect people might have for me but other than that the only thing it’ll change for me is my spot on the allegiances :p

    • 1. How long have you been on BlogClan? Since October something, 2018 :}

      2. How long do you think you will be on BlogClan? I’ll probably still be here when I’m an adult C:

      3. Will having this position change anything? It’d give me a sense of responsibility around the blog, but overall, I’ll still be weird me. ;P So yes and no! I’d be deputy but I wouldn’t change. And I’ll still be Blue’s apprentice!

    • 1. I have been on Blogclan for slightly over a year. I joined during the Covid-19 pandemic when I didn’t have much to do, but since then I’ve been a frequent (if somewhat silent) member.
      2. I have no current plans to leave. I love the community.
      3. I doubt any of you would see any big changes. I personally would be on the Blog much more doing my best to keep the Blog the fun friendly place it is.

  • Yay I’m participating finally! 😛

    What would you do if there was a new(or maybe even older) blogclanner that seemed insecure while talking about things they are passionate about?(writing, drawing, tv shows, books) What would you do to help them feel confident in the things they love?

    • well for tv shows and books and stuff i’d say that im someone who’s nerdy about quite a few things “dumb” things myself and i can 100% guarantee that almost everyone else here is as well! the most important thing that matters is that you love this thing, and who knows? there might be a few people here who like it as well! and obviously no one should ever be insecure about their art or writing because everything you write or draw makes you a bit better at what you’re doing—and you put work into it therefore it’s amazing! the whole community of the blog is so spectacular at providing support to those who are insecure so i don’t doubt everyone else here would agree with this statement 🙂

    • I’d probably ask them questions about their interest if I didn’t share it/know about it. If I did share the interest and/or knew a lot about it, I’d use it as a conversation starter.

      I’ll use drawing as an example, just for clarity. I’d ask to see one of their drawings. If they show me one, I’d tell them what a really good artist they are and that I want to see more. I might ask them if they take requests.

    • (Ran out of edit time, so part 2!)

      If the blogclanner was insecure because their art was bad, I’d show them some of my horribly drawn drawings. The super embarrassing, what-were-you-even-drawing kind.
      But I would have put my effort into that drawing. So that’s what counted. if you have the effort, you can improve. And I stuck to my art and my skills have greatly improved! That’s how it works. No need to worry if you’re drawing isn’t anatomically correct, doesn’t turn out how you wanted it to, or is just downright “bad”. Don’t put your work against someone else’s and say “they’re so much better than me. I can’t do that.”
      They–I bet you anything–have been practicing for a lot longer than you have. It’s okay to make mistakes, it really is. Have fun making failure drawings! The horrible ones are the foundation for the great ones.

      That’s what I’d tell them if they were insecure because they thought what they did wasn’t good. Just, a shorter version. 😛 I’d probably also ask if they wanted art tips.

      If the Blogclanner was just shy, I’d make them feel as welcome and among-friends as I could. If they were embarrassed because they thought others would think that a show they liked was dumb, I’d tell them that I’m fourteen and I watch Jake and the Never Land Pirates sometimes. And Wild Kratts. C: No cringe culture here!

      Long story short I’d tell them that their interests were super valid and interesting and they should keep being themselves.

    • It doesn’t matter what people think of your art as long as you love it. That being said there is nothing wrong with not posting your work if you are content with having your art all to yourself do just that, but don’t let the fear of judgment from another person keep you from posting your work. Don’t let the fear of your art not being enough bring you down. Your art IS enough. If you aren’t successful then it’s no big deal. Try again, build on what you learned. People will love you and your art for it.
      Try and fail, don’t fail to try.

  • omsc I am so excited! I know that whoever wins will be an AMAZING deputy of BlogClan 🙂

  • Oy you three are awesome

    Cheetah – Even though I’m shootin’ for deputy too I think I’ll vote for you. You are cool, intelligent, and kind.
    Rock – Amazing speech! Good job! I may not know you personally but you must be great.
    Pebble – Yep, that’s a profound speech, just like you. (Your OC looks cool, too…)

    I would vote for all of you if I could. Best of luck <33

  • Hi 😀
    What represents you?
    Do you have experience as a problem-solver?
    What is your biggest fear? If the answer is personal /sensitive feel free to skip it or answer with another fear.
    This will not influence my vote, but do you have any pets?

    • Heyo!

      1. Like, anything at all? Hm…I’d go with pastel blue, galaxy art, and the songs I like.

      2. I sure hope! It satisfying for me when a problem gets solved. I think creatively, which must be a good skill to have in your toolbox of problem-solving. In short, I’d say yes!

      3. Aside from my minor phobia of pool drains ( 😛 )…maybe sexist ideas being true? That’s probably not the biggest, but it’s one I’m comfortable sharing 😛

      4. Yup, I’ve got pets! 9 chickens, 4 cats

    • 1. hmmm I’m not really completely sure what you mean so feel free to clarify and I’ll give you a better answer but I like to think that my presence on the blog is represented by my high-energy personality (which is the opposite of how I am most of the time in real life 😛 ) and my actions such as devoting so much of my time to the blog and being a friend to everyone. actions speak louder than words, which is a good thing because I’m absolutely terrible with words 😛 if you mean symbols like what peb responded with I think my crazy love for things like musical theatre and my obsession with grades in school are a huge part of what makes me me :p

      2. I’ve definitely had to solve a lot of problems in my life–whether school-related, family-related, or blog-related. I’m the type of person who stresses out about every little thing and whenever I have a problem I think nonstop of ways to fix it even if I get absolutely nowhere with all of my thinking 😛 some of my least favorite things in the world are conflict, confusion, etc so I do my best to think of ways to prevent these things from happening!

      3. hmmm I have a lot of fears but I’m definitely terrified of not living my life to the fullest/missing opportunities and ending up regretting things, because I’ve regretted a lot of things in my life and I’d hate to go through the rest of it repeating those same patterns

      4. as of now I just have one: my cat, max! I’ve had dogs, horses, sheep, chickens, cows, rabbits, and some other types of animals in the past but right now we just have max, who’s been with us for over ten years now :0

      • Honestly, the first question was a little too broad 😛 . In another of the hustings , I wrote something like “i know this question is very broad so answer it in the way you find fitting” but this time I was lazy, so sorry for not being specific 😀

    • 1. I feel like an old king’s joker represents me. (If that makes any sense.) I have a wide variety of hobbies, and most all of them are related to entertainment and making people happy. To name two: Magic and Writing.
      2. I’m scared of failure. Not failing at what I set out to do, because those strengthen you, but failing other people. I often pressure myself to live up to the expectations of what I should be a little bit too much. Hope that answers your question.
      3. I live on a farm, so yes I have multiple “pets.” I’ll put it out there I own like, thirty cats.

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